Elevate Your Morning with Modern Coffee + Tea Items from KINTO & Fellow

Take your morning ritual to the next level with these thoughtfully designed coffee and tea essentials 

Here at Batten Home, we’re all about curating pieces that you can love and live with daily. From large furniture pieces to the smallest accessories, there’s always an opportunity to enrich your everyday life through thoughtfully designed items for the modern home.

That’s why we’re swooning over some of the newest additions to our collection: coffee and tea solutions from KINTO and Fellow.

We’ll share the story behind these brands and dive into our favorite items that will elevate your daily coffee and tea rituals!

We invite you to slow down, grab a comforting drink, and see how these brands intend to savor the beauty of a morning coffee/tea ritual.

The Fellow Story

Fellow is a San Francisco-based “handful of nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design.” Fellow believes you should never have to choose between aesthetics and functionality––especially when it comes to coffee––welcoming both coffee connoisseurs and rookies to enjoy the craft of coffee brewing. 

KINTO and Fellow Modern Coffee Products | Batten Home

Fellow started back in 2014 when Jake Miller launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch a beautiful product that brews ridiculously good coffee with the Duo Coffee Steeper. With months of prototypes and almost $200,000 in pre-sales, Jake was able to bring the Fellow brand to life, introducing an entire range of intuitively designed coffee and tea brewing products. Since then, Fellow has been featured in major publications including  Bon Appétit, Design Milk, and Fast Company, earning a Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

The KINTO Story

KINTO is a “Japanese brand aspiring to create products that enrich your everyday life.”

KINTO encourages you to slow down and see the beauty of nature, savor a delightful dish, and “understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands.​” KINTO starts by imagining scenes that enrich your daily life, then develops products that are creative and thoughtful.

KINTO and Fellow Modern Coffee Products | Batten Home

Similar to Fellow, and similar to one of the pillars of Scandinavian design, KINTO seeks to find a balance between usability and aesthetics​. Products that are easy to use “is comforting to all the senses and lead to a growing fondness over time.” 

KINTO was established in 1972 as a tableware wholesaler based in Shiga, Japan. Over time, they began to develop their line of products. Since 2010, KINTO products have been exported worldwide. KINTO works “to deliver products that inspire and give fulfillment with every touch and use.”

Coffee Brewers, Grinders, & Accessories

KINTO and Fellow Modern Coffee Products | Batten Home

Inspired by the sharp lines of an octagon, KINTO’s OCT Brewer features clean lines and a beautiful contour. Subtle details ensure comfort while brewing your ideal cup of coffee. We love its elegant texture and form that comes in both 2-cup and 4-cup options.

KINTO OCT Coffee Jug | Batten Home

The OCT Brewer is designed to pair perfectly with the OCT Coffee Jug, which features a handle that is both sharp yet comfortable to hold. Both sizes are perfect for displaying whenever they’re not in use.

KINTO Brewer Stand Set SCS-S04 | Batten Home

For a complete brewer stand set, turn to KINTO’s Brewer Stand Set SCS-S04. Both the 2-cup and 4-cup options come with a stand, filter, brewer, and server. The height of the stand can be adjusted for brewing into your mug or server. The brewer is porcelain, the stand is stainless steel, and the server is made with heat-resistant glass.

KINTO SCS Coffee Carafe Set | Batten Home

The SCS Coffee Carafe Set is another piece of KINTO’s “slow coffee style” collection, which was “born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with pour-over coffee.” Both sizes come with a filter, and the holder can be used to measure your coffee beans.

KINTO SCS Coffee Measuring Spoon | Batten Home

Made with natural teak wood, the SCS Coffee Measuring Spoon is a beautifully textured piece that makes it easy and attractive to measure just the right amount of coffee beans.

Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder | Batten Home

Grind your coffee beans with ease with Fellow’s Ode Brew Grinder, which is well-loved by many coffee aficionados. The Daily Beast says it’s “a beauty to behold” with its sleek matte black outer. “The grind catcher magnetically aligns, the dial lists numbers going from a finer to a coarser grind, and the lid in the bean filler has suggested numbers for different styles of brews. It’s shockingly quiet...and it automatically turns off once every bean has been ground...all you have to do with this bad boy is sit back, relax, and enjoy perfectly-ground beans every single morning.”

Modern Coffee and Tea Kettles

Both coffee and tea lovers will appreciate the aesthetics and functionality of these two kettles. 

KINTO Pour Over Kettle | Batten Home

KINTO’s Pour Over Kettle is designed “to make coffee brewing a sensory experience.” The spout allows for precise pour control while the handle is comfortable, enabling a smooth pour until the very last drop.

KINTO Pour Over Kettle | Batten Home

It comes in black, white, mirror, and matte.

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle | Batten Home

Do you recognize the sleek shape and matte appearance of the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle? Countless celebrities and influencers make use of this stovetop kettle. Its beautifully functional design kicks your brewing up a notch, featuring a precision pour spout, a built-in brew-range thermometer, and a counterbalanced handle that moves the center of mass back towards your hand. 

Take your drinks on the go with KINTOTumblers

Take your drink of choice wherever you go with these beautifully designed tumblers from KINTO.

KINTO Tumblers - Active Tumbler | Batten Home

Elevate your energy with the Active Tumbler. The straw spout is easy to open and comfortable to drink from while on the move. The tumbler’s wide opening makes it easy to put in ice cubes, and since it’s vacuum-insulated, which means it can keep your drinks nice and cold for up to 6 hours. The elastomer rubber on the bottom reduces impact when placing the tumbler on the floor, which is perfect if you’re always on the go. This 800ml (27oz) BPA-free tumbler comes in white, sand, beige, and black. 

KINTO Tumblers - Day Off Tumbler | Batten Home

The durable stainless steel Day Off Tumbler is made for those relaxing yet active days off. The rounded handle is comfortable to hold, making it perfect for carrying on walks or day trips. Opt for one of the many cheerful colors, inspired by a relaxed beach resort. It’s powder-coated to prevent scratches and feels like drinking out of a glass or mug.

KINTO Tumblers - To Go Tumbler | Batten Home

KINTO’s 240ml To Go Tumbler and 360ml To Go Tumbler can serve many purposes. Whether you’re commuting to work, driving, or relaxing, both tumbler sizes feature minimally structured lids for comfortable drinking and are vacuum-insulated for ideal temperature retention. The rim of the tumbler is smooth, so you don’t have to drink with the lid on if you’re just chilling at home. These cups can be used for hot or cold drinks and come in a variety of earthy and vibrant colors.

KINTO Tumblers - HIBI Tumbler Sets | Batten Home

HIBI means “day to day” in Japanese, which inspired the 220ml and 350ml HIBI tumbler sets. Each set comes with 4 tumblers, featuring a slightly narrowing base that naturally fits your fingers and is comfortable to grip from one day to the next. The high-quality clear glass exudes clarity while the smoky colored variations evoke tranquility. Better yet, they stack for compact storage.

Add a pop of color to your coffee corner with KINTO Vases

We know that you don’t need vases to make a cup of coffee or tea, but we can’t help but show you these beautiful vase designs from KINTO that can add a pop of greenery to your coffee or tea nook.

KINTO Vases - Aqua Culture Vase | Batten Home

The Aqua Culture Vase is intended to inspire you to start a life with plants. Each hydroponic vase––both the small and large size––comes with a plate and a vase. The plate supports growing leaves such as herbs, bulbs like hyacinth, or even seeds like avocado. You can opt to enjoy it as a simple flower vase without the plate. 

KINTO Vases - LUNA Vase | Batten Home

The LUNA Vase is another single-flower vase. This vase, which comes in both small and large sizes, features a brass plate that gently shines as though it is reflecting the moonlight––hence the name LUNA. The plate supports the leaves of plants and is suited for the hydroponic growing of succulents. Just like the Aqua Culture vase, the LUNA’s glass vase can be used on its own to display a small bouquet. The brass will age gracefully over time, adding richness and depth to your interior space.​

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