A Few Of Jeanne Batten’s Favorite Things

A collection of hand-picked items for the Nordic minimalist home including Danish design brands Kristina Dam Studio, Menu, MUUTO, & more

Batten Home is the result of Shaan and Jeanne’s passion for honest, authentic, and timeless design. 

Today, we’re sharing some of co-owner Jeanne Batten’s favorite items, hand-selected and much-loved. 

As you’ll see, each one of these items are a part of Shaan and Jeanne’s day-to-day life in their Jacksonville home. 

Jeanne’s Favorite Items For The Kitchen

When sharing her list of favorites Jeanne raved about several kitchen items, saying, “These are all in my kitchen currently!” 

Hasami Porcelain Bowls + Plates 

Each Hasami Porcelain piece combines traditional appeal with a modern organic aesthetic that looks lovely on open shelving in a kitchen. Jeanne loves Hasami Porcelain’s bowls and plates in black. 

Hasami Porcelain plates come in six sizes, allowing you to curate your own collection based on what you prefer to prepare and serve. Hasami Porcelain bowls come in four sizes in the tall style (for salads, soups, oatmeal, grain bowls, etc.) and five sizes in the shallower style (also for salads, stews, or as a serving dish).

Hasami Porcelain Collection | Batten Home Danish Design

Image Source: Hasami Porcelain

Like all Hasami Porcelain products, the allure is in the texture of clay. It’s slightly coarse and organic to the touch––you’ll have to treat yourself to your own piece to experience it for yourself. All items are made in Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan. Jeanne recommends hand washing, but all are dishwasher and microwave safe, too. Shop the entire Hasami Porcelain Collection, including more beautifully neutral kitchenware, right here.

Menu Bottle Grinder Set

Jeanne says that “the grinders might be my favorite thing we sell,” and for good reason. Their modern silhouette looks beautiful on any countertop and the design is timeless and durable. The base of each grinder is made from a combination of steel and ceramic. The plastic and silicone rubber seal is topped with either a beech or walnut wood that adds a touch of warmth. 

Menu Bottle Grinder Set of 2 | Batten Home Danish Design

With several neutral and muted color options, you’re destined to find just the right set for your home. This set makes a great housewarming or hostess gift, too!

Ripple Carafe Set

This beautiful carafe and drinking glass set from Danish design brand Ferm Living is one of our most popular items. The glass doubles as a lid for the carafe, which are both made from mouth-blown glass that has a distinct and mesmerizing “ripple” effect. This set comes in both smoked grey and clear glass. You can use it to elevate your daily hydration ritual or enjoy your favorite cool drink.

Ferm Living Ripple Glasses - Ripple Carafe Set Smoked Grey | Batten Home Danish Design

As of February 2021, the smoked grey glass set is on order and will ship in mid-April and the clear glass set will ship in mid-May. Any orders placed now will be added to the list to ship once we receive our shipment, or you can opt to discover the entire Ripple Glassware Collection here.

For more minimalist kitchen accessories, check out this blog post.

Jeanne’s Favorite Furniture + Functional Decor

LAX Series Platform Bed

The LAX Series Platform Bed is a relatively new addition to Batten Home––we recently wrote about the entire collection in this blog post––but this piece has a special place in Jeanne’s heart. Jeanne says it’s “sentimental because in 2008 before Shaan and I got together I bought this exact bed from him in his first store where we met!”

LAX Series Solid Walnut Platform Bed | Batten Home Danish Design

This solid Walnut platform bed is minimalist and functional, with a coordinating mounted headboard that provides hidden storage. For even more storage, you can opt for a version of the platform bed that has rolling storage.

“We actually just ordered one for us and I love how low and simple it is,” Jeanne says, 13 years after her and Shaan met over the same piece of furniture. “Currently waiting on Shaan to put up the headboard. Maybe if he sees this he will be motivated.”

Looks like Shaan has another item for his honey-do list!

Kristina Dam Column Coat Rack

Kristina Dam Column Coat Rack - Solid Wood Coat Rack | Batten Home Danish Design

This solid oak coat rack is sculptural and practical. “We have these in almost every room in our house,” Jeanne says. “Most of the time covered in stuff you can’t even see it, but I know what’s under there.” 

Thanks Jeanne for keeping it real with us :)

MUUTO Linear Steel Table + Bench

This table and bench was designed by MUUTO in collaboration with Thomas Bentzen. Bentzen wanted to create a cool and modern take on outdoor seating and dining. It’s sturdy, easy-to-clean, and a lovely enhancement compared to traditional outdoor furniture.

MUUTO Linear Steel Table and Bench | Batten Home Danish Design

“We have this table and bench set outside,” Jeanne says. “It is so heavy and a nice feeling––good for sitting and watching my bird feeders.” 

Both the Linear Table and coordinating bench are made with high quality and weatherproof materials in several colorways. For more compact areas, try the smaller version of both the table and bench.

Bird Silo

Speaking of bird feeders, this bird silo from Pidät is another one of Jeanne’s favorites and a piece that she personally discovered.

Pidat Bird Silo | Batten Home Danish Design

Image Source: @pidat_design Instagram

“I was so excited when I found these bird feeders,” Jeanne says. “A few years ago, I took up the hobby of feeding both birds and squirrels. These have become one of our best selling items –it makes my heart happy to know so many other people enjoy feeding birds like I do.”

MUUTO Control Lamp

MUUTO Control Lamp | Batten Home Danish Design

This lamp has a minimal, industrial look with a playful and unconventional dimmable dial that is easy to use and family-friendly. We love the stark look of this piece that can work nicely in a variety of spaces. Check out this blog post for more of our favorite modern table lamps.

Jeanne’s Favorite Design Objects

Kristina Dam Relief Mask

Kristina Dam Relief Mask - Minimalist Wood Wall Decor | Batten Home Danish Design

Sometimes, having a family owned and operated online store comes in handy. “Shaan brought this home one day because someone returned and he couldn’t resell it,” Jeanne recalls. “Happy he did ‘cause it was something I didn’t even know we needed. Not very fond of hanging things on the wall but this is soothing and looks like art.”

If you’re like Jeanne and prefer to keep your walls minimal, this modern take on ancient relief carvings from the iconic sculptural + Nordic minimalist Kristina Dam is a great alternative to typical wall art.

Cooee Design Ball Vase in Cafe Au Lait

Cooee Design’s Ball Vases are one of their most popular items. Jeanne loves all of the Cooee Design objects, but particularly appreciates the Cafe Au Lait color shown below on the left. 

Cooee Design Minimalist Ball Vases | Batten Home Danish Design

This matte and minimal warm tone comes in 8cm, 10cm, or 20cm and pairs perfectly when grouped with any other Cooee Design objects. We wrote all about Cooee Design in this blog post.

Ferm Living Funkis Doll House

Thoughtful design can extend to your child’s bedroom or playroom, too, especially with Ferm Living’s Kids collection. Jeanne pointed out this beautifully crafted doll house.

Ferm Living Kids - Funkis Doll House | Batten Home Danish Design

“We found out we’re having a surprise baby and something tells me it’s a girl,” Jeanne says. “This doll house is in my future.” 

We love the simple lines and modernist feel of this piece that is ready to entertain kids and remain aesthetically pleasing to adults.

Vifa Helsinki Bluetooth Speaker

For Jeanne, “music in the house is a must.” This Scandinavian style speaker is a favorite thanks to its beautifully detailed design that is functional enough for everyday use. 

Vifa is a Danish sound company with a rich audio history. Vifa’s founder N.C. Madsen has been the preferred supplier for premium loudspeakers for high-end audio brands since 1933. More recently, Vifa launched a range of wireless and portable speakers that marries Nordic design with premium sound quality.  With many color options, Jeanne prefers the black, “cause I love black.” Sometimes, it’s that simple.

Jeanne’s Favorite Aromatics

Jeanne is all about aromatics. Take a look at some of her favorites from our collection.

Yield Design Incense

Yield Design is an independent design studio based in St. Augustine, Florida that makes hand-rolled incense sticks made from tree resin and bamboo with pure essential and fragrance oils. 

Yield Design CBD Incense | Batten Home Danish Design

Jeanne has two favorite scents: Pomelo and Scarpa.  She describes the Pomelo Incense + CBD as “fresh and fruity but not sweet.” This set includes 150mg of organic CBD derived from hemp cultivated in the USA. Part of Yield Design’s Black Dahlia collection, burning this incense is intended to promote wellness and clean living. The Scarpa Incense reminds Jeanne of her dad’s cologne. This scent was inspired by bustling Venice, combining the familiar and comforting scents of palo santo and rich leather. Part of the Architect Series, this scent celebrates 20th century architects including acclaimed Italian architect Carlo Scarpa

Shop all Yield Design scents here.

D.S. & Durga ‘85 Diesel Candle

D.S. & Durga Candles - '85 Diesel | Batten Home Danish Design

Photo Credit: @dsanddurga on Instagram

This candle celebrates the distinct fragrances of Saffron, leather, suede, and vinyl, with middle notes of white violet on top of an earthy diesel base.

It’s Jeanne’s favorite candle because it “smells like my grandma's leather purse growing up!”

Jeanne describes the ‘85 Diesel scent as “warm and not overwhelming.” Each D.S. & DURGA candle is inspired by music and literature to complement your day-to-day life like your own personal theme song. Shop all D.S. & Durga candles here.

Incausa Soap Bars

Incausa Small Batch Vegan Soap Bars | Batten Home Danish Design

These small-batch vegan soap bars are hand-wrapped with traditional Nepalese Lokta paper and inspired by ancient herbal saunas.

“This soap smells like heaven,” Jeanne remarks, noting that she wishes it were possible to capture this scent in the form of a perfume or laundry detergent. According to Jeanne, heaven smells like a blend of essential oils including lavender, coriander, patchouli, cardamom, marjoram, clove, cinnamon, vetiver, and geranium.

We hope you enjoyed Jeanne’s hand-picked favorites. Shop more of our favorites right here.

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Batten Home carefully curates Scandinavian furniture designs and minimalist decor objects for the modern home. We are inspired by a Scandinavian aesthetic and Danish design philosophies with a new modern design feel we like to call new Nordic design. 

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