New Works

Tense Portable Table Lamp


Airy and flowy shapes come to life with the New Works Tense Portable Table Lamp. Designed by Panter & Tourron as part of the Tense lighting series that explores the aspects of material tension, Tense features a cloud-like shade that softly diffuses light and has a sculptural feel. The shade, made from Tyvek, is soft yet resembles the look of crisp paper, adding texture and tactility while also being a durable, class 1 flame retardant, and 100% recyclable material. When illuminated, Tense has an enticing crinkled texture that is enhanced by the play of light and shadow. The Tense Portable Table Lamp rests in a nearly vertical position on its streamlined base. Charge the lamp with the included magnetic charging cable which attaches seamlessly to the base and can remain attached without disturbing the look of the lamp. Adjust the color temperature or brightness with the touch of the finger on top of the base.

Operating Time: 10-11 hours (at 100% brightness)

Also Available: Tense Pendant | Tense Wall Lamp

New Works is a design house founded by Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik that pays homage to Scandinavian design tradition through exceptional craftsmanship and materiality The curated collection is the intersection of old and new, featuring elevated yet accessible objects, furniture, and lighting. Find care and intent behind every design born out of experimental design processes in collaboration with designers and artists from around the world. New Works is true to its name, providing a place for new works through new forms, materials, and textures.

Dimensions: 13.4"L x 16.9"H x 2.8"W

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 1-2 weeks. 

Material: Steel, Tyvek

Care Instructions: Wipe with a soft dry or moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools or strong cleaning agents like household glass cleaner, bleach, or turpentine.

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