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The Heymat Story

Husband and wife team Sonja Djønne and Thoralf Lian ran a family business to clean and rent industrial mats in Northern Norway, an area known for wet and windy weather.

The couple realized that the mats were the perfect solution for their family's messy entryway. Though not aesthetically pleasing, it was effective, making it easy to keep the busy entryway clean.

This is where Heymat was born––the couple took their knowledge of industrial mats and passion for design to make a doormat with functionality equivalent to an industrial mat, with much better aesthetics.

Heymat launched its first collection in 2016 and has worked continuously since to develop new designs in collaboration with leading designers including Kristin Five Melvær and Hallgeir Homstvedt.

Heymat Doormat Features

Heymat stays put: anti-slip backing stays in place on the floor, thanks to the use of SBR rubber.

Heymat is tactile: the mat is well-suited for scraping your feet upon entering the home.

Heymat is easy to clean: Heymat indoor mats are machine washable. Heymat+ indoor/outdoor mats are just as easy to clean––use a vacuum cleaner or shake it to get rid of sand or dirt.

Heymat is well-suited for those with allergies/asthma: does not contain any endocrine-disrupting or carcinogenic substances.

Made of recycled materials: 100% PET recycled materials and SBR rubber material for the back

Heymat is durable: has high absorption capacity and dirt-trapping properties, stopping sand and grass from being dragged into the house, with a quality backing that prevents moisture from reaching the floor.

Heymat+ doormats are suitable for outdoor use: choose a Heymat+ mat for a rug for an outdoor-friendly option

Heymat Designs We Love

Heymat is more than just an industrial mat with high absorption capacity and supreme functionality.

The collection of designs is what sets Heymat apart, creating a calm atmosphere right at the threshold of the home, with all designs inspired by nature.

Keep reading to learn the story behind some of the quality Heymat designs we love.

The Sand Floor Mat is a Heymat+ outdoor mat design inspired by Japanese zen gardens. It comes in several calming and earthy colors. The calm beige color matches the name of the mat beautifully.

The three-dimensional pattern is both tactile and meditative, creating a calm atmosphere by your doorstep. Designed by Kristine Five Melvær.

The Grid Floor Mat pairs classic design with contemporary aesthetics, reinventing a much-loved everyday object by using new materials and patterns as its starting point.

Designed with real homes in mind, this mat features a fresh grid pattern made from calmer base shades combined with brighter accents. The design is by award-winning designer Hallgeir Homstvedt.

The Twine Floor Mat is a contemporary take on a traditional favorite with a uniquely shaped border. Just like the Sand mat, Twine is tactile and meditative, creating a calm vibe. It's yet another favorite inspired by nature and designed by Kristine Five Melvær.

"Twine is freer and more organic than a regular doormat," explains designer Kristine Five Melvær. "Thanks to its uniquely shaped border the final design twists and dances; it feels almost alive.”