Louis Poulsen

Flindt Garden LED Short Bollard


The Flint Garden LED Short Bollard emits a wide downward directed glare-free light. The light source rests at the top inside the asymmetric carving on the side of the bollard, where the gradient serves as a reflector that softens the light and forms a pleasant organic shape on the ground below.

Designed by Christian Flindt, an architect and designer that emphasizes communication between people through furniture design that inspires new connections. Christian Flindt began working with Louis Poulsen in 2006 on multiple award-winning designs. 

Also Available: Flindt Garden LED Long Bollard

Dimensions: Short 2"W x 13.6"H x 2"L | Long 2"dia x 27.4"H

Material: Top: Cast aluminum. Reflector part: Cast aluminum. Post: Extruded aluminum. Base plate: Cast aluminum.

Shipping Info: On order. Ships in 6-8 weeks

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