Spun Table Lamp


Designed in 2003 by English Designer Sebastian Wong, The design of the Flos Spun Table Lamp was an exploration in combining modern manufacturing technology cwith elegance, craftsmanship, and dynamic fluid aesthetics.

Available in 2 sizes, the Spun Table Lamp's main body has a spun metal frame and diffuser. The diffuser support arms and lamp-holder support are die-cast aluminum. 

With 3 color options, the Spun Table Lamp provides beautiful diffused light perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or even commercial settings.

The Flos Spun Table Lamp is the perfect option for minimal interiors and modern environments. 

Also Available: Flos Spun Floor Lamp


Medium T1: 22.6"H | Base: 10.4"dia | Shade: 15.35" Dia.

Large T2: 26.8"H | Base: 12.1"dia | Shade: 17.7"Dia. 

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Bulb Included

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