How To Add Organic + Natural Texture To Your Home

Aesthetic and functional modern home decor from Kristina Dam Studio, Ferm Living, Menu, MUUTO, and Normann Copenhagen

When it comes to interior design, textural elements are key.

If you tend to favor neutral colorways and a soft minimalist interior, bringing in elements with different textures can add dimension without requiring an expansive color palette or bringing in unnecessary clutter.

We’re here to show you how to add texture––with intention––through our carefully selected collection of modern home decor objects and timeless furniture from iconic Danish design brands including Kristina Dam Studio, Ferm Living, and Menu.

Add texture with sculptural designs from Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio’s sculptural approach to design offers an array of striking design objects and furniture for the minimalist home including many textured elements. 

Sometimes, a subtle texture is all you need.

Cupola Sculptures and Grid Cabinet - Kristina Dam Studio Collection | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Shown here is a glimpse of the captivating Cupola Sculpture in Off-White displayed atop the textured Grid Cabinet. This playful three-piece sculpture (also in a tobacco brown) draws inspiration from the smooth shapes of arches and pillars. The earthware pieces are smooth in appearance but incredibly linear, suitable for displaying on a variety of surfaces throughout the home. We love how this sculpture adds dimensional texture while remaining minimalist in appearance.

Kristina Dam Studio Collection | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

The minimal spherical sculpture shown above is further proof that subtle texture can make a major impact. Kristina Dam Studio’s Globe Sculpture flows organically and is intensely attractive. This grey piece is perfectly complemented by matching globes: a smaller globe in beige and a medium-sized globe in a muted red tone

Another way to use Kristina Dam Studio items to add texture in a room––particularly in living rooms or bedrooms––is through layering different patterns and fabric.

Kristina Dam Studio’s Architecture Throw is an organic cotton blanket with a modern and simple design inspired by the clean lines of cityscapes. The soft, crinkled texture is made by a stonewash during the production, inspired by the Danish design philosophy of clean lines with a cozy feel. Drape it on an accent chair or a bed to add a touch of texture and coziness.

The cozy throw perfectly matches Kristina Dam Studio’s Architecture Cushions, a collection of organic cotton cushions in several sizes and neutral colorways, including the Black/Off-White cushion featured above.

Architecture Cushion -Relief Wall Art - Kristina Dam Studio | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Unique and minimal wall art is yet another way to subtly add texture. Shown here is Kristina Dam’s Relief Mask, a modern take on ancient relief carvings that is a lovely alternative to traditional wall art. This piece is one of the selected favorites from Batten Home co-founder Jeanne Batten.

Add shape with minimalist vases from MUUTO

White textured vases might be one of the first things that come to mind when you think about adding texture to a room; the Ridge Vase from Danish design brand MUUTO is the perfect option.

Ridge Vase - MUUTO | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

MUUTO collaborated with Studio Kaksikko to design this textured matte off-white earthenware vase. While you could opt to layer in additional texture by adding some dried grass or several fresh flowers, this vase makes a statement all by itself, too. We especially appreciate the thoughtful details of its waved surface and indentation near the vase's opening.

Kink Vase in Light Blue - MUUTO | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

MUUTO’s Kink Vase in Light Blue was designed in collaboration with Earnest Studio and has been popular ever since. Style it with a few stems, a lush floral arrangement, or all by itself—the playful piece can add linear interest in a variety of settings.

Add texture with functional designs from Ferm Living and Menu

Danish design brand Ferm Living offers a broad array of items for the modern Scandinavian home including many pieces with interesting textures.

Minimalist home decor objects from Ferm Living | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Ferm Living’s Anse Pot and Anse Vase are some of the newest designs in their ever-growing collection of modern home decor items. Both pieces are made from a special rustic clay that is left unpainted and unfinished, resulting in a rough texture and a gorgeous natural sand color. The rough texture is balanced out by a clean cylindrical shape and hand-formed handles.

The pulp paper boxes shown below the Anse pot and vase are made from 100% recycled pulp. We love the earthy and neutral texture of these boxes! This aesthetic storage solution comes in a stackable set of two and each box can hold up to 11 pounds.

Minimalist brass bathroom fixtures from Ferm Living | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

The Curvature series is another new addition from Ferm Living. Shown here is the Curvature Towel Hanger, but there’s also a matching toilet paper holder plus hooks (a single and double). Uniquely shaped by hand, each fixture is made from solid brass with a delightfully smooth matte finish that is sturdy enough for everyday use.

Add soft textural elements to complement the smooth finish of the Curvature series with Ferm Living’s organic bath and hand towels. These ultra-soft, waffle-textured towels are made with 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton. We’re loving the warm olive color newly added this year for both the bath and hand towels.

Danish design brand Menu offers “design made for real life.” Menu partners with designers from around the world to provide human-centered, functional, and attainable modern home goods including lighting, kitchenware, vases, and furniture.

Umanoff Wine Rack from Menu | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Today, we’re bringing attention to the newly added Umanoff Wine Rack. Arthur Umanoff was an American industrial designer most known for his contribution to the mid-century modern movement. Menu reintroduced his sculptural wine rack design that can hold eight bottles at a time. The industrial look of the black powder-coated steel is softened by the natural texture of leather used to hold each bottle. If you love Umanoff’s aesthetic, take a look at his reissued side table design.

Add texture with furniture from Normann Copenhagen, Menu, and Ferm Living

You can add texture with furniture, too. Below are some of our favorite textural pieces of furniture that still achieve a minimalist and modern Scandinavian appearance.

Natural Pine Table - Normann Copenhagen | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen’s Pine Table is a sculptural piece that manages to perfectly blend in––or stand out––depending on the setting. The natural pine option gives a warm texture to balance the sharp geometry of its base. Use it as a side table in a living room, or pair it with its larger version for a nesting coffee table look.

Plinth Marble Table - Menu | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Menu’s Plinth Marble Table series is another way to bring texture into your space through naturally sourced materials. Three different marble options and multiple sizes can be used as coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, or simply a podium for displaying objects. The honed marble gives a textured and timeless appearance that we simply love.

Distinct Coffee Table in Travertine - Ferm Living | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Stunning natural stone can also be found in Ferm Living’s Distinct Coffee Table in Travertine. The sand-colored limestone provides an earthy rawness that adds so much dimension, especially in the context of the table’s interesting architecture. The geometric lines and dual levels of this coffee table design draws inspiration from the Japanese minimalist aesthetic.

Rotben Sculptural Side Table - Ferm Living | Batten Home: Modern Home Decor & Danish Design

Last but certainly not least, we have another textural piece from Ferm Living: the Rotben Sculptural Side Table. Ferm Living collaborated with Norwegian artist Øfstedal Eng on this table that can serve as either a side table or a stool in addition to a singular design element in a space. Eng used 100% recycled casted aluminum, a hard metallic material softened by the looped and organically formed legs.

There’s always something new to discover at Batten Home. Shop new & noteworthy designs right here.

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