Louis Poulsen

Keglen Wall


Keglen Wall, a collaboration between BIG Ideas and Louis Poulsen since 2017, aims for simplicity and uniqueness in its design, focusing on light geometry. Originating from a pendant for Denmark's Tirpitz Museum, the lamp's galvanized finish mirrors the museum's architectural finesse and blends with the West Jutland landscape. This collaboration evolved into the Keglen family, featuring lamps with consistent geometric themes but unique personalities. The Keglen Wall, an extension of this family, shares the cone-shaped shade of its pendant counterpart, angled for architectural elegance and effective light distribution. Its adjustable shade and dual mounting options offer flexibility in directing light.

Also Available: Keglen Floor, Keglen Table

Light Source: LED 2700-2000K D2W 8.5W │ LED 3000K 8.5W

Dimensions: 6.9"W x 5.6"H x 7.4"L

Shipping Info: Typically ships in 6-10 days


  • Shade: Spun aluminum.
  • Diffusor: Injection molded PC

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