9.5° Chair


Exploring the boundaries between art and design, the 9.5° Chair is a result of studying Plato’s notion of the ideal chair. This sculptural chair serves as fully functional seating, winning the 2014 award for "Furniture of the year" and featured as the museum chair at Knut Hamsun Museum in Norway. The 9.5° Chair is also a part of the permanent collection at Denmark's Trapholt Museum.

Subject to a creative process of experimentation, the 9.5° Chair transcends our expectations, becoming more than a simple form that follows function.

Dimensions: 33.5"H x 17.7"W x 15.7"D 

Material: Black Ash Wood

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 4-6 Weeks

Please Note: Natural materials come with peculiarities. This piece will develop a characteristic patina over time

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