15 Minimal & Modern Centerpiece Ideas

Vases and design objects that work great as centerpieces and throughout the home

Looking for unique centerpiece ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

This list includes 15 modern centerpiece ideas that can work all yearround. There’s no need to buy an item that stays in storage 364 days a year.

What we love about the minimal vases, modern candle holders, and unique design objects carefully curated here is how each piece can work in different spaces throughout the home.

You can also group them together or use an item as a single statement piece.

Keep reading to discover these modern centerpiece ideas.

MUUTO Ridge Vase

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Ridge Vase | MUUTO | Batten Home

The Ridge Vase is where sculptural design meets function. It comes in two colors, Off-White and Terracotta. We love both sizes, and this textured statement piece looks beautiful when styled with or without flowers. We especially appreciate the dent in the design that makes it easier for single stems to stand on their own, and also acts as a handle when moving it around the house.

Kristina Dam Dome Vase Collection

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Dome Vase Collection | Kristina Dam Studio | Batten Home

Each piece in Kristina Dam’s Dome Vase collection is designed to complement one another. Whether you choose to style them individually or create a vignette with varying sizes, the Dome Vase is sure to be admired and works perfectly as a minimal centerpiece that works on a variety of table sizes.

Dome Vase Extra Small | Dome Vase Small | Dome Vase Medium | Dome Vase Large

Kristina Dam Dual Vase Collection

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Dual Vase Collection | Kristina Dam Studio | Batten Home

Featuring 3 different sized vases each made of thick hand-blown glass, this soft and earthy collection complements each other beautifully. We love how they can work as a group on a table or alone if you’re limited on space.

Dual Vase Large Sand | Dual Vase Medium Cream | Dual Vase Small Ocher

COOEE Design Ball Vase + Ollie Sculpture in Limestone

Modern Centerpiece Ideas | COOEE Design | Batten Home

COOEE Design’s signature Ball Vase makes for a striking standalone centerpiece, with or without flowers. We love the look of the 20cm White Ball Vase paired with the Ollie minimalist sculpture in natural limestone.

Ball Vase - White 20cm | Ollie Sculpture - Limestone

COOEE Design Pillar Vase + Olufemi Sculpture in Graphite

Modern Centerpiece Ideas | COOEE Design | Batten Home

Another great design pairing from COOEE that makes for a great centerpiece idea for a coffee table: the 32cm Pillar Vase in Sand paired with the Olufemi sculpture in graphite.

Pillar Vase - Sand 32cm | Olufemi Sculpture - Graphite

Ferm Living Muses Vase Collection

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Muses Vase Collection | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Muses Vases from Ferm Living have a timeless yet contemporary expression that invites conversation when placed at the center of a table. Each piece in the collection has a unique shape that fuses the future with a nod to the past in the little details. A few other Ferm Living pieces are pictured here and linked below.

From left to right: Muses Vase - Calli | Muses Vase - Talia | Muses Vase - Era | Ferm Living - Bendum Vase | Ferm Living - Shell Pot

Ferm Living Vulca Vase Large

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Vulca Vase Large | Ferm Living | Batten Home

The Vulca Vase is another gorgeous piece from Danish design brand Ferm Living. Inspired by the organic form of volcanic bedrock, this vase speaks for itself while also glazed and ready for flower arrangements or single branches. As you can see, it doesn’t need anything to make a statement. Its off-white stony glaze adds texture to any table.

Skagerak Edge Vase Collection

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Edge Vase Collection | Skagerak | Batten Home

We love the warmth that these matte Terracotta vases add to a table. The minimal design of each piece is inspired by an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship. With three sizes, this collection is designed to work together as a cluster or alone with nothing more than a simple branch or stem.

Edge Vase 16 | Edge Vase 20 | Edge Vase 25

Menu Troll Vase - Amber

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Troll Vase - Amber | Menu | Batten Home

These handblown glass vases from Menu were initially designed to study the properties of glass and how the intensity of color changes depending on the thickness. The result is this unique set of vases that change in thickness, from a solid colored base to a thin transparent bubble-like top. With three different sizes, you can choose to use just the Extra Large size as a centerpiece or group them all together to add visual interest.

Menu Troll Vase - Smoke

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Troll Vase - Smoke | Menu | Batten Home

The Troll Vases are also available in a smoke color. The name comes from a painting by the famed Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen, depicting a mythological water spirit, Nøkken, rising from the dark waters of a forest pond. We love styling the Extra Large vase with a single stem paired with the smaller sizes.

Ferm Living Candle Holder Circle (small)

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Brass Circle Candle Holder | Ferm Living | Batten Home

This gorgeous brass candle holder can be displayed as a minimalist focal point in your home throughout the year. This design allows you to decorate it with seasonal ornaments or foliage during special occasions, making it the perfect centerpiece idea for Thanksgiving that you’ll end up using throughout the year. It’s also available in a sharp black brass material.

Ferm Living Bow Candle Holder

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Bow Marble Candle Holder | Ferm Living | Batten Home

This half-circle candle holder is a very unique design, taking the sturdiness of marble into a very modern and geometric shape. It makes for a gorgeous centerpiece that could also work nicely on a coffee table or windowsill. Shown here is the white marble, but there’s also a black marble option.

Ferm Living Bowl Candle Holder Ceramic Large

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Bowl Ceramic Candle Holder | Ferm Living | Batten Home

This unique ceramic candle holder for Ferm Living is simply gorgeous. The design allows you to use the bowl to display decorative objects made even more beautiful by the light of the candles surrounding it. The raw natural ceramic adds a grainy, organic texture that is perfect as a modern yet soft centerpiece idea.

Kristina Dam Dash Candlestick Holder

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Geometric Candle Holder | Dash Candlestick Holder | Kristina Dam Studio | Batten Home

This candlestick holder by Kristina Dam Studio is inspired by the German Bauhaus Movement. When the candles are lit, the geometric lines and matte black powder-coated metal cast striking patterns on the walls that would add ambiance when used as a centerpiece. We recommend styling your table with two of these unique pieces.

Menu Duca Candleholder

Modern Centerpiece Ideas - Duca Adjustable Candle Holder | Menu | Batten Home

Last but certainly not least is the Duca Candleholder from Menu. The name stems from the Latin meaning of the word “Duca” which is to “extend.” Although it may appear like a classic bronzed brass candleholder, you can adjust the height to suit your style. We love the details of the rattan wrapped around the lower half. This candle holder is also available in polished brass. We recommend getting a few and styling them at different heights as an elegant centerpiece.

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