The LAX Series: Modern Furniture You'll Love For Years To Come

Honest, effortless, and timeless furniture for the modern home

A modern home is so much more than what an aesthetic photo shows within its frame.

A truly modern home is a space that is designed to withstand the reality of life––design that is built to live and breathe with you through the day-to-day.

You don’t want to invest in a beautiful piece that will degrade after a year or two of use. You want to invest in beautiful pieces that are carefully designed to fit within your living and breathing home.

That’s why Batten Home is very intentional about each item and brand we introduce to our growing collection.

And that’s why we’re especially excited to introduce you to the LAX Series from MASH Studios.

Consciously Crafted Modern Furniture with a Mission

The LAX Series name was inspired by the setting where the first piece in the series was designed: the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Bernard Brucha, Principal and Founder of Los Angeles-based design firm MASH Studios, known for designing custom furniture for both commercial and residential use, first designed the 3X Wall Mounted Shelf while sitting in LAX in 2003.

Years later, the LAX Series now includes an enticing range of unique and solid wood modern furniture, crafted with English Walnut and White Ash.

LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

According to their design philosophy, inspired by elements of Scandinavian and Danish design, each piece is designed to outlive “trendy aesthetics or cheap construction.” 

You can trust that LAX Series furniture will last for decades, minimizing the material and monetary resources needed to frequently replace furniture that is well-loved and used each day. 

Engineered wood enables LAX Series to maximize the yield from each tree, virtually eliminating waste, with VOC-free and solvent-free finishes. Aluminum sliding doors, as seen in many popular pieces, are made from 100% recyclable, powder-coated aluminum.

The result of consciously crafted design is this series of honest, effortless, and timeless solid wood modern furniture intended for use in every facet of life at home––resting, working, playing, organizing, and dining.

LAX Series: Rest 

LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | LAXseries platform bed | Batten Home

Rest in timeless and comfortable style with the LAX Series platform bed. This solid Walnut platform bed is designed to look “collected and contemporary” with concealed hardware and a natural oil finish.

LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | LAXseries storage Headboard | Batten Home

You may not have noticed the minimal wall-mounted white headboard in the last photo, but it is a functional piece that completes the entire look. This headboard has sliding aluminum panels––a signature element of the LAX Series––revealing gorgeous walnut storage shelves for books, hand creams, or whatever else you need within reach. It comes in both queen and king sizes and is sold separately from the platform bed.

LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | LAXseries storage platform bed | Batten Home

Maximize your space even more with the LAX Series platform bed with storage. Both queen and king sizes include eight large rolling drawers, perfect for linens, clothing, toys, or anything else you need to hide away.

solid walnut nightstand | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

Another functional favorite for rest is the LAX Series nightstand. This solid wood modern furniture piece has a straightforward design made for modern times, with a sleek and discreet cable management system for handling the cords from table lamps or other devices.

LAX Series: Work & Play 

minimal solid wood wall mounted desk | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

This minimal wall mounted desk is an aesthetic solution for small spaces, providing a compact yet productive space for working at home or exploring creative projects. It attaches directly to the wall, with three convenient cubbies to quickly stow away and access whatever you need. Notice the sliding aluminum panel, which can be creatively used to hide a specific cubby within the desk.

modern solid wood entertainment unit with storage | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

The LAX Series entertainment unit is a solid wood modern furniture item that is designed for play. With deep cubbies for various media items or design objects and a sliding aluminum panel, you can have everything you need to access within reach, hiding anything you’d rather not see with the sliding aluminum panel (there’s a matte black option, too).

solid wood round coffee table  | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

This round coffee table is called the milking table. Made with solid White Ash wood, this three-legged coffee table is both sturdy and strong, despite its soft curves and light coloring. We love the details of its cross-braces and the warmth it can add to a modern living room.

solid wood round coffee table | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

The same table comes in a smaller, 24” diameter that is perfect for smaller living spaces. The coordinated milking stool has a similar design that can serve as an additional seat, a place to prop your feet, or even a plant stand.

LAX Series: Organize & Display 

large walnut bookcase | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

This 5x5 bookcase is made of solid English Walnut that shines in any space. This size is large enough to define a wall, as shown above, but can also be used to divide a room (which is perfect if you’re using an open space for multiple purposes, like living and working, or if you live in a studio). We love how the Walnut tones contrast the Ash of the 36” milking table and stool.

solid walnut bookcase | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

The same careful construction is found in the 4x2 bookcase, which is also large enough to serve as a partial room divider, or simply a place to stow away design objects, plants, vinyl records, books, or toys.

solid walnut bookcase | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

A detail we love about each LAX Series bookcase, including the more vertical 2x5 bookcase, is how both the front and back are fully finished. There are so many ways to use a bookcase like this one!

solid walnut floating shelf | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

This solid English walnut floating shelf is a minimal design with interesting details. In addition to the subtle angle of the entire piece, there is a felt padded compartment that is the perfect place to drop your keys or other odds and ends. Designed with compact entryways in mind, it can also serve as an additional surface in an office area, hallway, bedroom, or closet.

LAX Series 3X Wall Mounted Shelf | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

The LAX Series 3X Wall Mounted Shelf is “the piece that started it all.” Considered the “genesis” of the entire series, this functional and unique wall mounted storage solution frees up floor space with its three separate compartments and two sliding doors. There’s a matte black option, too. 

LAX Series 3X Wall Mounted Shelf with Base | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

If you prefer to keep your storage low to the ground, the LAX Series signature sliding aluminium doors are highlighted nicely on this shelf version that comes with a base. We love the simplicity of this piece, which could work nicely in an entryway, as an entertainment unit, or anywhere else you need additional storage. 

LAX Series: Dine 

LAX Series Solid Walnut Dining Table Bench and Stool  | LAXseries solid wood modern furniture | Batten Home

Last, but certainly not least, is a series of solid wood modern furniture items for wining and dining. The Edge Dining Table is a solid English walnut table that comfortably seats six to eight people. The minimal design includes a subtle center reveal, adding a thoughtful detail to a simple design. It pairs perfectly with the solid English Walnut bench and dining stool.

We hope to leave you feeling inspired to invest in thoughtfully designed pieces that will live with you as your home grows and evolves.

Shop the entire LAX Series furniture collection from MASH Studios here. 

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