Gift Guide For Plant Lovers

Modern plant pots & other accessories that make perfect gifts

Plants are a living design element in a modern home. They add a pop of color, warmth, and texture to any space.

From hanging plants dangling by a window to small plants styled on a shelf, there are so many different ways to style plants throughout a home.

We’re rounding up some of the best gifts for plant lovers including our favorite modern plant pots, modern ceramic planters, and more pieces that make thoughtful gifts — even as a gift to yourself!

The Ferm Living Plant Box + Storage Solution

We'll start by highlighting Ferm Living’s Plant Box collection. This series of furniture and accessories started with a simple, timelessly designed plant box.

Over the years, it has evolved into a versatile storage solution that can be used throughout the home, with multiple sizes and shapes available. Made of powder-coated metal, each box is super durable and designed to last for many years. The boxes can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Customize it to your liking with various trays, dividers, and compartments. The trays turn a portion of the plant box into a surface with hidden storage below. 

Best Plant Gifts - Ferm Living Plant Box Collection | Batten Home

Plant Box in Black styled with the Black Oak tray.

The Two Tier Plant Box option provides a bit of extra storage wherever you need it, which comes in handy when placed outdoors for gardening, or even indoors for books, office supplies, and plants (of course!).

Best Plant Gifts | Ferm Living Plant Box - Two Tier in Cashmere | Batten Home

Two Tier Plant Box in Cashmere.

The Round Plant Box preserves the clean lines and sleek look of the classic Plant Box with curved lines.

Best Plant Gifts - Ferm Living Round Plant Box - Cashmere | Batten Home

Round Plant Box in Cashmere styled with a few design objects in addition to a plant.

The Large Plant Box is longer and lower. We love how it can be styled with its matching tray to be used as an entryway bench with “built-in” greenery! Hide unsightly items underneath the removable tray for easy access.

Best Plant Gifts - Ferm Living Large Plant Box with Tray | Batten Home

Large Plant Box in Olive with Oiled Oak tray and Large Plant Box Pot.

Shop the entire plant box collection here.

Modern Plant Pots

If you’re looking to buy a simple & modern plant pot, here are a few of our favorites.

Modern plant pots indoor | Hasami Porcelain Planter and Saucer Set | Batten Home

The Hasami Porcelain Planter and Saucer Set is a refreshingly simple design with tons of textured detail, plus an alluring backstory that you can share with whoever is lucky enough to receive this set as a gift!

Each piece from Hasami Porcelain is made in the Japanese town of Hasami, which has been globally known as one of the foremost pottery districts in the world. The clay used makes each Hasami Porcelain piece slightly coarse and organic to the touch. Pair this set with the matching smaller size or view additional color options here.

Modern plant pots indoor, unique plant gifts, plant pot with face | Mus Plant Pot - Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Mus Plant Pot is a unique little vessel perfect for smaller plants or other assorted trinkets. Available in both a small and large size, we recommend getting one of each for a playful yet thoughtful gift.

Modern plant pots indoor | Skagerak Edge Terracotta Planter Pots | Batten Home
Danish design brand Skagerak’s series of Edge Pots are simple, hand-thrown Terracotta plant pots inspired by the distinct shape of the ancient Greek-Egyptian Amphora vase. We love the festive look of this plant in the Edge Pot 18 in Terracotta, designed for indoor use. What’s unique about these pots is that they use a small metal grid in the base of the pot instead of a drainage hole.

Modern plant pots indoor | Ferm Living Tuck Pot - Textured Pot | Batten Home
The Tuck Pot from Ferm Living is a highly sculptural piece that doesn’t even require a plant to work in a space. With various earthy tones, this modern plant pot makes for a unique gift.

Modern plant pots indoor | Yield Design Spun Planters - Self Watering Planter | Batten Home

Yield Design’s Spun Planters are a dream for plant parents. It’s a self-watering planter crafted from a single sheet of aluminum, resulting in a delicately modern design. 

We love this playful peach color that contrasts so nicely with various plant colors especially when styled next to a window or on a floating shelf. The same modern planter pot is available in black or a light grey.

Modern plant pots indoor | Modern Geometric Plant Hanger - Ferm Living | Batten Home

Hanging planter pots are a fun way to bring plants into the home. We love Ferm Living’s geometric Plant Hanger, a modern take on hanging planter design that is refreshing compared to the macrame hanging planters seen everywhere.

Made in stoneware with a natural rope suspension, this hanging planter still honors a retro feel that is balanced out by the clean geometric lines. It’s the perfect addition to a modern home. Shown here is the medium size, but a lower size is also available depending on what type of plants you have.

Modern plant pots indoor outdoor | Hourglass Pot and Planter Stand - Ferm Living | Batten Home

If you’re looking to make a statement with your gift, the Hourglass Pots and Planters are a great choice. With three varying sizes, these blackened metal, matte black pieces provide both an elevated stand and a roomy container for plants to grow.

The unique hourglass shape is designed so that both ends can be used as a container or a stand, which means you can flip it over if your plant is outgrowing its container and needs a bit more space.

Plant Accessories & More Unique Plant Gift Ideas

Watering cans can be unattractive. The Orb Watering Can from Ferm Living makes a nice gift for a plant lover! This sculptural yet functional piece is small, but holds up to a half gallon.

Best Plant Gifts - Orb Watering Can, Plant Box, Textured Pot | Batten Home

Orb Watering Can in Black styled aside the Shell Pot and Plant Box in grey.

Another unique gift idea for a plant lover is a stool. What’s great about a stool is it can be used as a plant stand, but also as a side table or additional seating whenever needed.

Minimal Plant Stand | Nomad Stool - Skagerak | Batten Home

Shown here is Skagerak’s Nomad Stool, but any stool could work. Some of our favorite stools, also from Skagerak: the Fionia Stool, the Cutter Stool, and the Dania Stool.

Best Plant Gifts - Balcony Planter Box | Bau Balcony Box | Batten Home

The Bau Balcony Box is the perfect gift for the urban plant parent, or anyone short on space. The design is inspired by the uncluttered lines and industrial surfaces of classic Bauhaus architecture.

It’s super easy to mount on a rail thanks to two hooks and a metal bracket. Made of powder-coated, galvanized steel, this box is weatherproof and ready to face the elements. Plant lovers will also appreciate the smart drainage system at the bottom of the box.

Looking for more options? Shop all of our modern planters here.

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