Add Warmth + Ambience With Our Favorite Table Lamps

Modern table lamps for living rooms, bedside tables, or wherever else you need a touch of light

Lighting is such an important element of your home.

Good lighting can enhance your video calls, illuminate your leisurely reading, or cast a soft glow in a room that could use a bit more warmth.

Designers are noticing the desire for thoughtfully designed table lamps, as noted in Vogue’s round-up of interior design trends for 2021. 

Add a touch of functional ambience to your space with our favorite modern table lamps from some of the most iconic Danish design brands.

Modern Table Lamps: Menu

Menu is a Danish design brand that partners with some of the industry’s most talented designers to bring you functional and attainable homegoods, including a striking collection of modern table lamps for living rooms, bedside tables, at-home office spaces, or wherever else you need some light.

Reverse Table Lamp - Menu | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The Reverse Table Lamp is from Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic. Lazic was inspired by Italian marble table designs from the 1970s. The natural imperfections and beauty of the raw stone is highlighted by the evenly diffused light. This piece is fitted with a dim-to-warm LED light source, making it a perfectly elegant modern bedside table lamp, or wherever else you could use subdued light.

Column LED Table Lamp | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The Column Table Lamp is from Danish design team Norm Architects, inspired by the bollards on board ships. We love how this modern LED table lamp is cordless and rechargeable via its included USB charger. With three settings, it casts soft, diffused, and cozy lighting in spaces where you can’t have a corded fixture, such as an entryway or a shelf.

Peek Table Lamp | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Simple yet aesthetically pleasing, the Peek Table Lamp features an extended arm and rotating head that’s perfect for reading in bed or working into the night. The extra nook in its base provides an extra space for jewelry, headphones, or other little trinkets.

JWDA Concrete Table Lamp  | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

This concrete table lamp from Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell was inspired by traditional oil lamps, resulting in a raw, delicate, and highly practical design. The opal glass globe rests on a simple concrete base featuring a gorgeous brass dial that acts as both the switch and a dimmable dial. This piece is often styled on bedside tables, shelves, desks, or end tables in living rooms.

Carrie Portable LED Lamp | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The Carrie Portable LED Lamp is one of Menu’s most coveted modern table lamps. This lightweight piece charges by USB, allowing you to take it wherever you need a bit more light. If you’re tight on desk space but need a touch of light when working through the night or early in the morning, this piece is the perfect solution.

Menu Stone Table Lamp | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Menu collaborated with Danish design duo Norm Architects for this smaller scaled modern table lamp. The Stone Table Lamp is intentionally designed to recreate the illumination of candlelight. Its ceramic base and mouth blown glass gives this modern table lamp warmth and an organic appearance.  

Modern Table Lamps: Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer with Scandinavian design roots dating back to 1874. This Danish lighting design brand seeks to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes you feel good, with a beautiful series of modern table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lights.

Panthella Table Lamp - Louis Poulsen | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Designed in 1971 by Verner Panton, the Panthella Table Lamp remains one of Louis Poulsen’s most popular modern table lamps. Panton intended to design a light where both the foot and the shade reflect light. Its organic lines and mushroom shade continue to impact design trends today.

AJ Table Lamp - Louis Poulsen | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Own an iconic representation of Danish design with this piece. The AJ Table Lamp is named after famous designer and Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Jacobsen revolutionized Danish design with buildings including the National Bank in Copenhagen. Jacobsen appreciated design down to the details––this modern table lamp was designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in 1957 and was considered an integral part of the design as a whole. 

Yuh Table Lamp - Louis Poulsen | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Louis Poulsen collaborated with Danish design studio GamFretesi on the Yuh Table Lamp. “Yuh” is the phonetic form of “you,” which perfectly encapsulates the personalization that this modern table lamp can offer. Taking up little space on a desktop or other surface, this light can rotate, rise, and lower to your desired ambience. 

VL38 Table Lamp - Louis Poulsen | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

Another iconic piece from Louis Poulsen is the VL38 Table Lamp. This classic and modern table lamp was originally designed in the late 1930s in collaboration with Danish designer and architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, one of the most significant architects in Denmark’s history known for defining Danish functionalism, a key component of Danish design. This modern table lamp features Lauritzen’s signature lampshade design with a striking contrast of brass and white. While timeless in design, this table lamp is modernized, fitted with LED light sources.

Modern Table Lamps: MUUTO

MUUTO is a Danish design company that embraces the Scandinavian design tradition through a series of modern Scandinavian furniture and home accessories. The name MUUTO comes from muutos, which means “new perspective” in Finnish. Take a look at MUUTO’s new perspectives on modern table lamp design with a few of our favorites.

Control Table Lamp - MUUTO | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The Control Table Lamp has a minimal, industrial look with a playful and unconventional dimmable dial. We love the stark look of this piece that can work nicely on a bedside table or an entryway console.

Tip Table Lamp - MUUTO | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The beauty of this modern table lamp is in the details that can’t be seen in a photo. It features an opal diffuser that provides softer lighting, whether you need direct lighting for desk work or reading, or ambient lighting. There’s also a carefully designed dimmer function. The minimal and neutral design makes it adaptable to a variety of spaces and uses.

Beam Table Lamp - MUUTO | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

The Beam Table Lamp is a truly innovative modern lighting solution. Light is dispersed through both ends of its cylindrical arm, which rotates and tilts so that you can adjust the light to give you just the right vibe. The dial offers further customization, with three volumes of light. Many use this modern table lamp to showcase artwork, but it’s a piece that speaks for itself, wherever you decide to place it.

Leaf Table Lamp - MUUTO | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

We love how this Leaf Table Lamp offers an interesting yet minimal shape, suitable for the office or the home. Its leaf-like design comes from Swedish design duo Broberg & Ridderstråle, known for adding a touch of wit to functional everyday items, including this modern table lamp that comes in several playful and neutral colors.

Modern Table Lamps: Ferm Living

Danish design brand Ferm Living is a Nordic-inspired design brand well-loved by interior designers looking to achieve a Scandinavian aesthetic. Ferm Living offers a broad selection of items for the Scandinavian home. We’re featuring just one lamp today, but suggest you explore the full collection here if you appreciate the aesthetic of a Nordic interior.


Rest Table Lamp - Ferm Living | Modern Table Lamps | Batten Home - Danish Design

This black marble matte glass sphere lamp makes a lovely focal point in any room, casting a soft and soothing light that works nicely on a bedside table or atop a living room end table. Aptly named the Rest Table Lamp, the matte opal glass sphere rests on a ring of natural and solid black marble.

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