Heavy TowelHeavy Towel


Heavy Towel

From $45
Rivet Box TableRivet Box Table


Rivet Box Table

Rivet ShelfRivet Shelf


Rivet Shelf

From $930
Adam StoolAdam Stool


Adam Stool

From $475
AML StoolAML Stool


AML Stool

0405 Vase0405 Vase


0405 Vase

Triangolo ChairTriangolo Chair


Triangolo Chair

From $1,015
0405 Bottle 02 - Wide0405 Bottle 02 - Wide
Sintra TableSintra Table


Sintra Table

From $1,100
Rivet TypecaseRivet Typecase


Rivet Typecase

Sphere Oil DiffuserSphere Oil Diffuser
Apothecary Body LotionApothecary Body Lotion
Apothecary Scented Candle - KomorebiApothecary Scented Candle - Komorebi
Apothecary Scented Candle - BeratanApothecary Scented Candle - Beratan
Apothecary Scented Candle - 1917Apothecary Scented Candle - 1917
Apothecary Body WashApothecary Body Wash
Apothecary Hand LotionApothecary Hand Lotion


Apothecary Hand Lotion

From $90
Apothecary Hand WashApothecary Hand Wash


Apothecary Hand Wash

From $50



Rivet ChairRivet Chair


Rivet Chair

0405 Bottle 01 - Round0405 Bottle 01 - Round
0405 Bottle 03 - Narrow0405 Bottle 03 - Narrow
64 Bench64 Bench


64 Bench

64 Plinth64 Plinth


64 Plinth

Recess MirrorRecess Mirror


Recess Mirror

From $2,870
Frame Room DividerFrame Room Divider


Frame Room Divider

From $845



From $1,855
Symmetry CouchSymmetry Couch


Symmetry Couch


Recently viewed

FRAMA has a focus on natural materials, simple geometry, and uncompromising quality to merge the imaginative with the practical for a warm and honest aesthetic. All FRAMA furniture, lighting, and contemporary home objects are inspired by a general appreciation of travel, nature, spaces, and stories.

Established in 2011 with a headquarters located in the historic neighborhood of Nyboder in central Copenhagen within St. Paul’s Apotek, FRAMA encourages an ongoing dialogue with the old and the new, linking digital technologies and analog traditions. FRAMA represents and collaborates with some of the most celebrated designers in the country, bringing

FRAMA Production & Materials

FRAMA has a general appreciation for permanency, with an intention for all products to last for years to come. FRAMA ensures high-quality standards by making thoughtful and careful decisions at every step of the production process, favoring a reduced material palette to ensure quality.

To ensure durability and strength, FRAMA focuses on environmentally friendly, untreated, and natural materials including noble wood, marble, clay, terracotta, and textiles.

FRAMA is transparent about its manufacturing process, making products in lower volumes at small production facilities located throughout Europe, which benefits local communities and ensures the highest quality.

FRAMA Design Philosophy

FRAMA defines its philosophy as a belief that "thoughtful design can awaken curiosity and inspire discovery— a design philosophy stimulating the senses and conveying feelings of balance and meaning."

With objects and designs that focus on utilitarian living and self-care, FRAMA intends to encourage you to live a slower and more reflective lifestyle that supports the well-being of all.

FRAMA has a focus on empathy, trust, and respect for diverse points of view, with a curious, passionate, and dedicated approach to creating long-lasting designs.

With this in mind, FRAMA opens the doors of its Studio Store––located within St. Paul's Apotek in the historic neighborhood of Nyboder––to the public regularly for events, collaborative gatherings, and even art and design installations. We love how FRAMA is constantly working to involve and support local communities!

FRAMA Design Process

FRAMA is constantly guided by curiosity, experimentation, intuition, and a quest for authenticity, with human scale and practicality at the center of everything they do.

FRAMA established a preference to preserve classical Scandinavian design values through meaningful collaborations with designers and specialists that prioritize a product's longevity and permanency over meeting the typical benchmarks expected of a business.

FRAMA's work is centered around four experiential influences: travel, nature, space, and stories. "When these influences play in unison, they harmonize into an ambiance—a unique character and distinctive atmosphere tied to a specific place and time."

FRAMA Furniture & Accessory Favorites

With FRAMA, you are bound to find multiple favorites worth treasuring for years to come. While we love the simple geometry of each piece, here are a few of our favorites that will give you a feel for what FRAMA represents:

  • FRAMA AML Stool: a petite furniture object for everyday interiors that can be used as a side table, plant stand, or an additional seat

  • FRAMA Triangolo Chair: a breathtakingly progressive and sculptural design defined by sleek lines and simple geometry

  • FRAMA Rivet Cart: a raw aluminum storage piece with hand-hammered rivets, two open shelves, and wheels for easy movement

  • FRAMA Sutoa Storage: named after the Japanese word sutoa, which means to contain, this elegant storage solution combines sculptural design with functionality