Twine Floor Mat - Grey


The Twine Floor Mat in Grey is a contemporary take on a traditional favorite, with a uniquely shaped border that makes the design appear to twist and dance. The delicate grey midtone is reminiscent of spun yarn.

"Twine is freer and more organic than a regular doormat. Thanks to its uniquely shaped border the final design twists and dances; it feels almost alive.” - Designer vKristine Five Melvær

Heymat is a Norwegian brand celebrated for its functional, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain doormats. The name is a play on the Norwegian expression heimatt, which means to return home. 

Heymat Rug Features:

  • Suitable for outdoor use 
  • Stays put - Stays in place on the floor with a non-slip nitrile rubber backing
  • Easy to clean - Shake or vacuum the mat regularly. Rinse or wash the mat on hot when needed. Use a gentle detergent and spin the mat at low speed. We recommend laying the mat flat on the floor when drying.
  • Allergy and asthma friendly: Heymat does not contain any endocrine-disrupting or carcinogenic substances
  • Recycled materials: Made from 100% PET recycled materials
  • Durable: excellent absorption and dirt-trapping properties, stopping sand and grass from being dragged into the house

Please Note: Due to the manual nature of Heymat's manufacturing process, mats may vary slightly in size, color, and appearance.

Dimensions: 24"x33"

Material: PET / Nitrile-rubber

Care Instructions: Shake or vacuum the mat regularly. The mat can be washed at 140°F in a domestic washing machine.

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 1-3 days


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