Our Favorite Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

Complete your minimalist kitchen look with these elevated versions of basic kitchen accessories

Whether it’s grabbing a quick bite between Zoom calls or unwinding with a drink after a long day, we know you use your kitchen more than most other rooms in the house.

Unfortunately, many common kitchen items kept on the countertop tend to be an eyesore, making your sleek minimalist countertop look cluttered.

Maybe your kitchen is already designed to your liking, or maybe you’re looking for more accessible ways to achieve the Nordic kitchen look without having to do a full blown renovation. Either way, this carefully curated list features tons of minimalist kitchen ideas to help you achieve the Nordic kitchen decor vibe you’ve been dreaming about.

Paper Towel Holders

Craft Paper Towel Holder

Norman Copenhagen | Craft Paper Towel Holder | Danish Design | Batten Home

Normann Copenhagen is new to Batten Home, and this Craft Paper Towel Holder is a part of The Craft Collection, Normann Copenhagen’s beautiful collaboration with Danish designer Simon Legald focused on kitchen essentials made for everyday use. We love the combination of solid oak and stunning marble, giving the Craft Paper Towel Holder a warm and classic look that is easy to match with a modern or contemporary style.

Norr Paper Towel Holder

Skagerak Norr Paper Towel Holder | Modern Kitchen Accessories | Batten Home

This paper towel holder from Skagerak is made from natural oak and features a beautiful natural leather handle that adds warmth and texture to a modern kitchen while also making it easy to grab and move around to various spots around the kitchen depending on where you need it. This holder features a slight edge at the base which keeps paper from unravelling. 

If your kitchen could use some black accents, the black oak version of this paper towel holder would be the perfect fit.

Black Brass Paper Towel Holder

Ferm Living Black Brass Paper Towel Holder

Speaking of black accents, this gorgeous black brass paper towel holder from Ferm Living makes a subtle statement. The solid black marble base provides a hefty weight, making it easy to use to grab paper towels while cooking or cleaning. The shaft is made out of solid hardened brass, giving the whole piece a sleek and modern vibe.

Salt and Pepper Mills

Craft Salt Mill & Craft Pepper Mill

Norman Copenhagen | Craft Salt & Peppercorn Mill | Batten Home

Normann Copenhagen’s Craft Salt Mill and Craft Pepper Mill match perfectly with the Craft Paper Towel Holder mentioned above. Black marble is used for the pepper mill and white marble is used for the salt mill, and when combined with the warmth and texture of natural oak, makes a clean and classic statement piece. 

Both the salt and pepper mills are fitted with ceramic grinders made to last longer than standard mills. Available in two sizes, you can pick whichever size works best for you, or buy both sizes and keep the smaller set on display on your kitchen table.

If you’re digging the oak and marble vibe, complete the look with Normann Copenhagen’s Craft Mortar & Pestle, which would look great alongside the salt and pepper mills.

MENU Bottle Grinder Set

MENU | Bottle Grinder Set - Hunting Green and Beige | Batten Home

This bottle grinder set from MENU is a minimalist’s dream. Their modern shape keeps your counter from looking cluttered.

These grinders are made to last. The base is made out of a combination of steel and ceramic with a plastic and silicone rubber seal topped with either a beech or walnut wood. 

Featured here is the hunting green and beige set with a walnut lid. For a more neutral look, check out the carbon and ash set with the beech lid. If your kitchen could use a gentle pop of color, try out the blush pink nudes featuring a walnut lid. If your kitchen has brushed brass accents, this brushed brass set is the perfect addition.

Skagerak Hammer Grinder

Skagerak | Hammer Grinder - Oak and Oiled Teak | Batten Home

Rounding out the stylish grinder options is this sleek Hammer Grinder from Skagerak. We love the curvy lines of this grinder available in oak or oiled teak. This solid wood grinder works great for salts or peppercorns. You can opt to use the oak version as a salt mill and the oiled teak as a pepper mill.

The Hammer Grinders were inspired by the Danish island of Bornholm and the nature found around the old fortress of Hammershus.

Complete the look with this gorgeous Hammer Decanter also from Skagerak.

More Kitchen Accessories

If you’re looking for more ways to upgrade your kitchen, here are a few more of our favorite minimalist kitchen accessories.

SINGLES Timer, Black

Zone Denmark | SINGLES Timer | Modern Kitchen Timer | Batten Home

We love the thoughtful design behind this minimalist kitchen timer in matte black from Zone Denmark.

Made entirely of metal, this timer is durable. The handle makes it easy to tote around to various parts of the kitchen or wherever else you may need it throughout your home.

This small item makes a statement while also blending into any minimalist kitchen design. If black isn’t your thing, check out the Cool Grey option.

The Peeler

Norman Copenhagen | Modern Minimalist Kitchen Peeler | Batten Home

In addition to being functional and easy-to-use, The Peeler from Normann Copenhagen has a very sleek design perfect for a minimal kitchen. This peeler doesn’t have to be hidden away in a drawer if you have limited space.

The silicone covering makes it comfortable to use, and the self-adjusting stainless steel blade rotates with use, making it perfect for prepping fresh vegetables.

The Pin Peeler

Norman Copenhagen | Modern Minimalist Kitchen Pin Peeler | Batten Home

Normann Copenhagen’s Pin Peeler is a simple and functional kitchen accessory that helps you achieve that minimal kitchen aesthetic all the way down to everyday tools. The sleek shape is complemented by a silicone covering that makes cooking and meal prep easy. 

This pin peeler was designed in collaboration with Jan Christian Delfs, a notable household accessory designer who has won many awards for designs ranging from electronics to manual everyday items such as this minimal peeler.

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