Taccia Table Lamp - Small


A design classic from 1962, Achille Castiglioni created the Taccia Table Lamp as "the Mercedes of Lamps, a sign of success."

The Small Taccia Table Lamp is a more compact option, approximately half the size of the original design.

Also Available: Taccia Table Lamp

It has a painted aluminum reflector that is gloss white on the inside and matte white on the outside. The diffuser is transparent blown glass and can change direction. The body is available in matte black, anodized bronze, or silver. The base is nickel-plated ABS and PC (polycarbonate). The black electric cord includes a dimmer switch to customize light between 10-100%. 

Material: Aluminum, ABS, PC, Glass

Dimensions: 19.1"H x 14.7" Dia | Base: 7.8"H x 5.6" Dia | Black Cord: 74.80" 

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 7-10 days

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