New accessories for the Ferm Living Plant Box

Ferm Living Plant Box
The Ferm Living Plant Box is one of Ferm Living's all time best selling designs and personally an item I still love to this day. I've owned one for years and I love how versatile this classic Danish design item is. I've used it as a planter (it's original purpose) but it's also been a night stand, storage box and right now houses a snake plant and some of my favorite books in our hallway. A well designed item is one that can always find a place in our ever changing homes and the Ferm Living Plant Box is an item that always finds a way. Ferm Living have introduced a brand new color for 2019 and also some really nice accessories that allow you to really customize the look of your plant box. A full list of the Ferm Living Plant Box updates are below.
Ferm Living Plant Box Warm Grey
New for 2019 in both the regular Plant Box and the Ferm Living Round Plant Box is a new color: Warm Grey 
Ferm Living Plant Box Oak Tray
You may of already seen the Plant Box Brass Tray which has been out for a while. It wraps around the edges of the Plant Box to and provides a nice flat surface to use for decoration. The new Oak Tray does the same thing, but made out of a natural oak or black stained oak wood veneer. I think this new tray is a little more refined as it sits on top without wrapping around the Plant Box. I also appreciate the wood finish for a little contrast. The Oak Tray is available in either a natural oak or black stained oak veneer.
Ferm Living Plant Box Divider
Ferm Living Plant Box Divider: Ferm Living noticed how people were designing their Plant Boxes with items other than plants so they came up with this clever divider which works perfect for sectioning off the plant box and creating and area for books, notepads or magazines.
Ferm Living Plant Box Pot
Ferm Living Plant Box Pot : The Plant Box pot is a great way to contain a plant with the Ferm Living Plant Box and keeping dirt and water away from the other items you have chosen to display in your Plant Box. It removes easily so you can care for the plant and comes in either a black or grey which works with the entire range of Ferm Living Plant Box colors.