The Ripple Effect of Ferm Living’s Ripple Glasses

Mouth-blown glassware made with love

The Ripple Glassware collection made ripples in the design world as soon as it was introduced by Ferm Living. A well-loved favorite by influencers and minimalist design lovers, the distinct Ripple design can be found all over social media.

When it comes to the Ripple Glassware collection, there is so much more than meets the eye. 

As Ferm Living Founder and Creative Director Trine Andersen says: “A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens.”


Join us as we take a deep dive into Ferm Living’s iconic Ripple Glasses.

The Ripple Effect: How It’s Made

While you may be able to find aesthetically pleasing Ripple glassware dupes, no dupe will give you the true “Ripple Effect” that makes the original Ripple Glass Set so popular. Here’s why.

Each and every piece is mouth-blown and handmade with love in a Chinese factory situated in the Shanxi Province. The family-run factory has over 40 years of experience in the field and is the first of its kind to make glassware in this way.

Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

The factory carefully sources raw materials from local suppliers to ensure high purity and minimal flaws. It starts by blowing liquid glass into a mold by puffing air through a long, thin pipe, all while rotating, inflating, and swinging the pipe in a particular way that controls the temperature and how much air is incorporated into the glass. Once cooled, a laser cuts the rim, and a special tool grinds down sharp edges. 

Before a final quality check, every single glass is carefully cleaned three times. Since each glass is made by human hand and mouth, every single glass is one-of-a-kind.

As you can see, the production process is both an art and a science.

The result is a uniquely sensual experience that no photo or video can capture. The feel of the ripples in your hand is unique, as is the iridescent play of light and textures that appear on each glass’s ripples when held up to the light.

The Ripple Glassware Family

Now, let’s take a look at the distinct shapes that encompass the Ripple family of glassware.

Ferm Living Ripple Glass Set, available in Clear or Smoked Grey Glass 

Ripple Glass Set - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

This 4-piece set in clear or smoked grey glass is where it all started.

Ripple Glass Set - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

Ferm Living Ripple Small Glass Set, Smoked Grey 

Ripple Small Glass Set - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

The smoked grey small glasses add a touch of moodiness. They’re perfect for smaller drinks such as juices or a shot of espresso over ice. They come in clear glass, too.

Ferm Living Ripple Long Drink Glass Set, Clear 

The long drink glass set is ideal for green juices, cocktails, mocktails, or a refreshing iced caffeinated drink. 

Ferm Living Ripple Carafe, Smoked Grey 

Ripple Carafe and Lid - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

Serve infused beverages, water, or any other drink you’d like with the smoked grey Ripple Carafe. The Smoked Grey Carafe Lid is the perfect topper that also serves as a small drinking glass inspired by French dining.

Ripple Carafe Lid, Clear Glass 

Ripple Carafe Lid - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

Of course, it comes in clear glass, too.

Ripple Verrines Glass Set

Ripple Verrines Glass Set - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

If you love the look of the Carafe Lid and appreciate dining like the French, you’ll want to expand your collection for entertaining with the Verrines Glass Set. While each cup can serve as a lid for the Ripple Carafe, the complete set provides you with four mouth-blown glasses for water, wine, indulgent dessert drinks, or even a petite appetizer or dessert shooter.

Ripple Carafe Set, Clear

Ripple Carafe Set  - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

This Carafe Set comes with a different style of Ripple glassware that doubles as a slightly larger cup compared to the Carafe Lid, making it perfect for bedside hydration in your bedroom or a guest room.

Ferm Living Ripple Carafe Set, Smoked Grey 

Ripple Carafe Set  - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

The Smoked Grey Carafe Set is equally lovely.

Ripple Champagne Glass Set

Such a classic glass silhouette for sparkling wines or fancy cocktails, in both clear and smoked grey glass.

Ripple Champagne Glass Set  - Ferm Living Ripple Glassware Collection

You can even use the Champagne Glass Set to serve an indulgent dessert!

Ripple Wine Glass Set

It’s always 5-o-clock somewhere. Cheers to the “ripple” effect of this one-of-a-kind collection!

Explore Ferm Living’s complete Ripple Glassware collection.

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