8 Modern and Attractive Serving Trays We Know You'll Love

Find the perfect minimal tray for your modern Scandinavian home

We have a weakness when it comes to trays. They can be so versatile - from grouping decorative objects on a coffee table to making an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board, or serving a special holiday dinner - we love how a tray can be both a piece of art and a functional home item used on the regular.

Today we’re highlighting eight modern, attractive, and minimal serving trays perfect for use all year round.

Skagerak No. 10 Tray

Skagerak No. 10 Tray | Batten Home
The Skagerak No. 10 Tray is a beautiful collection of solid oak trays available in 3 different sizes. Each wooden serving tray can standalone, but they also perfectly rest within one another, which is just so satisfying to look at!

The design of these trays was inspired by the original Japanese banjyu trays, used to transport and serve the traditional confection manjū. The name, No.10, is a play on words based on the pronunciation of ban and jyu.

We love how this design showcases the beautiful aesthetic of Japanese minimalism. These trays can be used as traditional serving trays or set them directly on the table as a platter for a grazing board.

Kristina Dam Japanese Wooden Board

Kristina Dam Japanese Wooden Board

If you love the minimal Japanese aesthetic, Kristina Dam’s Japanese Wooden Board will fit right in with your other home items.

Made from stunning solid oak, these wooden serving boards are available in two sizes. We recommend getting both to serve various items with a seamless look.

We love these pieces for grazing boards, cheese plates, or even tapas.

Skagerak Soft Serving Board

Skagerak Soft Serving Board | Batten Home

If you’re into the minimal serving boards look, this piece from Scandinavian-inspired Danish design brand Skagerak will tickle your fancy.

Made of solid oak, the Soft Board takes its name from the rounded edges and smooth, almost velvety surface that you simply must feel to believe.

Use this serving board in the kitchen for meal prep, and simply wash and arrange food to your liking to serve on the dining table.

Interesting fact: oak is well-known for its superb antibacterial properties, making it food-safe.

MUUTO Platform Tray

MUUTO Platform Tray | Batten Home

This platform tray from Danish design brand MUUTO is such a stunning and functional piece with endless year-round uses.

Style the tray in a modern kitchen for all of your most-used countertop items, in your office as a catch-all tray, in an entryway for keys and mail, on your coffee table, atop a dining table filled with fresh fruit, or even as part of a Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece.

This tray is made from ABS paired with a laminated oak veneer insert in four different muted yet vibrant colors.

Skagerak Opening Tray 28

Skagerak Opening Tray

The name for this tray comes from the opening in the edge that forms a minimalist handle, the perfect combination of function and aesthetic.

This tray is made from untreated oak which means it will age beautifully over time.

We think this tray would look perfect for serving a carafe of water with matching glasses. Outside of the kitchen, use it to display trinkets or perfumes atop a dresser.

Form and Refine Alcoa Tray

Form and Refine Alcoa Tray

Danish design brand Form and Refine embraces what we call "new Nordic minimalism" in all of their pieces, including this clean and simple tray.

This piece, along with all Form and Refine pieces, are ethically and socially sustainable.

The name Alcoa refers to Alcobaça, a region in Portugal, which is naturally rich with fine white clay.

Featuring a glazed interior, this tray is waterproof and ready to use for serving food. The smooth interior contrasts lightly with the slightly coarse natural matte exterior. We love how this tray can easily stand alone as a design object on a sideboard or another surface.

Skagerak Nomad Tray

Skagerak Nomad Tray | Batten Home

Nothing beats a classic rectangular tray, and one designed by Skagerak is built to last. Made of 100% FSC Certified Oak, this tray is solid and sturdy.

This tray is smaller than many trays on this list. While it could serve smaller servings of food, we think it would be a great way to organize seasonings on a table. Overall, i’s simply a great way to store small items in the office or on a bedside table.

This tray is part of an entire series of small storage solutions by Skagerak that includes magazine holders, shelves, and even a matching stool.

Skagerak Fionia Tray

Skagerak Fionia Tray

This serving tray with handles was Skagerak’s first-ever tray, designed back in 1986. Clearly, this iconic design is timeless, looking just as modern as it did back in the day.

It’s available in two sizes, 52x36 and 48x32, making it a great option if you want a minimal yet coordinated look for your tablescape.

We love how it looks styled on a bedside table, atop a bench at the base of a bed, or even while hosting guests outdoors.

Both sizes are made from 100% FSC Certified Oak.

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