Sphere Oil Diffuser


Introducing the Sphere from FRAMA, an exquisite oil diffuser inspired by artist Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Rotoreliefs’ crafted between 1924 and 1936. This geometric steel sculpture doubles as an elegant diffuser, utilizing the gentle warmth from a tealight to disperse the contained essential oils, enriching any space with an enhanced aromatic experience. A fusion of simplicity and ornamentation, the Sphere not only scents the air but also creates a welcoming and cozy ambiance in any room.

Choose from two distinctive scents: 1917 or Deep Forest essential oils.

Deep Forest captures the essence of the untamed Abies fir woods in Korea, embodying an earthy, herbaceous aroma reminiscent of these enduring forests enduring harsh winters and lush summers. It combines grounded greens and delicate blossoms, evoking both nostalgia and a yearning for new beginnings—a fragrance inspired by earthenware and the whispers of steam, invoking scents intrinsically tied to our human nature.

1917 presents a contemporary interpretation of the classical Chypre fragrance from 1917, drawing inspiration from the vibrant yet enigmatic Mediterranean flora of Cyprus. With hints of dried herbs and tempera, this scent serves as a symbolic messenger, a captivating gift from nature that sets a template for rediscovery and exploration.

Fashioned from delicately brushed stainless steel material. Compatible with regular tealight candles. Comes with a 10 mL Essential Oil Dropper in the chosen fragrance. Designed for continuous scent dispersion, ensuring prolonged practicality and delight. The quantity of drops needed depends on the room size and desired strength of the aroma.

Dimensions: H 7.5 / W 15 / D 15 cm

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

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