Hasami Porcelain: Historically Accurate Modern Ceramics

Hasami is a tiny Japanese manufacturing village with a population of just under 15,000 people. Nestled at the foot of a picturesque Japanese mountain side, the city has a 400-year history of creating some of the most sort after ceramics and pottery in the world. “Hasami Ware” was sort after throughout Europe and although designed to be utilitarian and used on a daily basis, quickly became prized possessions. The Hasami craftsman developed a “system” in which they could “mass-produce” porcelain products affordably and consistently without sacrificing quality.
 Hasami Porcelain was founded in 2012 by Japanese Interior designer, Takuhiro Shinomoto who’s vision was to design a modern table-ware collection that showcases the unique Hasami “organic” appearance that’s produced in this historic village utilizing the original manufacturing techniques.
The designs are organic in aesthetic and their unique mix of clay and porcelain provide a touch so beautiful and absolutely addicting. The collection is simple, high quality and utilitarian in nature.
We are really excited to bring the Hasami Porcelain collection to our curated collection of home goods and think you’ll love the range as well.
Hasami Porcelain Mugs 
The Hasami Porcelain Mugs are stackable and also come in complimentary colors that work well when mixed. Hasami Mugs are available in 3 sizes.
Hasami Porcelain Coffee Dripper
The Hasami Porcelain Coffee Dripper sits perfectly on the Hasami Teapot providing a modern organic pour-over set up.
Hasami Porcelain Planter
One of our favorite items, The Hasami Porcelain Planters come in 2 sizes and 4 different colors. The 2 piece sets feature a planter and tray. Hasami Planters feature a drainage hole making it a perfect home for your much loved house plants.
Hasami porcelain Incense
In addition to the Hasami Ceramics, Hasami Porcelain has collaborated with Nippon Kodo, one of Japan's most renowned incense makers to create a beautiful little incense set comprising of 24 incense sticks contained in a beautiful glass vial and cork stopper. Available in 2 different scents, these incense fill your space with the calming scent of either Sandalwood or Aloeswood beautifully and make a wonderful gift. View Hasami Porcelain Incense 
We encourage you to view the entire Hasami Porcelain Collection.