From Soil to Form Diffuser + Oil Gift Box


Explore the seamless fusion of the FRAMA From Soil to Form diffuser and St. Pauls Essential Oil Dropper for a natural, gentle room diffusion that releases soothing scents, improves air purity, and sustains ideal room humidity levels.

The gift box contains the exquisite From Soil to Form natural room diffuser and a St. Pauls Essential Oil Dropper, both meticulously handcrafted from fully biodegradable materials. From Soil to Form diffuser offers lasting scent dispersal, ensuring years of practical and enjoyable use. The number of essential oil drops needed varies based on room size and desired fragrance intensity.

Beyond its aromatic allure, the box itself (measuring H 3.3" / W 10.6" / D 8.2") serves as a versatile storage solution for keepsakes, tools, or stationery, crafted from 100% recycled cardboard and supported by durable metal rivets. Crafted with a commitment to social support, these items are locally produced in Denmark and South Korea, promoting inclusivity and community empowerment.

To infuse your space with the earthy allure and distinct freshness of the From Soil to Form Oil Diffuser and St. Pauls fragrance, simply open the wooden box and evenly apply five drops to the spheres. Replenish using the essential oil dropper as desired and preserve the product's quality by closing the wooden lid after each use, allowing the scent to encapsulate within the soil spheres.

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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