Bottle Grinder - Set of 2

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The Menu Bottle Grinders, designed by Norm Studios for Menu, are a modern take on traditional salt and pepper mills. Menu Slat and Pepper Grinders are quickly becoming a staple in many Scandinavian styled kitchens.

The powerful, high quality ceramic grinding mechanism is conveniently located on the top of the mill, cleverly avoiding  the usual mess of excess grounds traditional mills leave.

The mills grinder is adjustable allowing you to adjust the coarseness of the grind by simply turning the wooden dial at the top of the mill.

The Menu Bottle grinders in either Brushed Brass or Bronzed Brass feature a minimal "P" or "S" on top of the dial which indicates the contents of each salt and pepper mill.

The silicone rubber plastic body of the Menu Bottle Grinders provides a beautiful beautiful feel while holding and the size is perfectly proportioned to promote use.

The set comes as a pair, in a variety of color and lid options.

Dimensions: 3.2"W x 8.1"H

In Stock: Ships day of purchase from our US based warehouse

Menu Grinders feature a rounded base which fits comfortably in your hands for a lovely user experience, however the design also adds a nice design aesthetic when not in use.

The Menu Salt and Pepper Grinders are now a Scandinavian Design Icon and a must have for any Danish Design enthusiast! 

Key Features:

  • Menu Bottle Grinders were designed by Norm Architects
  • Come in a pair, in a variety of colors
  • Salt and Pepper Mills feature a high quality ceramic grinders
  • Their Silicone body have a beautiful touch and appearance 
  • Unique design with dial on top that adjusts coarseness
  • Menu Salt and Pepper Grinders are a Scandinavian design Icon 

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