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Oblique Bench

Insert Coffee TableInsert Coffee Table

Ferm Living

Insert Coffee Table

Kona Low TableKona Low Table

Ferm Living

Kona Low Table

From $319
Mineral Coffee TableMineral Coffee Table

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Mineral Coffee Table

Mineral Display TableMineral Display Table
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Mineral Display Table

Level Coffee TableLevel Coffee Table

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Level Coffee Table

Staffa Coffee Table - SmallStaffa Coffee Table - Small

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Staffa Coffee Table - Small

Staffa Coffee Table - LargeStaffa Coffee Table - Large

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Staffa Coffee Table - Large

Post Coffee TablePost Coffee Table

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Post Coffee Table

From $1,345
Feve Coffee TableFeve Coffee Table

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Feve Coffee Table

Soft Side TableSoft Side Table


Soft Side Table

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Sintra TableSintra Table


Sintra Table

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Kristina DamTable XL Oak - Batten HomeKristina DamTable XL Oak - Batten Home

Kristina Dam

Table XL Oak

XL Table Oiled OakXL Table Oiled Oak

Kristina Dam

XL Table Oiled Oak

Japanese Tray Table SmallJapanese Tray Table Small

Kristina Dam

Japanese Tray Table Small

Japanese Tray Table MediumJapanese Tray Table Medium

Kristina Dam

Japanese Tray Table Medium

Japanese Tray Table LargeJapanese Tray Table Large

Kristina Dam

Japanese Tray Table Large

Table Oiled OakTable Oiled Oak

Kristina Dam

Table Oiled Oak

Kristina DamTable Oak - Batten HomeKristina DamTable Oak - Batten Home

Kristina Dam

Table Oak

Pine Table SmallPine Table Small
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Normann Copenhagen

Pine Table Small

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Pine Table LargePine Table Large
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Normann Copenhagen

Pine Table Large

$980 $1,105
Edge Coffee Table Small TravertineEdge Coffee Table Small Travertine

Normann Copenhagen

Edge Coffee Table Small Travertine

Ding TableDing Table

Normann Copenhagen

Ding Table

Edge Coffee Table Large TravertineEdge Coffee Table Large Travertine

Normann Copenhagen

Edge Coffee Table Large Travertine


Normann Copenhagen

Turn Table

Lunar Coffee Table H40 Ø70 cmLunar Coffee Table H40 Ø70 cm

Normann Copenhagen

Lunar Coffee Table H40 Ø70 cm

From $670
Tablo Table - LargeThe Tablo Table Large by Normann Copenhagen was designed by Nicholai Wiig as a fun take on a minimal table, with a bold wide top paired with wooden legs. The simple design allows it to blend in with any homes style, we love it as a statement piece in the living room, its large surface area makes the perfect coffee table.

Normann Copenhagen

Tablo Table - Large

Slice Coffee Table - LinoleumSlice Coffee Table - Linoleum

Normann Copenhagen

Slice Coffee Table - Linoleum

Slice Coffee Table Vol. 2Slice Coffee Table Vol. 2

Normann Copenhagen

Slice Coffee Table Vol. 2

Solid Coffee TableSolid Coffee Table

Normann Copenhagen

Solid Coffee Table


Recently viewed

Wood Coffee Tables

Wood coffee tables are a great option if you're looking to add natural warmth to your space. Here at Batten Home, we have an abundance of wood coffee tables that use responsibly sourced materials including oak, walnut, and ash.

Made with solid ash, Ferm Living's sturdy and sculptural Insert Coffee Table features a round oval top resting atop geometric joints anchored by a heavy cylindrical base. This design, which comes in a natural ash or a black stained ash finish, can be paired with the matching side table.

Named after the French word for bean, the Feve Coffee Table is made with solid European walnut, with a tabletop shaped like a bean. We love how the curved top is balanced by legs carved into stretched elliptical shapes to emphasize the coffee table's feminine form.

The Farmhouse series of solid oiled oak coffee tables from FRAMA is inspired by the architectural elements of traditional farmhouses. The series features tabletops in the shape of an organic pond, a square, and a rectangle, all united by their signature farmhouse-inspired legs.

Made with solid untreated oak, Kristina Dam Studio's Table XL Oak pairs a classic Scandinavian aesthetic with honest manufacturing and materials. While it can be used as a large side table or display podium, the Table XL also works perfectly as a smaller cofee table.

Named after LAX, the airport where the furniture series was conceptualized, the LAX Series Milking Table is a solid white ash wood three-legged coffee table with a classic woodworking joinery and a protective finish that provides a nice sheen. We love the details of the cross-braces.

Formed in solid oak with lacquered metal plates for reinforcement, the Aria Coffee Table from Design House Stockholm is as virtuous and elegant as an aria in an opera house. "This is really a masterwork," says Anders Färdig, artistic director and founder of Design House Stockholm, "all in solid oak and with finely crafted details. The Japanese quality dye has been polished layer after layer into the wood." Aria comes in a High or Low option, perfect for creating a dimensional layered look.

Crafted in oak or walnut wood, Eikund's Evja Coffee Tables were first introduced by Torbjørn Bekken in 1958. Bekken's technical, detail-oriented, and elegant design style can be seen through the long uninterrupted curved line that goes from the edge of the table to the legs, which narrow slightly towards the floor. The Evja Coffee Table comes in a Round and Rectangular option.

Made with a brown-stained Ash wood, Normann Copenhagen's Sculp Coffee Table artfully blends sculptural design and quality craftsmanship. We love its flowing silhouette, formed from hand-drawn imperfect lines, creating a striking contrast to the perfectly balanced legs. The deep brown shade emphasizes the natural beauty of the Ash wood, radiating refined elegance.

Enjoy the natural beauty of wood with the portability of a foldable table with Fritz Hansen's foldable Tray Table. The Tray Table, which comes in a small and large size, was initially designed for Fritz Hansen staff back in 1958 and eventually put into production due to popularity among the staff's family and friends. We love its elegant expression that will outlast trends and work alongside your existing furniture in any room, even as your style evolves.

Metal & Stone Coffee Tables

Remaining true to Danish design ethos, the following metal and stone luxury coffee tables use carefully sourced natural stone to create a true focal point for your room. Some coffee table designs mix stone with wood or metal for added contrast, with each material bringing out the beauty of the other. Keep in mind: since all natural stone has variations, each coffee table will vary and be unique to you.

For a pure stone coffee table, opt for Distinct. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Distinct Grande Duo Tables from Ferm Living consist of two separate tables, each at different heights, that can form a cohesive piece when paired together as a coffee table or can be styled in different places. Made entirely from Travertine, the design is intentionally minimal to emphasize the natural beauty of the stone. You can find the same Japanese minimalist inspiration in the design of the singular Distinct Coffee Table. Both are true conversation starters!

Made from 100% Travertine, Normann Copenhagen's Edge Coffee Table comes in a small and large size to accommodate small to large living rooms. The tables are created by sourcing the stone from quarries, cutting them into slabs, and then cutting and assembling the slabs in a simple geometric form, resulting in a minimal and beautiful coffee table. We love this stripped down style that highlights the natural beauty of the Travertine stone.

If you want the warmth of wood contrasted with the texture of stone, the Solid Coffee Table from Normann Copenhagen is a good choice, featuring a solid marble top supported by solid ash wood legs. Its name refers to its sturdy construction––this table arrives fully flat-packed and can be easily assembled without tools or hardware.

Stone and glass come together with Ferm Living's Mineral Coffee Table, where two raw and unfinished Bianco Curia marble blocks support a smooth and rectangular glass top.

There are a few great options for coffee tables with both stone and metal. Both the medium and large sizes of WOUD's La Terra table series make for an ideal stone coffee table with a pebble-shaped Ivory or Grey Melange Travertine tabletop supported by metal legs.

For a similar look with more geometric shapes, opt for Fritz Hansen's Planner Coffee Table series, which comes in round, rectangle, and square. Each one features a Charcoal or Cream marble surface supported by a powder-coated steel base. We love the strong linear framework and bold geometric shape inspired by classic Nordic coffee tables. WOUD's Soround Coffee Table is a similar option inspired by classic Nordic coffee tables, with three sizes and three heights to allow for dimensional overlapping structures.

A similar contrast can be found in WOUD's Verde Coffee Table, with an its oval-shaped construction supported by metal legs. While the lower oval surface is crafted in black painted oak veneer, the circular top on the upper level is crafted in a black or brown marble. We love the levels this table provides.

Though not a natural stone, Ferm Living's Staffa Coffee Table is inspired by natural volcanic rock formations found on the ancient island of Staffa in Scotland. The bold and functional coffee table, which comes in two sizes, is made from a glass-fiber reinforced concrete that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

For a purely metal coffee table, we have two favorites. The Level Coffee Table from Ferm Living is a striking asymmetrical option that offers two levels for storage or display. Made with powder-coated steel, it can be used indoors or outdoors. Though it's named as a side table, Soft from MUUTO comes in multiple sizes and finishes, offering a practical coffee table solution by the sofa.

Modern Coffee Table Shapes: Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval

Rectangular or Square Coffee Tables

A rectangular or square coffee table is a classic option for styling around a large sofa or seating area.

Inspired by the traditional tile table, the Couple Coffee Table from MUUTO merges wood and stoneware to create a tactile and sculptural coffee table option. It comes in three sizes and varying stoneware finishes––we especially love the contrast between the plain and wavy ceramic stoneware.

MUUTO's Workshop Coffee Table, which comes in a square and rectangular shape, is a minimal design made to fit into a variety of styles. “The Workshop Coffee Table is a design that is pared down to the essence," explains designer Cecile Manz. "Deliberately simple in its expression, the table has an almost archetypal appearance that comes from a wish to make as little noise as possible—the details and joints are doing all the talking.”

Part of Normann Copenhagen's Slice furniture series, the Slice Coffee Table Vol. 2 is a beautiful and durable table crafted from oak and linoleum, with a timeless design that will continue to work in your interior as your styles evolve.

Named after the Japanese word for corner, the Kona Low Table is part of a series of Japanese-inspired furniture by Ferm Living Positioned at an intentionally low height, you can use the Kona Low Table as a platform to display plants and other treasured items or as a coffee table when lounging on the floor in the traditional Japanese way.

Round/Oval Coffee Tables

Round or oval modern coffee tables add softness to the room and come in a variety of styles.

With the Post Coffee Table, Ferm Living drew inspiration from Brutalism architecture and style, which can be seen especially through the table's three robust cylindrical legs. This coffee table comes in two sizes, with two tabletop options: a straight line wood grain or a more complex star wood grain. For an even more modern look, opt for the Post Coffee Table in High Gloss. This version used a high-gloss piano lacquer in four eye-catching colors: Olive, Lemonade, Ice Blue, and Lavender.

The Airy Coffee Tables are oval coffee tables that remain true to their namesake, with a light and airy feeling that's still playful and eye-catching. In the design process, Airy's creator Cecile Manz intended to craft a table that "did not scream but still was not afraid to speak." We love how it comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, including a half size, to accommodate different rooms and spaces.

The Around Coffee Table collection from MUUTO is yet another furniture series that comes in multiple sizes and finishes, allowing it to be paired or grouped for endless style combinations in your space We love its simple rounded form.

The Tablo Table from Normann Copenhagen is a fun take on the typical Nordic coffee table, featuring a bold wide top in black or white paired with wooden legs. While simple in nature, the Tablo Table can easily become the focal point of a room.

Glass and wood come together with Normann Copenhagen's Ding Coffee Table, featuring a glass top supported by three intersecting oak legs. We love how this table can be assembled without any screws or tools––the legs are intentionally designed to act as a sculptural knot that makes the table sturdy and provides a solid base for the glass tabletop. The glass comes in a clear or smoked version.

Inspired by the shape of the full moon, the Lunar Coffee Table is another modern coffee table option from Normann Copenhagen, featuring six beautiful surface options in marble and oak. With two heights, the Lunar Tables can be styled together for a layered effect, making the perfect coffee table option. Even better, you can pair multiple surface options for a dimensional look in your room.

Frtiz Hansen's Join Coffee Table series is a light and flexible coffee table option made with oak and powder-coated steel. With a subtle and understated expression, Join is bound to complement any decor in the living room. Choose between two oval sizes or the classic round table shape.

Modern Coffee Tables with Storage

Luxury coffee tables offer more than just a focal point in a room––some even offer hidden storage! Here we'll go over some of our favorite luxury coffee tables that offer concealed storage.

The Japanese Tray Table is a series of tables that interpret Japanese design tradition and the incense boxes of the Edo era through a Scandinavian lens. Crafted in dark oiled oak, the Japanese Tray Tables can serve multiple functions. Use the small table as a coffee table in a smaller living room, the medium as a coffee table that functions as additional seating when needed, or the large to anchor a spacious living area. The tray-style tabletop can be lifted, revealing ample storage for blankets, toys, or anything else that needs a designated space.

Compared to the Japanese Tray Tables, the Arc Coffee Table from WOUD is an entirely different coffee table design, where you can use one finger to turn the upper tabletop, revealing hidden storage with the option to keep it open to display objects. Arc comes in several oak, ash, and walnut wood finishes and two sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your space.