Here's What You Need To Style A Minimalist Bar Cart

4 simple steps for styling a bar cart for a minimalist aesthetic

A minimalist bar cart makes a lovely addition to an open living area or dining area.

Whether you host gatherings often or just like the look of a a minimalist bar cart in your space, we think it's a great addition to any dining or living room. 

Find our minimal 4-step solution for styling a bar cart inspired by timeless Danish design principles utilizing some of Batten Home's favorite glassware and accessories. 

Step 1: Select a versatile bar cart

The bar cart is the foundation of your entire look. 

Your bar cart should provide you with a blank canvas––smooth lines, neutral coloring, and carefully selected materials––giving you the freedom to switch up how you style and use the cart as your needs change over time. 

We’ll share two of our favorite minimal bar carts that can also function as side tables or additional storage if you decide to switch it up one day.

The Block Table by Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen is the very essence of minimal Scandinavian design. 

minimalist bar cart styling | Normann Copenhagen Block Table | Batten Home Danish Design

Danish designer Simon Legald was inspired by the classic trolley cart when crafting this popular and playful piece. We love the rounded shape found on both the trays and the legs. Its minimalist design invites you to use it in a variety of ways, and it can be used from all four sides. If white is your preferred neutral, you’ll love the all-white option, or you could opt to add in some warmth with the natural Ash wood legs.

Another favorite is the Bauhaus Trolley from Kristina Dam, a Danish design studio that has mastered the art of Nordic minimalism through a collection of functional and sculptural modern furniture and decor.

minimalist bar cart styling | Kristina Dam Bauhaus Trolley | Batten Home Danish Design

Kristina Dam was inspired by graphic Bauhaus art when designing this powder-coated metal piece that comes in both white and black, resulting in a light yet highly graphic moveable table that embraces the mantra less is more. The top tray is made from a hardened glass while the lower tray is made of perforated steel that matches the coloring, resulting in a minimal yet functional look––ready to style as a bar cart!

Step 2: Add a tray 

With your minimalist bar cart set in place, it’s time to add a bit more structure to the cart with a simple and minimal tray. We love the look of a natural wood tray––take your pick of our favorites.

minimalist bar cart styling | No.10 Tray Skagerak | Batten Home Danish Design

The Skagerak No. 10 Tray from Danish Design brand Skagerak is a beautiful collection of solid oak trays in 3 sizes that rest perfectly within one another. This minimal tray design was inspired by the original Japanese banjyu trays, used to transport and serve the traditional confection manjū. The name, No.10, is a play on words based on the pronunciation of ban and jyu. We love the idea of styling one tray on the top tier of your bar cart and another tray on the bottom. 

minimalist bar cart styling | Platform Tray - MUUTO | Batten Home Danish Design

This Platform Tray from Danish design brand Muuto is such a stunning and functional piece with endless year-round uses. The design is inspired by both Scandinavian and Japanese minimalism. We love the soft and rounded look that balances out the highly graphic lines of a bar cart (like the Bauhaus Trolley). If you want to bring in some muted colors to your minimalist bar cart look, this tray has several great color options. It’s styled here alongside Muuto’s Corky CarafePair this piece with the matching glasses to add levels to your tray grouping.

minimalist bar cart styling | Fionia Tray - Skagerak | Batten Home Danish Design

The Fionia Tray was Skagerak’s first-ever tray, designed back in 1986. Clearly, this iconic design is timeless, looking just as modern as it did back in the day. This is the type of tray that can be styled in different ways as you see fit. It makes for a great serving tray if you plan to bring the party outdoors!

minimalist bar cart styling | Norr Tray - Skagerak | Batten Home Danish Design

Another favorite from Skagerak is the Norr Tray. This solid oak tray is complemented by natural leather handles. The black painted oak option is perfect if you’re looking to add more black accents to your bar cart style.

For more tray inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite modern and attractive serving trays, or shop all trays here.

Step 3: Style with glassware 

Glassware is a key element to styling a bar cart––even if you aren’t using it as a bar. Beautiful glassware can enhance the experience of preparing mocktails, flavored iced tea, or infused water.

 minimalist bar cart styling | Ferm Living Ripple Glassware - Champagne Glasses | Batten Home Danish Design

The well-loved Ripple Glassware Collection from Danish design brand Ferm Living is a great way to add texture via glassware elements. Each glass is mouth-blown with a unique ripple effect that results in an iridescent play of light and textures as you drink. Highlighted above are the Champagne Glasses, which also come in smoked grey.

minimalist bar cart styling | Ferm Living Ripple Glassware - Carafe and Glasses | Batten Home Danish Design

Each piece in this collection would look perfect styled atop a tray on a bar cart––we especially love the addition of the Ripple Carafe, which adds height to a grouping of glassware.

minimalist bar cart styling | Ferm Living - Still Carafe and Glasses | Batten Home Danish Design

The Still Carafe and matching glasses are also from Ferm Living. We love the striking spherical tinted glass topper, creating a work of art out of a fully functional vessel for serving water, juice, or whatever else suits your mood. 

minimalist bar cart styling | Ferm Living - Brus Carafe | Batten Home Danish Design

The Brus Carafe is yet another functional statement piece from Ferm Living, this time with a unique texture. The bubbled service of this vessel is organically formed by air pockets that develop as the mouth-blown glass is layered. We love the asymmetrical shape and the attention to detail with a small indent for easy gripping while serving. 

minimalist bar cart styling | Hammer Decanter - Skagerak | Batten Home Danish Design

This beautiful glass Hammer Decanter was designed by Danish architect Christoffer Harlang. Harlang was inspired by the Danish island of Bornholm and the nature around the old fortress of Hammershus, hence the name. Its long neck makes it easy to pour. You could even use it for flowers to add a pop of color to your bar cart!

minimalist bar cart styling | Capsule Glass and Carafe Set - Kristina Dam | Batten Home Danish Design

We also love this gorgeous set of minimal glasses from Kristina Dam. Each set comes with 4 elegant, handblown glasses that are carefully designed to last for years to come. The clear glass is shaped to resemble a capsule and comes in two sizes. We recommend grouping several sizes together on the top tier of your bar cart. There’s a matching carafe, too!

Step 4: Final touches

Now, our favorite part of minimal bar cart styling: final touches! Use minimal design objects and accessories––such as vases, sculptures, or even modern plant pots––to add detail, texture, and visual interest to both tiers of your bar cart.

We recommend styling items in groups of 3 or 5, with multiple levels and neutral tones, for the best minimal effect that doesn’t look too busy.

minimalist bar cart styling | Ridge Vase - Muuto | Batten Home Danish Design

We can’t get enough of this textured off-white Ridge Vase from Danish design brand Muuto. It looks beautiful when styled with or without flowers, making it the perfect addition to a bar cart.

minimalist bar cart styling | Muses Vases - Ferm Living | Batten Home Danish Design

The Muses Vase Collection consists of glazed ceramic vases with a rough expression that balances the refined grooves of each shape. Select your favorite shape to pair alongside glassware on your tray, or select a few to group together on the lower tier of your bar cart.

minimalist bar cart styling | Mus Plant Pots - Ferm Living | Batten Home Danish Design

These adorable little pots are a subtle yet playful way to add a pop of green to your bar cart. Mus is Danish for mouse, which inspired the pointy nose and the ears, which serve as handles.

minimalist bar cart styling | Dual Vases - Kristina Dam | Batten Home Danish Design

The soft and earthy Dual Vase collection from Kristina Dam is one of our favorite centerpiece ideas. We especially love the small ocher vase to add a warm neutral to your minimal bar cart style.

minimalist bar cart styling | Olufemi Minimalist Concrete Sculpture - COOEE Design | Batten Home Danish Design

This minimal concrete sculpture from COOEE Design is just the right size to add to your bar cart. It adds a human element to your look, balanced by the beautiful and natural rough concrete material used to sculpt this cubist inspired work of art.

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