Independently Owned | Family Operated | Fueled by Passion | Honest Authentic Design

Batten Home is the result of Jeanne and Shaan Batten’s pure passion for honest, authentic, timeless design.

We are designers that chose to curate a collection of products that we live with every day. Items that we feel represent us and the values in which we like to consume. Items that are 100% authentic, sustainable and honest in every faucet of production, from design to manufacturing.

With that being said, our approach to service and our “merchant” inspired customer relations is a direct attempt to humanize our e-commerce experience. We are approachable, obtainable and not automated in any shape or form. Try, sending us a note, you’ll see what we mean. Shaan’s passion for retail runs deep and while the climate has changed, our approach is the same: authentic, honest and value added.

“We are inspired by a Scandinavian aesthetic with a new modern design feel we like to call new Nordic design.”

We believe in a “pass-down” culture. One where items last forever and hold memories within where they live and who they live with. We’d always much rather pay more for something special and have it forever than to simply consume and re-consume. The items we offer age beautifully, we know because we have lived with them for many years and are now apart of our lives, our home and our story.

We are Batten Home. We are pleased you found us and we look forward to serve you and the relationships in which our approach brings.


Shaan & Jeanne Batten