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Finding the right pieces to decorate your home that are made of quality, environmentally sustainable materials and yet still have a classic Scandinavian and minimalistic style to them can feel challenging.

That’s why brands such as Skagerak, a family-owned Danish Design Company, stand out. In each product, Skagerak features high-quality, sustainable materials, coupled with elements of classic Scandinavian style. While the entire Skagerak catalogue is stunning, The Skagerak Georg Collection in particular, is sought after for its ability to meld a minimalist feel and contemporary stylings with the traditional elements of Danish design.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a piece from The Skagerak Georg Collection for your own home, here’s a rundown of what makes the brand so special, how to incorporate the line into your home, and a few key pieces we recommend.


Jesper and Vibeke Panduro founded Skagerak in 1976 and set out to create classic Danish designs that exuded an heirloom quality in each piece. One of the leading design principles the company lives by is building their pieces to last.

The company’s name, Skagerak, has a deep meaning to the Panduros. There’s a strait of water, called Skagerrak (with two r’s) which runs from the northern tip of Denmark that connects the country to its neighbors, Sweden and Norway. The Skagerrak helped develop the Nordic region by offering a way to transport goods and services. The Panduros chose Skagerak as their company’s name because they see themselves similar to that strait: forever the same and unchangeable, but always on the move and experimenting with new things. 

While the company is proudly rooted in the tradition of the Nordic region, Skagerak cares about the planet’s future and society. In 2016, the company earned B Corp certification, which means they’re considered a “benefit corporation,” or one that upholds the highest standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. 

Skagerak, which has a global supply chain, has design partnerships with more than 30 International and Danish designers, all of which feature durable materials in their designs to create long-lasting products.

Skagerak and Batten Home partnered to give consumers access to timeless items that could be “passed down” from generation to generation and let the owners of the item preserve the memories family and friends shared around it.


The Skagerak Georg collection is one of the brand’s most popular collections (and one of our favorites at Batten Home) for good reason.

Whether you favor minimalistic or bohemian design - or perhaps you just live in a small space - every item in the Skagerak Georg Collection can easily be incorporated into your home’s current design aesthetic.

Within the collection, you can purchase everything from a Scandinavian style dining room table, to sleek seating, to statement mirrors and sculptural coat racks. Each item is crafted with high-quality materials and offer a sleek look that will have guests asking, “where’d you get that?”

Each piece in the collection channels traditional Danish and Scandinavian design principles. No matter what you purchase, each item can either be the main attraction in your space or help complement your existing decor and furniture. If you’re someone who hates clutter, these pieces will help encourage that principle with its clean design.

For minimalistic design lovers, the Georg Collection features no frills but the quality material helps exude each item’s elegance. Each item’s surface is as soft, smooth as it looks. The surface appears crisp and clean whether it’s bare or has your favorite accents on it.

Loyal Danish or Scandinavian decor fans will enjoy this collection because of the company’s’ heritage and devotion to the Nordic region. Each item is designed with sleekness in mind and features wood with muted colors, typical of Scandinavian design.

If you prefer a more Bohemian design concept in your home, these pieces will help accentuate all of your can’t miss items in your home. The Georg items provide the simple base necessary to make Bohemian design flourish.

For smaller living spaces, there are multiple items that help create function, without sacrificing precious space. For example, some of the side tables and desks only have two legs to help slenderize its footprint within your home. Purchasing the collection’s large floor-length mirror can help create the illusion of depth in a small space. If you opt for the Georg Bench or Georg Stool, they can do double duty as seating around the couch, the table or at a desk. Just relocate the item based on your activity or party.


When browsing the Skagerak Georg Collection many pieces will catch your eye and have the potential to fit beautifully in your home.

If you’re only in the market for a few select pieces to compliment your current space, we recommend these four:



The Georg Bench has slender wooden poles with rounded edges for the legs. For comfort, the bench features a woolen cushion that straps on to the bench to stay in place. The bench can be used to help provide extra seating at a dining table, at the base of a bed for seating, or as an entryway or mudroom accent.



The Georg Stool also provides extra seating around your home and mirrors the design of the George Bench with the slender oak legs and woolen cushion on top. If you’re using the benches as seating on the horizontal sides of a table, the stool can be used at the head of the table. The stool also pairs well with the Georg Desk or just as extra seating around the couch.



The Georg Console Table makes a great side table that leans against any wall to provide a practical surface for your items. The console table is slender, with only two legs, so it won’t obtrusively block your walkway. The table makes a great surface in an entryway for keys or a place to charge your phone. The console table can be transformed into a makeup vanity in the bedroom, with the Georg Table Mirror and Georg Stool.



Finally, if you’re looking for a desk that isn’t clunky or looks like the typical Dad desk from the 1990s, the Georg Desk provides function, minimalism, and beauty in your space. The design of the desk has a “less is more” approach. It’s stripped down to just the bare essentials -- a clean, sleek but large enough desk space and an optional drawer that can be mounted to either side of the desk. Similar to the console table, the desk only has two legs, so it leans up against your wall and helps save space in your room.

Each Skagerak Georg item combines the traditional Danish aesthetic Skagerak is known for but also honors Japanese minimalism with its ethically sourced materials, including FSC-certified oak. Each Georg collection item is available in oak or black oak.

This type of oak is the highest level of sustainable oak on the market, so it will cost a bit more but the pieces will last your lifetime with the right care. As a company, Skagerak aims to exclusively use FSC-certified wood in its products by 2025. This FSC-certified wood is obtained in such a way that it helps trap carbon dioxide within the wood, therefore combatting the effects of climate change that usually come along with cutting down a forest for wood.

All four of these popular pieces would help create a sleek, minimalistic vibe to your home. If you’re only in the market for a few select pieces, they each also work independently to add function and design to your space.

Love the look of these four pieces? Shop the entire Skagerak Georg Collection here.