Kelvin Edge Table Lamp


The Kelvin Edge Table Lamp features exclusive  Edge Lighting Technology™ that offers direct light for focused work at a desk. This lamp has an aluminum-painted or chromed body with a die-cast head, joints, forks, and extruded arms. The lamp's head has an optical switch sensor to provide three dimming levels as well as color temperature adjustment at 2700K or 3200K. 

The Kelvin Edge is a more petite version of the Kelvin LED Green Mode Table Lamp. It offers various models to best suit your needs: a standard base, a desk support with a hidden cable, a desk support with a visible cable, an edge clamp, or a wall arm.

"Products are ever more surprising from a technical standpoint as their size gets smaller and smaller,” says designer Antonio Citterio. “Through highly sophisticated work of miniaturization on the details, [this design] is increasingly aligned with the evolution of aesthetic perception in our time.”

See all designs from the Kelvin LED family here.

Material: Aluminum, Polycarbonate

Dimensions: 16.3"H x 18.6"W | Base: 5.9"W | Diffuser: 3.3"W | 59" Cord 

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-7 days

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