Snoopy Table Lamp

$1,453.50 $1,615

Original debuted in 1967, the Snoopy Table lamp was re-introduced by Flos in 2003 with updated technology for today's modern needs.

A playful design that showcases premium materials and a unique, iconic appearance, The Snoopy Table lamps offers sophisticated aesthetics that's certain to elevate any interior.

Originally designed by the Castiglioni brothers, the updated version features an advanced touch-sensor dimmer which updated the original design's knob mechanism - a cutting-edge innovation at the time.

Available in Black or Green, The Flos Snoopy Table Lamp provides direct light through a thick glass disk and an enameled reflector, both resting in perfect balance on a white marble base.

Dimensions: 15.51"W X 14.5"H 

In Stock: Typically Ships in 7-10 days 

1x72W BT-15 ECO halogen bulb included

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