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Le Feu Believes "every home deserves a warm heart"

The Danish company Le Feu operates on the traditional view common in Scandinavian design that a fireplace is a natural part of the home and the focal point of a room, providing a gathering place perfect for the Scandinavian lifestyle. Just like a candle, Le Feu fires capture attention with the dancing flames, adding warmth and visual interest to a room.

"We want our customers to experience the authentic Danish cosiness, the stylish design and natural care for the environment - wherever in the world they are. Fire, design and functionality along with a focus on sustainability is a passion for the team behind Le Feu - and with the continued development of new designs and concepts, the goal is to inspire the same enthusiasm amongst our customers."

Le Feu: Fires for the Living Home

Le Feu is one fireplace concept with a variety of models engineered to offer endless possibilities for creating coziness both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its simple design and construction, Le Feu fireplaces are easy to install within minutes. With modern burner technology and efficient material sourcing, Le Feu fires emit ample heat, burning clean and smoke-free.

Le Feu offers a variety of models to suit your personal cozy journey: wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, or freestanding! For all Le Feu models, the dome comes in black, mocca, white, and nickel, while the Le Feu bowl comes in black, polished steel, or rose gold.

Le Feu Dome - Wall & Sky

The Le Feu Dome - Wall is a great way to add comfort without taking up floor space. Mount Le Feu Wall directly to the wall and turn it to the left or right to direct the heat and the visual experience exactly where you want it. The Le Feu Dome - Sky is another great space-saving option, suspended uniquely to the ceiling with a light and elegant appearance.

Le Feu Dome - Ground & Steel

The freestanding Le Feu Dome - Ground option comes with a high base or a low base. Choose with a variety of finish options for legs including black, smoked oak, soap treated oak, and rose gold. For a more modern, look, opt for Le Feu Dome - Steel in Low or High, featuring a freestanding pole in black, polished steel, or rose gold.

Le Feu Turtle Pizza Oven

Le Feu's luxurious, modern, functional, and gas-powered pizza oven is thoughtfully designed inside and out. CE-approved, the Turtle’s exterior is crafted from thick, high-quality materials, and powder-coated for the ultimate weather and water resistance. The Le Feu Turtle is capable of heating up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit or more in just 10 minutes, making it perfect for cooking authentic pizzas at home in under 2 minutes.