A Furniture Minimalist's Dream: The Cutter Collection from Skagerak

How Skagerak’s minimal furniture design can work throughout your home

We all use our homes in different ways based on our lifestyles. Over time, the way we need to use a space can change, especially with more time spent at home. Oftentimes, furniture is designed for highly particular uses. What one person might find useful as an entryway storage solution may not work for someone else.

That’s why we love Danish design brand Skagerak’s Cutter Collection. The Cutter Collection features Scandinavian minimalist furniture and storage solutions, all made of solid wood.

Initially designed for hallways and closet spaces, over the years many have discovered how versatile these minimal furniture pieces can be throughout the home, and even outdoors.

We’re going to guide you through the staple pieces in the Cutter Collection and give you some visual inspiration for how each piece can work in different areas throughout your home.

Entryways and Hallways

A functional entryway requires ways to store items such as bags, coats, and shoes, but the last thing you want after a long day out of the house is to be greeted with a bunch of visual clutter.

Skagerak’s Cutter Collection is a lovely minimal approach to entryway design that works for well-trafficked hallways, too.

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | Minimalist Entryway Ideas | The Cutter Collection -  Skagerak | Batten Home

With sleek lines and solid wood construction, The Cutter Bench in Teak makes for a visually appealing place to drop a bag or have a seat while lacing up your shoes.

With four tiny wheels, The Cutter Box fits perfectly under this bench so you can hide away those items you always need to grab.

The Cutter Wardrobe is minimalist furniture design at its finest. This 3-in-1 piece serves as an attractive coat rack, shelf, and storage unit that can easily be mounted on the wall. Although not pictured here, the small Cutter Box works perfectly on this shelf.

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | Minimalist Entryway Ideas | The Cutter Bench - Black | Batten Home

The Cutter Bench in Black is an effortless use of spare hallway space. We love how the black contrasts with bright neutral walls and flooring.

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | The Cutter Collection -  Skagerak | Batten Home

If you have even less space to spare in an entryway, the Cutter Stool is a more compact option that still packs in plenty of function.

Styled alongside a Cutter Wardrobe, the natural oak material adds warmth and lightness to a space that can often be overlooked.

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | The Cutter Folding Seat -  Skagerak | Batten Home

Another favorite from The Cutter Collection is the Cutter Seat. Inspired by the classic Nordic virtue of ‘no-nonsense’ design, this space-saving seat is the perfect minimal yet functional solution for small spaces. Simply mount the seat directly to a wall and open up whenever you need it.

Living Spaces

When it comes to styling living and dining areas, never underestimate the versatility of a minimal furniture piece like the Cutter Bench and Cutter Stool.

What’s great about both of these pieces is that they are designed as seating, but can work in so many other ways!

Minimal Furniture | Cutter Bench - Oak | Skagerak | Batten Home

You can opt to use the Cutter Bench in Oak to layer a pair of art prints. When entertaining guests, lean the prints against the wall and move the bench to wherever you need some extra seating.

Minimal Furniture | Cutter Stool - Oak | Skagerak | Batten Home

The Cutter Stool isn’t just a seat. It makes for a beautifully simple side table.

Style it minimally as shown here, or add a tray for a more solid surface (which works perfectly as a bedside table).

If you need some additional storage, the large Cutter box fits perfectly under the stool and maximizes your space. When styled in a living room, it could work great for toys, small blankets, and other odds and ends.

Minimal Furniture | Cutter Bench - Black | Skagerak | Batten Home

We love this clever use of the Cutter Bench for displaying plants in your home. The bright and organic green contrasts nicely with this minimal black bench. You could even take this whole set-up outdoors if your plants need extra sunlight in the warmer months.

Bedrooms and Closets

Many clothing storage solutions can end up looking cluttered.

In a small closet space or bedroom, making everything aesthetically pleasing is ideal. Just another reason to love the Cutter Collection!

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | Minimalist Closet Organization | The Cutter Wardrobe - Skagerak | Batten Home

If your bedroom lacks closet space, the Cutter Wardrobe is a visually appealing solution. It also inspires us to build our own Capsule Wardrobe filled with warm and cozy neutrals.

Use the hooks to hang scarves, bags, and other accessories with plenty of room to hang garments from the rack.

You can use the shelf to display larger bags or shoes, or opt to use a large Cutter Box to tuck away less sightly clothing items.

Minimal Furniture | Cutter Stool - Oak | Skagerak | Batten Home

The Cutter Stool is the perfect compact seating in a walk-in closet or even a vanity. 

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture | The Cutter Collection -  Skagerak | Batten Home

When designing smaller bedrooms or even walk-in closets, maximizing every square inch of space is a must.

When you pair the Cutter Bench in Oak with its matching large Cutter box, your space doubles as both seating and storage. 

You could also choose to style the Cutter Bench plus the boxes underneath at the foot of your bed for additional seating and storage.


One of the best parts about the Cutter Bench (and stool!) is how they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Minimal Outdoor Furniture | Cutter Bench - Oak | Skagerak | Batten Home

We love how the Teak bench looks against the clean white walls. We could picture tons of plants styled on top of this bench if you don’t need extra seating, but it’s also compact enough to work on smaller patios and balconies.

Scandinavian Minimalist Furniture for Outdoor Spaces | Skagerak | Batten Home

The Cutter Bench also makes for a great coffee table!

The teak bench is styled alongside a few outdoor furniture pieces from Skagerak: the Virkelyst Sofa and the Mira Chair. The simple and classic design of this piece means it can work with pieces you already have (especially Scandinavian minimalist furniture).

Like what you see? Shop the entire Cutter Collection here.

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