Things we love: Modern Full Length Mirrors and Floor Mirrors

These past few months we have seen a huge increase in people looking at and buying Floor Mirrors and Full Length Mirrors. We personally love them: Floor Mirrors create depth to a space and are highly practical in so many areas of your home. Full length mirrors work great in entryways and bedrooms as they sit up off the ground and create depth, especially when space is at a premium. Here's our 5 favorite Floor Mirrors and Full Length Mirrors on the market right now that we think you'll not only love but will create that wow factor within your modern home.     
Menu Norm Floor Mirror
Designed by Danish design team Norm Architects, the Norm Floor Mirror by MENU  is by far one of our favorites as it's generous size and minimalistic styling really appeals to us. This Floor Mirror leans lovely up against the wall and it's strong aluminum frame is matched up with a nice leather handle that adds a nice modern detail. The Norm Floor Mirror is available in either Black or White and pairs up beautifully with all the other MENU Bath accessories.
Menu Kasch Kasch Floor Mirror
Perfect for apartment living and tiny homes, the Kasch Kasch Mirror by Menu is a Floor Mirror designed to make use of every inch of your home. The clever metal frame sits perfectly into corners creating a space saving solution thats practical. This Full Length Mirror is quite affordable and works great in bedrooms as the tubular frame can also act as a dress prep area and holds coat hangers nicely. The Kasch Kasch Floor Mirror also comes in Black or White. 
Skagerak Georg Floor Mirror
Our most popular Skagerak Mirror is from the Skagerak Georg Collection. The Georg Floor Mirror features stunning oak wood poles that minimally hold up the mirror which creates a real sense of space above and below the mirror. It's made of solid FSC Certified Oak lumbar which means Skagerak ethically source their wood from sustainable forests. The Georg Floor Mirror has a real soft aesthetic and when paired with the Skagerak Georg Stool, soft textiles and natural materials, creates a real lovely vignette within your home.
Ferm Living Adorn Full Length Mirror
The Adorn Mirror is a Full length mirror designed by Ferm Living. It's been available for a couple of years in it's brass option however new for 2019 is a nice Black update. The Adorn Mirror can be hung as a full length mirror or sit on the floor as a Floor Mirror. The mirror does have eyelets on the backside which makes hanging easy however I've also seen a few installs with it being hung via the brass bar above it. The Mirror features slightly rounded corners which gives the design a softer aesthetic.
Menu Norm Oval Mirror
With the growing popularity of strong curves and a more circular aesthetic within modern design, the Norm Oval Mirror fits right in. This Full Length Mirror is designed to be hung and it works great either vertically or horizontally. it's not even 2 inches deep which provides a nice slim appearance and works well for tight areas which may have some high traffic. Available in either Black or White, The Norm Oval Mirror is minimal in design but still very contemporary.
Ferm Living Poise Oval Mirror
Honorable Mention: 
We wanted to include the Poise Wall Mirror although it may not be 100% a Full Length Mirror. It's unique size is really cool when paired with similar scaled items. It's almost 40" long and just a little over 11" wide, so it's size really suits smaller places, entryways or those tricky walls that are confusing to design around. Paired with the Pujo Wall Table works great however we love it with a series of hooks, layer with something soft for contrast. A couple of Ferm Living Hooks and your favorite woolen throw should do the trick.