New To Batten Home: The COOEE Design Collection

Get inspired by these gorgeous minimalist sculptures and vases

Here at Batten Home, we hand-pick every single item you see in our shop to honor our passion for honest, authentic, and timeless design. We are fueled by our love for new Nordic design, a modern take on the Scandinavian design aesthetic. Every brand we add to our shop is intentional and must live up to our high standards of quality and sustainability.

We’re delighted to introduce you to our newest brand, COOEE Design.

About COOEE Design

COOEE Design is a family-owned business with roots dating back to the 1950s. Founder Catrine Åbergs’ grandfather and great uncle introduced many innovative and timeless Scandinavian pieces throughout the years. The duo is most known for its iconic paper bin in wood used in Danish architect Arne Jacobsen’s designs at SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Many years later, that same bin still sits in Room 606.

Nestled in the woods of Southern Sweden and inspired by her family’s design roots, Catrine founded COOEE Design in 2005 with a focus on jewelry. In 2015, Catrin introduced the iconic “ball vase,” the first product in a series of ceramics, which quickly became a hit.

Since then COOEE has been coveted by designers worldwide, expanding its ceramic collection to include a variety of vases and minimalist sculptures.

We invite you to take a look at some of our favorite pieces in this new collection.

Ball Vases

COOEE Design’s Ball Vases are a staple for every soft, minimal home.

Each round and minimal Ball Vase is handmade and hand-painted with a lovely matte finish. The interior of each COOEE vase is glazed to hold water, making them a great vessel for fresh flower arrangements or single stems. We also love how these vases look with dried pampas grass.

With four sizes and many color variations, we love how you can group varying sizes and colors to create a unique look, but also each vase can stand alone as a single design object on a shelf or table.

Cooee Design 8cm Ball Vases in Shell, Mud, White, and Grey

8cm Ball Vases in Shell, Mud, and White. We think these would look great as a minimal centerpiece on a dining table or kitchen island.

COOEE Design | 30cm Ball Vase - White | Batten Home

30cm Ball Vase in White styled atop a sideboard with fresh flowers. This clean and bright look could nicely balance out an area where a TV is mounted in a living room.

Assorted COOEE Design Ball Vases styled with the Menu Carrie Portable LED Lamp, Ferm Living Black Stained Insert Side Table

10cm Ball Vase in Cafe Au Lait, 8cm Ball Vase in Mud, styled with the Menu Carrie Portable LED Lamp in Brushed Brass atop the Black Stained Insert Side Table from Ferm Living. We love how these round vases balance out the lines of the table and play off of the round shape of the lamp.

Pillar Vases

The Pillar Vases come in two sizes and multiple neutral colors that perfectly complement the Ball Vases.

Similar to the Ball Vases, these minimal vases are handmade and hand-painted, giving each one a unique and personal appearance. The interior of each Pillar Vase is glazed to hold water, making them a striking option for flower arrangements or single stems. If you can’t always keep fresh flowers in your home, or prefer a simpler look, these vases can also be styled without anything and still give you that soft and minimal vibe.

These pieces can easily be styled as a single design object or combined with other objects - especially COOEE Ball Vases.

Minimalist Pillar Vase and Ball Vase from COOEE Design Styled Atop a Shelf | Batten Home

32cm Sand Pillar Vase filled with dried pampas grass styled alongside a 20cm Black Ball Vase. The pillar vase adds height to this look while its spherical top complements the black ball vase.

Minimalist Pillar Vases from COOEE Design Styled In Modern Kitchen | Batten Home

24cm Black Pillar Vase styled atop a kitchen island next to a 32cm Grey Pillar Vase. We love how these dark neutrals contrast the light and bright feel of the rest of the kitchen.

24cm Pillar Vase - Coconut | COOEE Design | Minimalist Sculptures | Batten Home

24cm Coconut Pillar Vase styled with a design object quite similar to the Eve II Sculpture in Limestone, but smaller in stature. While this is styled on a sideboard, we imagine this would look just as lovely on a coffee table with a candle holder such as this one from Ferm Living.

Minimalist Sculptures

COOEE’s range of sculptures showcases the softer elements of the human body contrasted by the use of naturally rough concrete material. 

All of these minimalist sculptures from COOEE Design were made in collaboration with Stockholm based artist and designer Kristiina Engelin. Engelin was inspired by her interest in art history and ancient anatomy in the cubist form. 

Each sculpture allows space for the spectator to openly interpret what the unique figures express.

We love how they look styled on a shelf, coffee table, or any other surface, and how the varying colors and levels of each sculpture pair so well together or alone.

Minimalist Shelf Styling Featuring COOEE Design Adamo and Eve II Sculptures

Limestone Adamo sculpture styled on a shelf. Also pictured: Eve II Earth sculpture, JWDA Metallic Table Lamp.

Minimalist coffee table styling featuring COOEE Design ball vase and sculptures

Limestone Eve II sculpture styled on a minimalist coffee table. Also pictured: 8cm Ball Vase in Mud.

Sand Ollie Sculpture Styled On Side Table | COOEE Design | Batten Home

Sand Ollie Sculpture styled on a side table. We love how this sculpture adds so much texture to this space.

Graphite Olufemi Sculpture Styled with COOEE Design Ball Vases Atop Round Black Coffee Table | Batten Home

Graphite Olufemi Sculpture styled on a coffee table alongside an 8cm Shell Ball Vase and a 30cm Grey Ball Vase. The round yet cubist design of this sculpture plays nicely with the curves of Cooee’s signature vases. You may also notice an Earth Eve II sculpture peeking out from the shelf on the right.

We hope these pieces and style recommendations inspire you as you think about refreshing your home or styling a space for an interior design client.

View the complete COOEE Design collection here.

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