Kristina Dam is now available at Batten Home

Kristina Dam Studio
For lovers of minimalistic home design and decor, each piece you select for your home needs to be particularly special and convey strong, bold meaning.
Each unique piece from the Kristina Dam Studio helps achieve a Nordic minimalism vibe in your home. Whether it’s a stool, vase or piece of furniture, Kristina Dam’s products bring unique character and flair to your abode while keeping muted colors and clean lines a staple in your space. 
Kristina Dam Studio, which is based in Copenhagen, is a popular European brand and sold throughout the continent, but now Batten Home is one of the few retailers in the U.S to carry Kristina Dam products. Her use of clean lines, sculpture and honest materials creates an aesthetic that makes a strong addition to Batten Home’s preexisting collections.


Humble beginnings

Kristina Dam Studio was founded by its namesake Kristina Dam in 2012. Dam graduated from the Royal Danish School of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Copenhagen. She’s a trained graphic designer and architect, and she uses influence from both trades to create her pieces.  

In 2012, Kristina Dam launched her first collection: limited-edition illustrations. These illustrations became popular in Scandinavian design stores, magazines, and homes, helping Dam gain recognition. This skyrocketed her brand’s popularity and opened the door to expansion.  

She advanced her brand with furniture, lighting, sculptures, and decor accessories, infusing inspiration shes gets from her travels, talking to people, Instagram, and Pinterest into her products.

Inspiration from sculpture 

With each Kristina Dam collection, the brand releases a new sculpture, but every piece she makes has a sculpture-like quality. This type of sculpture design, inspired by Japanese details and graphic Bauhaus art, makes each well-crafted piece appear smooth and special. Dam relies on simple lines and details to achieve that Nordic minimalism, but still allows each piece to make a statement. 

Kristina Dam only uses honest materials in her product creation. The entire line is created in Europe, exclusively from local products. Dam uses lightly-sanded, raw oak and soft, unprocessed leather in its products. These materials are selected so each piece is durable and has a long life in your home. Honest, strong and good materials are a part of the Nordic design inheritance – “a legacy we take very seriously,” Kristina Dam writes on the studio’s website.  

Why we love Kristina Dam 

Kristina Dam’s pieces are versatile, classic, and work well with a variety of home decor aesthetics.

Kristina Dam has a nice mix of furniture and accessories in each collection. You can buy multiple pieces to create a cohesive design aesthetic in your home, or just select a few that will blend with your pre-existing style.

For the Batten Home customer who prefers Nordic minimalism, each piece in the collection would fit right in. All of the pieces are made in muted colors, which make them work well with Scandinavian designs, too.

For the Bohemian design lover who wants flowing greenery or flowers throughout their home, Kristina Dam’s bowls or vases will help showcase the plant life. Kristina Dam’s bowls and vases are all glazed coated on the inside, making them water-resistant. The long vases display long-stemmed flowers or branches well, and the shorter bowls or vases can help display succulents or small flowers.

Key pieces from the collection  

As a minimalist design lover, you’re likely only looking to add a few key pieces to your home. The Kristina Dam collection at Batten Home offers a variety of pieces ranging from trolley carts and stools to vases and bookend sculptures.  

Any of the four bowls from Kristina Dam Bowls Collection work as a strong centerpiece or design element to any dining room table, entry table, or shelving unit. The Kristina Dam Medium Bowlhas a beautiful exterior with a textured band that is impressed into the clay. Each bowl in the collection has long vertical lines impressed into the clay, which gives them all a unique, sculptural design. The Medium Bowl’s low shape is perfect for displaying fruit, putting a small plant inside, or displaying decorative fruit or ornament balls. The bowl is made from a terra cotta with a grey slip. The interior is glazed, so it’s water-resistant, which helps the bowl double as a planter.

 For those who want to display flowers or branches, there are four Kristina Dam Dome Vases within the collection to choose from, ranging from extra small to large. Purchasing all four, which are produced in complementary shades, makes for a lovely design focal point, but each on its own also attracts the eye and makes a great accent to a dining room table or side table. The extra small and medium vases have a larger opening, whereas the small and large vases have more narrow openings for long stems or branches.

If you’re looking for extra seating that is also visually interesting, the Kristina Dam Stool achieves this with its raw oak and Scandinavian design elements. The stool is made from solid oak, which you can purchase in black or a natural finish. The stool can double as a side table when you don’t need the extra seating. The stool has a round top, or seat, and then two pieces that slit together that creates a V-shaped that makes the piece visually appealing. Assembly is required, as the stool ships flat, but the pieces simply lock together.

 The Kristina Dam Bauhaus Trolley is a moveable item that is one of the collection’s most popular items. The trolley can work as a side table, bar cart, or mini home library. Kristina Dam was inspired by theinfluential German art school Bauhausto create this piece. The trolley, which is available in black or white powder-coated metal, embodies the less is more mantra with minimal lines. The top tray is made of hardened glass, giving it the traditional bar-cart vibe. The bottom tray is made of matching perforated steel. Roll the trolley from room to room to create more space or if you want to switch up how you use it.

While it’s easy to say you love the idea of minimalistic design and decor, everyone still needs to store their belongings somewhere. The Kristina Dam Grid Sideboard helps you achieve both these needs. The sideboard has strong lines that make it feel elegant, but still provides you with minimalistic storage. The sideboard, which is made of black powder-coated metal, has the unique design element of a perforated top and front grid. This feature gives it a softer and more transparent feel, so you can store things but it forces you not to be too cultured, or all your guests will see what’s behind the cabinet doors. The sideboard has two steel shelves and three doors that close magnetically.

Regardless of which items catch your eye from the collection, each Kristina Dam piece can bring a strong, functional design element to your home and can complement your preexisting style.