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Cirque Pendant Lamp


Designer Clara von Zweigbergk was inspired to design the Cirque Pendants after a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is full of carousels, cotton candy makers, and other "whirls and twirls." When the object spins fast, colors merge into horizontal bands of color. Cirque comes in four color combinations, one extremely colorful and the other three slightly more subdued, and three sizes. The medium-based socket allows the lamp to be used with a wide range of light sources including LED models, allowing you to choose the best light source for color rendering and light temperature in a room.

The fixture provides a downward glare-free soft light by means of the white lacquered inner reflector.

Style them individually for a dash of color, or suspend clusters together above a table or in a corner. Use it in kitchens, children's bedrooms, or commercial dining spaces. It's easy to clean, decorative when not lit, and provides atmospheric lighting.

"I don't mind at all if - sitting in their kitchens - people look up and start thinking of hot-air balloons and carousels" - designer Clara von Zweigbergk

Material: Spun aluminum, powder-coated

Dimensions: Small: 5.9" Dia x 7.4"H | Medium: 9" Dia x 11.6"H | Large: 15" Dia x 18.8"H

Small requires 1x25W /A19 medium or LED bulb, Medium requires 1x60W or 25W /A-19 medium or LED bulb, Large requires 1x100W or 60W /A-19 medium or LED bulb

Shipping Info: Typically Ships in 3-7 days

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