The Flos Bilboquet Table Lamp is a modern LED bulb lamp featuring an adjustable head for direct lighting. The body is crafted from a unique pigmented polycarbonate sourced from a by-product of paper production rather than from petroleum. Its adjustability is facilitated by a steel sphere treated with a protective layer deposited in PVD. With a cable length of 6.5 feet, it offers flexibility in placement, and the cable can be securely adjusted and locked in place via a special slit in the lamp's base. Designed in accordance with ISCC standards, the lamp is assembled without any glued components, ensuring it can be easily disassembled for future recycling.

“Simple in appearance but full of personality, Bilboquet is an adjustable table lamp that allows you to direct light in a playful yet precise manner. Taking cues from magnetic ball joints, Bilboquet offers a full range of movement for a variety of functions. Whether used as a task light on a desk, or to provide a soft glow against a wall, or directed at a good book, Bilboquet shines light where it is needed.” - Philippe Malouin

Dimensions: 8"H x 4.1"W Cord Length: 78.7"

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 3-5 days

Lamp Source: LED Bulb included

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