18 Of Our Favorite Minimalist Home Decor Items

Minimalist home decor items for shelves, living rooms, bedrooms, or wherever else you desire

Minimalist home decor embraces an open, uncluttered look. Oftentimes, many think that means having absolutely nothing on display. However, details such as textured vases, neutral sculptures, and other decor objects are key in achieving a cohesive design that is comfortable enough to live in every day.

We curated our favorite home decor items that you can buy online here at Batten Home. Each one of these pieces can work nicely throughout your home, grouped alongside each other, or displayed as single statement items. The neutral tones make them the perfect details to add to a minimalist home. 

COOEE Design Eve II Sculptures

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Eve II Sculpture - Earth | Batten Home

Designed by Kristiina Engelin, this minimal sculpture is inspired by the organic shape of a woman’s body. The name Eve derives from the meaning “to breathe” or relates to the word “to live.” This concrete sculpture brings life into your space, in three earthy colors inspired by the earth itself.

Earth | Graphite | Limestone

Ferm Living Alza Bowl - Black

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Alza Bowl - Black | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Alza Bowl is a decor object that serves a purpose. This gorgeous black marble elevated bowl works perfectly as a centerpiece at the table, as a fruit bowl in the kitchen, as a place to keep smaller items on a coffee table, or even display it as-is on a shelf.

Kristina Dam Bowls

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Kristina Dam Bowls styled with plants | Sculptural Minimalism | Batten Home

This collection of bowls from Kristina Dam Studio add visual interest while also serving a purpose. Made from Terracotta with a grey slip, these bowls are suitable for fresh flowers or even house plants. The textured band on the exterior adds to its sculptural form. We admire how each piece can work on its own, or in a group, with or without plants or flowers.

Small | Medium | Large | XL

Menu Echasse Hurricane

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Menu Echasse Hurricane | Bowl, Vase | Batten Home

This series from Menu, available in multiple sizes and shapes, is a modern and minimalist take on classically designed glass vases and bowls. Échasse is the French word for stilts. The slender, brushed brass, stilt-like legs delicately support the smoked glass designed to house tealight candles, but it makes a statement without any candles needed. 

COOEE Design Adamo Sculptures

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Concrete Sculptures - Adamo in Limestone styled on shelf | COOEE Design| Batten Home

The Adamo sculptures from COOEE draw the eye with its elongated neck and cubist-style sculpting. The name Adamo refers to Adam and is inspired by the creation of mankind. Designer Kristiina Engelin sculpted this piece to make it appear as the man grew out of the earth itself.

Graphite | Limestone

Kristina Dam Stair Sculpture

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Kristina Dam - Stair Sculpture | Sculptural Minimalism | Batten Home

This intriguing concrete sculpture from Kristina Dam is a beautiful exploration of structure, proportions, and texture. The sweeping staircase draws the eye while the rough texture is a refreshing contrast when placed in a minimal space. This piece is classic sculptural minimalism. We love how it draws the eye from any angle, making it perfect for coffee tables, sideboards, or shelves.

Ferm Living Muses Vase - Calli

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Vases | Muses Vase - Calli | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Muses vase collection from Ferm Living is a striking nod to ancient sculptures and vases. Each glazed ceramic vase in the collection has a rough texture to contrast the smooth curves of the piece. We love the arched detail shown on the top of the Calli Vase, pictured here.

Ferm Living Muses Vase - Era

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Vases | Muses Vase - Era | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Era Muses Vase is such a refreshingly unique shape. Its pyramid-like shape is topped off with a round sphere. The Era stands out when styled alone or grouped with other pieces from the Muses vase collection.

Ferm Living Muses Vase - Talia

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Vases | Muses Vase - Talia | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Talia vase is the rounded vase shown here on the far left. We love how the Muses can be grouped together beautifully or styled alone. When styled together as shown here, it’s clear that this is a series worth collecting and showcasing as a small vignette on a shelf or windowsill.

Ferm Living Muses Vase - Ania

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Vases | Muses Vase - Ania | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Ania vase is shown here on the far left. This photo highlights the cohesiveness of the Muses collection. We love how the organically inspired shapes complement each other so nicely with the different curves, levels, and even textures. We also love how this vignette contrasts the natural lines of the trees seen through the window. This collection deserves natural light!

Ferm Living Muses Vase - Clio

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Minimalist Vases | Muses Vase - Clio | Ferm Living | Batten Home

Rounding out the Muses vase collection is the Clio. We love how its round base turns into a slender top that showcases beautiful arches similar to the ones found on the Calli and Ania vases.

COOEE Design Ollie Sculptures

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Ollie Sculpture - Sand | Minimalist Sculpture | Batten Home

We love the rough concrete look of the Ollie sculptures, whose name comes from olive trees. The beauty of an olive tree is its resiliency - it can cope through rough and dry periods and be strong and beautiful anyway. Knowing this back story changes our perspective of this gorgeous sculpture, available in three earthy tones.

Sand | Mud | Limestone

Still Incense Holder

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Aromatics | Still Incense Holder - Incausa | Batten Home

This minimal incense holder from Incausa is truly a work of art. Made of high-quality solid brass, this incense holder is actually two separate parts. Each part slots together perfectly to create a geometric final form. The beauty of its circular holder is it allows adjustment for a variety of different sized incense sticks. This piece would make a great gift, especially when paired with Simti Incense from Incausa, handmade in Tibet.

MUUTO Open Candleabra

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Open Candelabra - MUUTO | Batten Home 

MUUTO collaborated with Jens Fager to design this aesthetically pleasing candelabra. It works great as a centerpiece, styled on an entryway table, or anywhere you desire. There is something so striking about its simple lines. This piece is available in three colors: light terracotta, black, or white. Each color will perfectly complement a minimalist home, depending on other accent colors in your space.

COOEE Design Olufemi Sculptures

Minimalist Home Decor Items | Olufemi Sculpture - Graphite | Batten Home

We’re rounding out the list with another collection of minimalist concrete sculptures from COOEE Design. The name Olufemi comes from the Yoruba language and means “God loves me.” The sculpture comes in three neutral and earthy tones that perfectly complement the other sculptures, as well as COOEE's signature ball vases.

Mud | Graphite | Limestone

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