5 items to pair with the Skagerak Georg Console Table

Skagerak Georg Console Table
One of our most popular items is the Georg Console table by Skagerak. We love how minimal in design it is: A simple table top held up by 2 legs which leans up beautifully against a wall is ingenious. The Georg Console Table is available in 2 different colors, either Oak or Black Painted Oak.
I fell in love with Skagerak items many years ago and part of the allure of their collection was the quality of material in which they use. In the case of the Georg Console, their FSC certified Oak wood. FSC certified means that the wood sourced to make the Georg Console Table comes from sustainably managed forests. It's basically the highest level, sustainably sourced wood available on the market.
Skagerak utilizes FSC Oak and Teak throughout their entire collection and while you will pay a little more for this type of wood, it's well worth the investment.
Skagerak furniture can last a lifetime with simple care. The Georg Console Table feels as beautiful as it looks. the Oak feels soft and the gentle rounded sides really add to the high quality feel this console table has. Another great thing about the Georg Console Table is that the design is so minimal and simplistic that it'll be a design that stands the test of time, meaning as trends and styles come and go, the Skagerak Georg Console Table is one that will always fit in with it's pure simplicity.  
The Skagerak Georg Console Table works great in a variety of different environments. Using the console table for it's intended purpose in a hallway will always look beautiful, but we love it as a small desk option, or even as a small surface in a dressing room.
We were recently asked by a client what complimentary items work with the Skagerak Georg Console Table. Here's what we recommended:
Skagerak Georg Stool
1. Skagerak Georg Stool: This of course is the most popular option and tend to sell a lot of Georg Console and stools as a set. The Georg Stool turns the console table into a small desk that's minimal in design but high in style. A small plant and a simple trinket is all that's really needed to make this pairing stunning.
Ferm Living Sand Chambray Basket
2. Ferm Living Chambray Basket: We love this pairing as the Sand Chambray basket compliments the Georg Console Table's natural oak wood really well. Place it on the floor and fill it with magazines, blankets or anything that you feel suits. If you think you'd prefer the Black Georg Console Table, try the new Ferm Living Rob Basket as a nice storage option.
Skagerak Georg Table Mirror
3. Georg Table Mirror: There are 2 sized mirrors in the Skagerak Georg Collection and naturally the both pair beautifully. The smaller table mirror looks so good hung above the Georg Console table. 
Skagerak Edge Pot 15
4. Skagerak Edge Pot: The Edge Pots come in a variety of sizes and in either indoor or outdoor versions. We love decorating with this simple but beautiful planter. The Edge Pot 15 is a good size to place on the Georg Console Table but you could even choose one of the large sized outdoor pots and place one beside the table which would look great also.
Menu Carrie LED Lamp
5. Menu Carrie LED Light: Adding a smaller sized light fixture on top of the Georg Console Table is a great idea, especially one like the Carrie LED Light. This specific lamp is portable and recharges so you can display and use it without any ugly cords and simply recharge when it's out of power. Place it on top of a couple of nice books and you'll have a nicely styled surface with light when you need it.
No matter what you decide to do with your Georg Console Table, just having one will bring many years of enjoyment. It's design and quality will ensure this item finds a place within your homes interior for many, many years to come.