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Playful designs with Danish roots influenced by the modern world

The 101 Copenhagen Story

Founded in 2017, 101 Copenhagen is a Danish design brand with a strong vision to create timeless designs with exquisite craftsmanship for modern Scandinavian living. A passion for quality materials and refined textures combined with the 101 Copenhagen design aesthetic results in a collection filled with beautiful accessories, lighting, and furniture within an organic and calm color scheme.

101 Copenhagen at Batten Home

The 101 Copenhagen collection features timeless yet modern design firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and nourished by the Japanese approach to materials and production techniques. This dynamic design approach values freedom of expression, resulting in a range of playful and unique pieces that are jam-packed with functionality

101 Copenhagen at Batten Home

The creative drive of 101 Copenhagen comes from its three primary designers: Kristian Sofus Hansen, Tommy Hyldahl, and Nicolaj Nøddesbo. Kristian Sofus Hansen’s experience blends Scandinavian and Japanese design traditions; she attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and also lived and studied in Japan. Kristian’s aim is to “create characteristic and functional design to remember.” 

Thanks to Tommy Hyldahl’s background in fashion, he has a natural attention to detail when it comes to materials, historical references, and design concepts, ensuring each design has a rich and layered narrative. Nicolaj Nøddesbo studied at the Aarhus School of Architecture and is known for adding personality and character to functional pieces while preserving the minimalistic and sculptural expression. Together, their combined experience offers a fresh perspective on timeless design.

Now, let’s explore the 101 Copenhagen collection here at Batten Home to discover a harmonious blend of functional, unique, and warm designs for any room in your living space.

101 Copenhagen Sculptural Objects


The ceramic Guggenheim Vases, which come in a circle or square option, feature sharp archetypical geometric lines housed within thin silhouettes, resulting in striking shadows, making them perfect for fresh flowers, branches, or dried greenery, or simply styled on its own.


Sumo Vases | 101 Copenhagen at Batten Home

Named after the classic Japanese sport, this vase collection celebrates the human form, with voluminous tops that rest on short and narrow legs. Each piece from Sumo can stand on its own, but also looks beautiful styled together in vignettes. 


This elegantly sculpted vase series oozes with simplicity. Sphere offers a variety of refined textures in unique silhouettes, earthy colors, and sizes ranging from mini to hexa.


101 Copenhagen Cobra Vases |  Batten Home

Artistry and design come together with this vase series that serves as a tribute to the Cobra Arts movement of the 1960s. We love the kaleidoscope of whimsical, soft, and organic shapes first formed through simple hand sketches and inspired by the curves and contours of the human form. We especially love the texture of the Bubble White finish.


This ceramic and fiber concrete series, which includes the Bloom Vase and Bloom Tray, is inspired by the floral shapes found in 70s-era designs.


101 Copenhagen Medusa Vase and Tray |  Batten Home

Medusa is a ceramic and fiber concrete series featuring a tray and vase that draws inspiration from the characteristic shapes of its namesake, the mythical creature Medusa.


101 Copenhagen Duck Series |  Batten Home

The Duck series is a playful and exuberant addition to 101 Copenhagen’s minimalist design objects. The series includes plates, bowls, trays, and vases in various sizes aligned with the color palette used across many 101 Copenhagen designs. Resembling little friendly creatures, each piece has its own unique expression when styled together, just like family members gathered around a table.

101 Copenhagen Furniture


This collection of furniture with exquisite craftsmanship draws inspiration from the architectural Brutalism movement of the mid-20th century, one of the primary pillars of design inspiration for 101 Copenhagen.


101 Copenhagen Arc Furniture Series |  Batten Home

The furniture series, which includes a bench, console, and a dining table, transforms the lavish architectural details of the Art Deco period into minimalist furniture characterized by steps and arches that create a certain depth and play with shadows. The Arc Dining Table pairs perfectly with the Brutus Dining Chairs.


101 Copenhagen Tribu Furniture Series |  Batten Home

Inspired by old tribal sculptures, the Tribu series includes a stool, bench, and lounge chair.

Each piece is adorned with architectural concrete lamellas, perfectly balancing sharp lines and gentle curves. We love the textural and visual contrast of the fiber concrete base and the soft linen cushion. Plus, combine multiple Tribu Lounge Chairs for a modular sofa solution!

Pillar Coffee Table

101 Copenhagen Pillar Coffee Table |  Batten Home

This plated metal coffee table celebrates the rich materials used in the Art Deco movement. Choose between a burned black plated metal or a classic brass look. With two heights, pair two for a layered yet modular look.

Toe Chair 

The Toe Chair is 101 Copenhagen’s tribute to 1980s futuristic and space age design. We love the look and feel of the thick fluted upholstery that runs from the seat to the back, which emphasizes its linear and voluminous shape. The Taupe Sunproof upholstery option is suitable for outdoor use, offering a futuristic and functional seating option for any outdoor space. Several other upholstery options are offered in linen and bouclé.

Foku Chair

101 Copenhagen Foku Chair |  Batten Home

Luxury and functionality meet with this chair inspired by the shapes found in the rake tools used in traditional Japanese Zen gardens. Named after foku, the Japanese word for fork, the Foku Chair’s fluted seat captures the lines and waves formed by the foku tool, resulting in a unique and sophisticated aesthetic.

Big Foot

Big Foot is a gorgeous blend of functional artistry and luxurious comfort inspired by 1970s futuristic design and the unrefined charm of Brutalist architecture. 

“These pieces are more than just furniture; they are a harmonious blend of functional artistry and luxurious comfort. At the heart of each item in the collection are the distinctive cylindrical legs, exuding modern sophistication and making each piece a true icon of style.” 

Big Foot “transcends the ordinary,” offering a unique aesthetic that remains comfortable and practical. The uplhostered stools and bench come in a textured and visually stimulating Off-White Bouclé fabric or a soft and cozy Off-White Sheepskin.

Artist Dining Table

101 Copenhagen Artist Dining Table |  Batten Home

Dining meets sculptural brilliance with the Artist Dining Table, rising from the floor like an art sculpture, anchoring any room with a bold and architectural statement. Made with 101 Copenhagen’s signature material, cast fiber concrete, the table’s surface has the appearance of stone, with tiny holes and color variations that make each table unique.


Coming in three sizes, Podium offers the perfect plinth for displaying art. We love how the carved relief on both sides allows it to be placed horizontally or vertically, offering a multitude of uses.

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