10 Thoughtfully Designed Tea + Coffee Mugs

Cozy up with modern mugs from Hasami Porcelain, Ferm Living, and KINTO

There’s nothing like cuddling up with a warm drink on a crisp fall day. Take a look at 10 of our favorite thoughtfully designed modern tea and coffee mugs that add a tough of thoughtful design to your everyday life.

Hasami Porcelain Mugs

Nearly 400 years ago, the Japanese town of Hasami in Nagasaki began crafting porcelain ware, distributing beautifully crafted designs throughout Japan and Europe through the port of Nagasaki.

Years later, Takuhiro Shinomoto, a designer based in California, introduced the Hasami Porcelain collection to integrate modern tableware design with the organic quality and craftsmanship of traditional porcelain manufacturing techniques that came out of the Hasami porcelain district.

Hasami Porcelain Mugs and Tableware | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Shinomoto worked for years to develop a propriety blend of materials and processes to merge the very best raw natural resources with traditional Japanese porcelain manufacturing. The production process is complex. Each Hasami Porcelain product is passed to different craftsmen throughout the village of Hasami to complete a specific and specialized step, making each craftsmen especially skilled at one specific role, such as mixing soil and stone, molding, or glazing. This labor structure has existed since Hasami first began to produce porcelain products nearly 400 years ago during the Edo period.

Hasami Porcelain Mugs and Tableware | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Each Hasami Porcelain mug is aesthetically unique because the production process in Hasami is aligned with the four seasons. With each season comes differences in temperature and humidity, which can impact how the redness of the raw soil deepens throughout the clay, or how the glaze runs over the textured surface. Surrendering to the natural elements while retaining quality makes each piece uniquely formed by nature itself.

Hasami Porcelain Mugs and Tableware | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

The result is a modern and aesthetically pleasing collection of tableware with a truly distinct texture. Made with a special blend of natural stone and clay, Hasami Porcelain mugs are soft, comfortable, and natural. Its matte finish adds to the organic experience that perfectly complements your favorite warm drink. We love how Hasami Porcelain mugs are intentionally stackable, making it the perfect everyday solution that stores efficiently while looking beautiful. The stacking concept is similar to Jubako, traditional Japanese lacquered boxes that can be used to serve food.

Hasami Porcelain Mugs and Tableware | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Hasami Porcelain mugs pair perfectly with the Hasami Porcelain Tea Pots and Coffee Drippers, the Hasami Porcelain Sugar Bowls, and the Hasami Porcelain Milk Creamers.

Shop the entire Hasami Porcelain collection.

Ferm Living Mug​​s

Flow Mug - Ferm Living | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Shifting from Japan to the Nordic region, Danish design brand Ferm Living’s Flow tableware collection embraces an imperfect form.

Flow Mug - Ferm Living | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Each piece, including the Flow Mug shown above, has a semi-matte glaze with a black or yellow speckle finish. With its distinct elongated handle, the Flow Mug makes a statement all by itself, elevating a simple moment with a warm drink to an artistic experience. Plus, the handle is easy and comfortable to hold.

Kids Flow Mug - Ferm Living | Modern Tea and Coffee Mugs | Batten Home

Ferm Living created the most two-handled Flow Mug for kids. It’s never too early to show a child beautiful design! Pair these mugs with the Flow Jug, Flow Centerpiece, and assorted Flow tableware for a free flowing and organic looking table arrangement.

Ferm Living - Still Mug Set | Batten Home

Ferm Living’s Still Mug Set pairs beautifully with the bestselling Still Teapot. Each mug is made with mouth blown glass, which means slight bubbles and irregularities are often evident, making each mug uniquely yours. 

Ferm Living - Still Mug Set and Teapot | Batten Home

The Still Glass Teapot features a transparent infuser in a colored glass which makes brewing process the heart of the design. The mug set, which comes in Clear or Smoke glass, feature a large handle in a contrasting color to make it easy to hold hot beverages.

Ferm Living - Sekki Mug | Batten Home

For a clean white look, we love Ferm Living’s Sekki Mug in Cream. Made with beautiful cream-colored glazed clay with tiny grey speckles, the mug has a lovely organic look and feel. Pair it with the Sekki Coffee Pot and the Sekki Coffee Dripper.

Ferm Living - Inlay Ceramic Stoneware Cup and Saucer Set | Batten Home

The Inlay Cup and Saucer is a new addition to the Ferm Living Collection! Its marble-like pattern is made by mixing two tones of clay. This process makes ceramic stoneware cup and saucer unique. The high-gloss glazing is such a lovely finishing touch to this set. We love how the oversized saucer allow splenty of room for a pastry, roll, or fruits to accompany your hot drink!


We absolutely adore Japanese lifestyle brand KINTO’s philosophy that encourages you to slow down and embrace the beauty of everyday life, including your morning coffee or tea ritual.

Take a closer look at the full KINTO collection, or keep scrolling to see some KINTO mugs.

KINTO Collection - Ripple Mug | Batten Home

Just like little waves in a body of water, KINTO’s Ripple Mug brings a tranquil feel to any moment with a hot drink in hand. Each mug is made by a craftsman on a potter’s wheel. The glazes are beautifully transparent and show a delicate expression. The handles fit like a glove, with rims that feel soft on the mouth––like water itself.

SCS-SO3 Mugs - KINTO Slow Coffee Style Collection |  Batten Home

Part of KINTO’s Slow Coffee Style collection, the KINTO SCS-S03 Mug in 320ml and 110ml sizes are designed to help you enjoy a slow and relaxing coffee ritual. Both porcelain mug sizes feature gentle forms, calm tones, and a soothing clay texture. 

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