How Kristina Dam Studio Defines Sculptural Minimalism

Classic yet contemporary, timeless & minimalist modern furniture and decor objects designed for the Nordic minimalist

Nordic minimalism is not a passing design trend. It embraces the core philosophies of Danish design, highlighting how every single item in the home serves a purpose while still looking beautiful. 

That’s why we love Kristina Dam Studio, a Danish design studio that defines sculptural minimalism through a collection of furniture, design objects, and minimalist modern furniture.

Each piece from Kristina Dam Studio takes a sculptural approach to design, defined as sculptural minimalism. Sculptural minimalism is where art and interior design merge. The intention is for each piece “to add something to the room – give it character and attitude.”

Character and attitude can still remain simple, minimal, and monochromatic.

We’re here to show you how you can create a space that allows you to live your life, practically, aesthetically, and with pieces that are timeless and made to last crafted with carefully selected natural materials.

We hope this collection of Nordic minimalist modern furniture and design objects inspires you to embrace Nordic minimalism in your space.

New & Noteworthy Designs

Each one of these new and noteworthy designs from Kristina Dam Studio is crafted with intention and attention to detail.

Minimalist modern furniture | Arch Table by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

The Arch Table is a thoughtful design just waiting for you to style with your favorite minimalist decor items. Made from powder-coated steel, this table is durable and easy to care for, so you can keep styling it in different ways throughout your home from season to season. The cool tobacco color is neutral enough to work in a variety of spaces. We love it as a side table, bedside table, or even as a podium for your favorite design object or sculpture.

Nordic minimalism | Opal Bowls by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Shown here is the Small Opal Bowl in beige and the Large Opal Bowl in topaz brown. We love the soft shape and silhouette of these striking mouth-blown and hand-painted bowls. Both pieces look lovely when styled as a centerpiece, as a statement item on a shelf or bench, or when used practically for serving. 

Nordic minimalism | Architecture Organic Cotton Throw by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

The Architecture Throw is a crinkled organic cotton blanket with a modern and simple design inspired by the clean lines of cityscapes. The soft, crinkled texture is made by a stonewash during the production, adding a cozy touch that fits easily in a variety of spaces, inspired by the Danish design philosophy of clean lines with a cozy feel. We love how it looks when draped on a bench or chair. Shown here is the black with off-white accents, but a beige option is available as well.

Well-Loved Favorites

These items are well-loved for a reason. Kristina Dam Studio pieces are timeless and designed to work well together, thanks to clean lines and a monochromatic color palette.

Minimalist modern furniture | Stack Storage Box by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Storage can be stylish. The Stack Storage Box is an alluring storage solution that demands your attention. This set encompasses 3 individual storage boxes that can be easily stacked on top of one another, as shown above. Made from solid oiled oak, with slender dark oiled walnut legs, this minimalist modern furniture item is carefully crafted. This set of three boxes work great when used for books, games, or even cushions and extra blankets (including the Architecture Throw).

Nordic minimalism | Book Keeper by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

The Book Keeper is a sculptural way to display your favorite books. It consists of two pieces: the first piece is an open shelf (steel frame) placed above the second piece (the base frame). Together, these pieces present books in a unique oblique position that is visually appealing and such a captivating minimal aesthetic.

Minimalist modern furniture | Bauhaus Trolley by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Kristina Dam Studio’s sculptural minimalist approach is showcased nicely in the Bauhaus Trolley, inspired by graphic Bauhaus art. Light yet highly graphic, this moving table is one of Kristina Dam’s most popular items. Use it as a bar cart, side table, or even for storage–a piece like this is designed to evolve with you and your ever-changing Nordic interior. 

Minimalist modern furniture | Bauhaus Trolley by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

We couldn’t resist showing a close-up of the eye-catching Bauhaus Trolley, this time in white. Lovingly displayed here are items from the Setomono collection, which offers an array of matte and neutral-toned tableware inspired by Japanese minimalism. These modern stoneware pieces are designed to be displayed, while functional enough to use daily for years.

Minimalist modern furniture | Bauhaus Lounge Chair by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Another favorite is the Bauhaus Lounge Chair. This sculptural seating option adds architectural character wherever it’s styled. The powder-coated steel makes it versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. We recommend adding a touch of softness with the cushion specially designed to fit this usable work of art.

Minimalist modern furniture | Grid Storage Cabinet by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Another piece of minimalist modern furniture that serves a purpose: the Grid Cabinet. This Nordic minimalist piece has two large doors that lock with a magnetic closure. This piece is made striking through the use of beige perforated powder-coated steel that allows you to see the silhouettes of items inside, inviting you to curate a lovely vignette of your most coveted design objects. Two shelves are included, and it comes in black, as well.

Minimalist modern furniture | Grid Storage Sideboard by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Make your space cohesive with the matching Grid Sideboard. While thoughtfully designed for storing and displaying books and other objects, it also works well in the kitchen to store glasses and plates. This piece has three doors, with the same magnetic locking system as the coordinating cabinet.

Minimalist modern furniture | Grid Mounted Wall Shelf by Danish Design brand Kristina Dam Studio

Make use of wall space with the Grid Wall Shelf, a gorgeously minimal wall-mounted storage solution. Its simple design invites you to showcase or store your favorite items. It can also work nicely in an entryway, mounted next to its matching coat hanger.

View the entire Kristina Dam Studio design collection here. If you enjoyed this curation, we think you’ll love this list of 18 of our favorite minimalist home decor items.

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