Chiara LED Table LampChiara LED Table Lamp


Chiara LED Table Lamp

From $774
Spun Table LampSpun Table Lamp


Spun Table Lamp

From $1,346
Ray Table LampRay Table Lamp


Ray Table Lamp

From $1,374
KTribe Table LampKTribe Table Lamp


KTribe Table Lamp

From $1,021
Oblique Table LampOblique Table Lamp


Oblique Table Lamp

From $548
Bon Jour Table LampBon Jour Table Lamp


Bon Jour Table Lamp

From $775
AOY Table LampAOY Table Lamp


AOY Table Lamp

IC T1 High Table LampIC T1 High Table Lamp


IC T1 High Table Lamp

From $676
IC T1 Low Table LampIC T1 Low Table Lamp


IC T1 Low Table Lamp

From $676
IC T2 Table LampIC T2 Table Lamp


IC T2 Table Lamp

From $816
Taccia Table LampTaccia Table Lamp


Taccia Table Lamp

From $2,172
Kaiser Idell Table LampKaiser Idell Table Lamp

Fritz Hansen

Kaiser Idell Table Lamp

PM-02 Table LampPM-02 Table Lamp

Fritz Hansen

PM-02 Table Lamp

From $301
Cono Table LampCono Table Lamp


Cono Table Lamp

From $579
Lucie KaasMoonbeam Table Lamp - Batten HomeLucie KaasMoonbeam Table Lamp - Batten Home

Lucie Kaas

Moonbeam Table Lamp

From $400
Lotus LanternLotus Lantern

Design House Stockholm

Lotus Lantern

Block LampBlock Lamp

Design House Stockholm

Block Lamp

Ferm LivingRest Table Lamp - Batten HomeFerm LivingRest Table Lamp - Batten Home

Ferm Living

Rest Table Lamp

NJP Mini Table LampNJP Mini Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

NJP Mini Table Lamp

PH 2/1 Table LampPH 2/1 Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Table Lamp

From $1,085
PH 2/1 Portable Table LampPH 2/1 Portable Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Portable Table Lamp

From $1,520
Dae Table LampDae Table Lamp

Ferm Living

Dae Table Lamp

Nova Table LampNova Table Lamp


Nova Table Lamp

From $599
Set Table LampSet Table Lamp


Set Table Lamp

Dedicate Table LampDedicate Table Lamp


Dedicate Table Lamp

From $599
Cellu Table LampCellu Table Lamp

Normann Copenhagen

Cellu Table Lamp




AJ Mini Anniversary EditionAJ Mini Anniversary Edition

Louis Poulsen

AJ Mini Anniversary Edition

PH 3/2 Pale Rose Table LampPH 3/2 Pale Rose Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 3/2 Pale Rose Table Lamp

VL Studio Table/Floor LampVL Studio Table/Floor Lamp

Louis Poulsen

VL Studio Table/Floor Lamp

From $485

Recently viewed

Sculptural Table Lamps

Most modern table lamps have a sculptural element, which adds visual interest while providing a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. While these contemporary table lamps feature a range of materials and styles, they are all bound to spark conversation.

Ferm Living Table Lamps

The Oyster Table Lamp from Ferm Living features organic curves inspired by oyster shells. The Vuelta Table Lamp is a sculptural design reminiscent of ancient columns. We love the ripple texture and the soft glow that comes from this graphic light. Use it in the bedroom, living room, or an entryway to add mood lighting.

FLOS Table Lamps

The Biagio Marble Table Lamp is a modern table lamp carved seamlessly from a single piece of Carrara marble. Copycat Table Lamp is true to its name, where a smaller sphere lives in shadow and light of a larger sphere. Serena Table Lamp resembles a leaf blowing in the wind, featuring a dynamic reflector that can be adjusted as needed for precise lighting. Gatto Table Lamp, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1960, has a soft and unique appearance, named after the Italian word for cat since the lamp is at home atop any table. The AOY Table Lamp is another design by Achille Castiglioni inspired by his love for cats. The clear glass stem has an opening at the bottom, intentionally designed as a warm resting place for a cat while also offering visual distinction. The Chiara LED Table Lamp is formed from a single sheet of polished stainless steel, which is cut and rolled into a cylinder. The lighting source is hidden at the base of the origami-like piece, which is reflected and diffused by the 'hat,' which resembles the wimple and veil of a nun.

Even More Sculptural & Contemporary Table Lamps To Love

Designed by American mid-century designer Paul McCobb, the Fritz Hansen PM-02 Table Lamp is a simple yet sculptural design that is practical and beautiful. Opt for the untreated solid brass base and watch the brass patinate beautifully over time.

The Ghost Table Lamp from WOUD is a fresh take on antique portable oil lamps. Designed in collaboration with Studio Kowalewski, the distinct shape of this lamp resembles that of a friendly ghost. We love how the vertical grooves on the surface of the opal glass lampshade emphasizes the unique structure.

The award-winning Block Lamp from Design House Stockholm appears to be a sculpture of a light bulb frozen in a block of ice. The lamp, which is part of MoMA's permanent collection, is a true conversation starter.

Bedside Table Lamps

While practically all table lamps can work beisde the bed, some designs are particularly suited for the place where you rest.

The Dew Table/Wall Lamp consists of a flowing opal glass resting on a solid wood tray. The shape of the shade is inspired by early morning dew laying on leaves. We love how it can function as a wall or table lamp. Place it on your nightstand and use the tray for trinkets, or hang it on the wall beside your bed to provide light without needing an electrical supply or taking up any room on your nightstand.

Similar to Dew, the Moonbeam Table Lamp by Lucie Kaas features an optional hook, making it possible to display the lamp on the wall and interact with it. We love this as a bedside lamp, since you can interact with it if more light is needed for reading, while saving room on your nightstand.

The graphical Tangent Table Lamp from WOUD, designed in collaboration with Frederik Kurzweg, is a minimal design that makes a statement, with two simple steel tubes meeting at a tangent. The smaller tube houses the electrical elements while the larger tube serves as the lampshade.

The Hebe Lamp Bases from Ferm Living are a bold and artistic approach to the traditional lamp silhouette. The ceramic base hids the electrical components and other elements, with a matte, coarse, and light finish initially sculpted by hand. Pair with the Eclipse Shades, which come in various heights and textiles, for warm and comforting illumination in the bedroom.

Portable Table Lamps

Portable table lamps are an energy efficient option that can be moved wherever you need a light. Some are suitable for outdoor use, which is perfect for an outdoor dining or lounge space at home, or in a commercial dining space.

The FLOS Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp casts a sleek and pure light that offers a customization element by "dressing" it with a fabric crown, which comes in transparent, yellow, amber, fumée, natural rattan and plissé (pleated) fabric. The body comes in white, chrome, matte chrome, and copper.

The Snowball LED Table Lamp from Spring Copenhagen resembles a glow-in-the-dark snowball. With a mouth-blown opal glass shade and Beech wood base, it's portable and easy to charge. We love it as a lamp in a child's bedroom, or a playful piece that moves around with you wherever you need it.

Portable Table Lamps for Outdoor Use

Originally designed for a restaurant at the Four Seasons in New York City, the FLOS Last Order Rechargeable Indoor/Outdoor Table Lamp has a transparent crystal base with a top that comes in a variety of metal and color finishes. This portable lamp, rechargeable via a USB port, can last anywhere from 6 to 24 hours on a single charge depending on the level of power via the 3-step dimmer.

Originally designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for the London Design Museum, the Bellhop Portable LED Table Lamp from FLOS is a popular pick for portability and ease of use. Use the push-button switch of this modern table lamp to adjust the lighting between 4 options, and check the status of the battery with the indicator found at the base of the lamp.

Desk Lamps & Task Lighting

A task lamp is essential for an office space.

The Tab Table Lamp is one of the most popular contemporary table lamps from FLOS due to its pure functionality. The adjustable head can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction to provide non-dimmable and direct light for working. The Kelvin LED Green Mode Lamp is another great desk lamp option, providing direct lighting with a double pantograph arm and adjustable head. We love how its built-in daylight sensor automatically adjusts the light based on the brightness of your work table. For a more classic look, opt for the Goldman Desk & Table Lamp, a contemporary take on the classic banker's lamp, with a USB port built into the base to charge devices while you work.

The Kaiser Idell Table Lamp from Fritz Hansen is a notable symbol of the Bauhaus design movement, with a patented swivel joint and signature dome, perfect for any office space.

The playful Cono Table Lamp from WOUD is named after the mathematical form conoid, a reference to how this lamp emits a conical shaped spotlight, perfect for office tables.