Patera Pendant LampPatera Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Patera Pendant Lamp

From $1,162
Moser Pendant LampMoser Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Moser Pendant Lamp

From $750
Wohlert Pendant LampWohlert Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Wohlert Pendant Lamp

From $1,025
Toldbod Glass Pendant LampToldbod Glass Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Toldbod Glass Pendant Lamp

From $635
Enigma Pendant LampEnigma Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Enigma Pendant Lamp

From $1,205
PH 3-2½ BollardPH 3-2½ Bollard

Louis Poulsen

PH 3-2½ Bollard

PH 3-2½ Wall SconcePH 3-2½ Wall Sconce

Louis Poulsen

PH 3-2½ Wall Sconce

Bysted Garden LED Long BollardBysted Garden LED Long Bollard

Louis Poulsen

Bysted Garden LED Long Bollard

From $660
Bysted Garden LED Short BollardBysted Garden LED Short Bollard

Louis Poulsen

Bysted Garden LED Short Bollard

From $605
Flindt LED Outdoor Wall LampFlindt LED Outdoor Wall Lamp

Louis Poulsen

Flindt LED Outdoor Wall Lamp

From $880
VL 56 PendantVL 56 Pendant

Louis Poulsen

VL 56 Pendant

From $895
NJP Mini Table LampNJP Mini Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

NJP Mini Table Lamp

PH 2/1 Table LampPH 2/1 Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Table Lamp

From $1,085
PH 2/1 Portable Table LampPH 2/1 Portable Table Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Portable Table Lamp

From $1,520
PH 3/3 Pendant LampPH 3/3 Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 3/3 Pendant Lamp

From $1,410
PH 5/5 Pendant LampPH 5/5 Pendant Lamp

Louis Poulsen

PH 5/5 Pendant Lamp

From $1,930

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Enlightened Spaces

Louis Poulsen Lighting, Table Lamps, & More

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is much more than just a Danish lighting manufacturer. It's a living testament to the timeless quality of Scandinavian design, where form dutifully follows function. With products ranging from table lamps to sophisticated outdoor lighting solutions, Louis Poulsen has a wide variety that caters to every lighting need. Explore our Louis Poulsen design company products now available for sale in the USA!

At the heart of the Louis Poulsen collection lies a profound understanding of the rhythm of natural light. This understanding is finely reflected in its assorted lighting solutions. From 1/12–23 sized lamps fitting neatly into cosy corners to larger 1/3–8 dimensioned lighting systems that illuminate vast spaces; the company’s offerings are as diverse as they are visually stunning. Every product is a delicate harmony of design, light, and the space it lights up - a combination that transforms a fleeting moment into a cherished memory.

The excellence of Louis Poulsen’s creations is largely attributable to the company's close partnerships with designers, architects, and other creative talents. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with grandmasters like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato, and Louise Campbell; Louis Poulsen’s table lamps are not just a manifestation of unrivalled craftsmanship. They are a vision of these legendary designers brought to life. AJ Floor lamps, for instance, stand as a testament to Arne Jacobsen’s exceptional vision and talent.

Always evolving and innovating, Louis Poulsen has transformed the way we perceive lighting. From being just functional tools to emerging as decorative elements adding ambiance to any room, the manufacturer's lights envelop spaces in their warm, soothing glow, elevating everyday living. Lamp collections like the 1/6–13 range have subtly redefined lighting aesthetics, setting benchmarks in the lighting industry.

Whether it's for commercial or residential environments, Louis Poulsen's products make a significant contribution to any architectural project. As key global suppliers, the scope of their influence extends from interior spaces to outdoor environments. From 0/4–18 sized outdoor lighting solutions adding charm to your patios and gardens, to smaller yet equally captivating table lamps that enhance indoor spaces - their range is extensive.

Through the years, Louis Poulsen has established itself as a frontrunner in the lighting industry. Its commitment to the Scandinavian design tradition and partnerships with iconic designers have led to the creation of a distinctive and diverse portfolio of lighting solutions. These are not just fixtures, they are interpretations of light itself, as seen through the lens of the company’s rich heritage and innovative vision.