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Patera Pendant Lamp

$1,366 $1,608

Designed by Oivind Slaato, the spherical Patera pendant emits a soft pleasant light from its intricate design. The structure of the lamp ensures that the light is glare-free from above 45 degrees while also casting an upward radiance to illuminate the ceiling and add further ambiance. Each cell of the pattern shapes the light by creating soft transitions between direct and reflected light, emphasizing its radiant spherical form.

"Patera was born of my fascination with the Fibonacci sequence. You can find the spiral pattern wherever you look in nature - in the seed formation in sunflowers and pine cones - and it has previously inspired Leonardo da Vinci, Johan Sebastian Bach and many other great artists from history. Patera is intended to serve as a modern chandelier - a light that unifies the space and makes any room a more human place to spend time in" - designer Oivind Slaatto

Material: White synthetic material

Dimensions: Small: 17.7" Dia x 17.1"H | Medium: 23.6" x 22.7"H | Large: 35.4" Dia x 34.1"H  | requires 1x100W (small pendant) or 1x200W /A-23 /IF medium bulb | LED version includes 44W, 65W or 97W, 2700 or 3000K LEDs | dim 0-10V

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 7-14 days

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