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Still Teapot


The Still Teapot by Ferm Living is a mouth blown glass teapot based on the traditional way of tea with a focus on simplicity and balance.

This Glass Teapot features a transparent infuser in a colored glass which makes the brewing of tea the heart of the pot, while the matching rounded glass lid beautifully balances on top, as it is designed to spin around itself instead of rolling off the table.

The Glass Teapot makes the perfect teapot and cup set when paired with the Ferm Living Still Mug Set

The Ferm Living Teapot is the perfect Teapot and Infuser for any tea drinker.

Holds 42oz

Dimensions7"H x 6"W x 8.5"D

Quickship: Ships in 1-3 days from our US based warehouse

This unique design is mouth blown and human made. Slight bubbles and irregularities are usually evident and are considered normal and make each teapot unique. 

Key Features:

  • Designed by Trine Anderson
  • Mouth Blown Glass offers unique appearance
  • Glass Teapot features transparent infuser 

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