EYELET Tray TableEYELET Tray Table


EYELET Tray Table

From $199
CIRCLE Dining TableCIRCLE Dining Table


CIRCLE Dining Table

From $1,258
MOLO SunbedMOLO Sunbed


MOLO Sunbed

FOUR Bar TableFOUR Bar Table


FOUR Bar Table

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FOUR Dining TableFOUR Dining Table


FOUR Dining Table

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LEAF Dining TableLEAF Dining Table


LEAF Dining Table


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HOUE Outdoor Furniture

HOUE's modern outdoor furniture collection is proof of HOUE's thoughtful approach and passion for quality modern outdoor furniture with a Scandinavian aesthetic and mass appeal. Every detail, joint, and component of their furniture is thoroughly chosen or invented in-house to ensure each design is not only high in quality but representative of the "affordable luxury" expression that HOUE represents.

There's something for everyone with HOUE's outdoor furniture series. The Danish design house uses all the right materials, including combinations of powder-coated metal or aluminum, beautiful bamboo, raw black granite, and colorful plastic lamellas for dining chairs, dining tables, and more.

We love how HOUE's outdoor dining tables match perfectly with all HOUE outdoor dining chairs, offering endless combinations for mixing and matching to your personal taste.

Turning Trash Into Treasure with MyTRASH

"We stopped looking at trash as a problem and started seeing it as the resource it is."

HOUE's MyTRASH initiative consists of a series of designs made from recycled everyday household plastic trash. Henrik Pedersen's ReCLIPS and Hans Thyge & Co's NAMI series are both made from mostly recycled plastic while still designed with comfort and style in mind.

MyTRASH is Danish design at it's core. HOUE is a Danish brand that developed the technology behind reusing household plastic trash in Denmark. The recycled plastic elements are produced in Denmark at well-established factories, and all MyTRASH designs are made in collaboration with Danish designers. It's an incredible mix of Danish design and Danish innovation.

There is power in choosing the right materials. HOUE's high standards for craftsmanship have been recognized through several awards, including the IFDA Selects Award for Sustainability for ReCLIPS in 2022.

"Great design, combined with a sustainable profile, makes us proud and eager to walk the line of producing environmental products for the future."


Notable Designer Collaborations

This Danish design house has collaborated with many notable designers since it was founded to produce long-lasting indoor and outdoor furniture with a mass appeal and proud heritage of Scandinavian design.

Hendrik Pederson for HOUE

Henrik Pederson designed multiple popular pieces for both the outdoor and indoor collection, including CLICK Outdoor Chairs, ReCLIPS Outdoor Chairs, EYELET Tray Tables, FOUR Dining and Bar Tables, the LEAF Dining Table, the LEVEL Lounge, CIRCLE Dining Tables, and the AVON Lounge series.

"It gives me a thrill to design forms and functions that are capable of moving people passionately and opening up new possibilities," remarks Pederson. "My main inspiration is neo-Scandinavian design, influenced by the vibes of London and the humor of Amsterdam, often with elements of fusion, resulting in materials and functions being combined in new and original ways, while always striving for a pure and simple look."

Roee Magdassi for HOUE

Roee Magdassi is the designer behind the EDGE Tray Tables, which offers both an outdoor and indoor use.

Here's a feel for his approach:

"I believe that design should be practical...I try to use as an inspiration a recognized shape, feature or a small gesture which most people are familiar with, simplify it to its core, process it and implement it in a new context. The functional details enhance the concept in an interesting and expressive manner, and adds a unique character to the object, one that the consumer can recognize and relate to."

Hans Thyge & Co for HOUE

Hans Thyge & Co is a design studio that specializes in furniture, objects, and interiors. HOUE collaborated with Hans Thyge & Co for the NAMI collection, a series of indoor/outdoor furniture designed to resemble a wave washing over the beach. NAMI is based on the forces and lines of nature and finds its natural place outdoors exposed to wind and weather. We love how the NAMI series is made from 97% Danish household plastic trash and produced in Denmark at HOUE's well-established factories that meet HOUE's high standards.

"We believe in combining brain and heart, function, and aesthetics, and that every design should tell a story; a product is so much more than the product itself, it is about creativity, vision, culture, company values, the past, the present and the future."


Our Favorite HOUE Designs

Since HOUE offers so many affordable luxury options, we're narrowing it down to just a few of our favorites. From beautiful bamboo elements to comfortable recycled plastic seating, HOUE's design price and quality are unmatched! Take a look at some of our favorites from the outdoor and indoor collection:

  • ReCLIPS Outdoor Rocking Chair: comfortable wide lamellas in a variety of earthy tones, with armrests in a beautiful bamboo or aluminum

  • CIRCLE Dining Table: beautiful and well-proportioned dining table designed for outdoor use; comes in two sizes with a bamboo top and decorative granite stone in the center

  • CLICK Outdoor Lounge Chair: a simple, honest, and ergonomically well-thought-out design made of plastic lamellas that provide the perfect amount of strength and resilience for cushion-free comfort with a wide range of colors––add the footrest to fully lounge

  • EDGE Tray Tables: 3 sizes and 3 colors with a half-ring-shaped handle that makes it easy to move the table from room to room; when the handle is laid down, it functions as a table edge making sure everything stays in place

  • AVON Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa: part of the AVON series, a lounge collection with a very light appearance and a low sleek profile while maintaining a high level of comfort; The low lines of the frame ensure that it always appears stylish, with or without cushions

  • PAON Outdoor Bench: named after the French word for peacock, the inspiration behind this series can be noticeably seen through the shape of the steel back, with an optional cushion for added comfort

  • FOUR Bar Tables: these remarkably strong bar tables come in two sizes with a bamboo or aluminum top and an aluminum frame

  • EYELET Tray Tables: a beautiful graphic side table that can be used in many different ways – individually or in a combination of different sizes and colors.