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Discover designs that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living

FRAMA is the latest addition to Batten Home, a brand known for a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic due to an emphasis on natural materials, simple geometries, and uncompromising quality. FRAMA’s furniture and lifestyle objects inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.


FRAMA is rooted in Scandinavian design, dedicated to building pieces that last for years to come. Heirloom-quality design requires a thoughtful production process, and FRAMA’s is unique, operating small-scale manufacturing by producing designs in lower volumes at smaller production facilities throughout Europe. Small-scale production lines benefit local communities while ensuring quality and consistency. FRAMA ensures durability and strength by turning to natural materials such as solid wood, marble, clay, terracotta, and natural textiles.

Here’s a look at FRAMA’s design philosophy:

“We believe thoughtful design can awaken curiosity and inspire discovery— a design philosophy stimulating the senses and conveying feelings of balance and meaning. We hope that all of our work encourages a slower, more reflective lifestyle and supports the well-being of all. We are enriched by our clients and strengthened by the diversity of our team and collaborators. Through the convergence of customer feedback, client aspirations, and creative problem solving our multidisciplinary studio creates objects and projects focusing on utilitarian living and self-care. We approach each project with empathy, trust, and respect for diverse points of view—meanwhile, the continuous curiosity, passion, and dedication help us through the relentless pursuit to create long-lasting work.”

With this philosophy in mind, FRAMA approaches the design process with “curiosity, experimentation, intuition, and a quest for authenticity.” For inspiration, FRAMA turns to four experiential influences: travel, nature, spaces, and stories. Together, these influences help to form a unique character and distinctive atmosphere tied to a specific place and time.

Favorite Frama Furniture

Triangolo Chair

FRAMA Triangolo Chair at Batten Home

Designed by Per Holland Bastrup in 1989, the Triangolo Chair is a progressive and sculptural design. Defined by sleek lines and simple geometric shapes. The chair offers a unique seating experience as a desk chair or a conversation-worthy display piece Crafted from solid steel, creating a minimalist, industrial aesthetic, the chair is both durable and functional. Light in shape and composition, Triangolo Chair is a true statement piece that instantly captures the eye - an expressive and contemporary combination of balance and simple elementary forms.

AML Stool

AML Stool - FRAMA at Batten Home

The petite AML Stool can be used as a side table, a bedside stool, or a small platform to display sculptures. Taking cues from vintage milking  stool designs, it comes in a natural pine or dark pine finish.

“I like the fact that something that was formerly a milking stool works so well in its new context,” says Andreas Martin-Löf, founder of Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, who collaborated with FRAMA on the design. “The size makes it perfect for freighting and dispatching in today’s e-trade, and everyone has room for a stool they can put some magazines on by their bed or use as an extra shelf in the bathroom.”

“Even though it is a small object, the AML Stool is essential to Frama’s permanent collection,” says Niels Strøyer Christophersen, founder of FRAMA. “Its simplicity and versatility make it a handy piece in line with our values and visual identity. Whether it’s for placing objects, stacking books, or seating next to the coffee table, it is a very accessible and sculptural item. The reintroduction of the Stool is a symbolic way of returning to our roots and rediscovering our principles."

Low Stool 01

 Low Stool 01 - FRAMA at Batten Home

The Low Stool 01 is part of the 01 Series, a collection of chairs inspired by those found in Nordic churches. Style the Low Stool 01 as a side table, bedside stool, or additional seating in a living space. It’s also the perfect compact piece for taking shoes on and off in a small entryway. In homage to traditional production methods, its joints are intentionally left exposed.  View all designs from the 01 Series here.

Recess Mirror

Recess Mirror - FRAMA at Batten Home

The Recess Mirror combines curved semicircle shapes with bold angles and the raw beauty of aluminum. It's a truly sculptural form that functions as a mirror and an art piece. The striking Recess Mirror comes in two sizes, both of which can be hung vertically or horizontally.


Sutoa - FRAMA at Batten Home

Taking its name from the Japanese word Sutoa––'to contain'––the Sutoa is an elegant storage solution combining sculptural design with functionality. Defined by a minimal steel frame and oak or walnut stackable drawers of various sizes, the Sutoa Storage drawer is a statement piece suitable for a variety of purposes and environments to contain everything you need. It features 7 drawers that are designed to fit within each other, making it easy to store and organize a variety of pieces. Even better, you can move it around with the built-in handles and wheels. Sutoa comes in an oak or walnut finish.

KR180 Daybed

KR180 Daybed - FRAMA at Batten Home

Kim Richardt's KR180 Daybed uses the contrast of vertical and horizontal lines to create a structurally pure form. Soft natural linen is fitted around a dense three-layered foam mattress, making it appear that a pure rectangle is laid atop a solid white oiled oak frame that appears monumental, like the silhouette of a bridge.

This piece can work in an array of living spaces and is the perfect place to read a book, lounge, take a nap, or whatever else inspires you. It functions perfectly as a guest bed! The KR180 Daybed arrives flat-packed and is easy to assemble without tools.2

Sintra Tables

Sintra Tables - FRAMA at Batten Home

Suitable as a coffee table or side table where the contrast between the soft warm cork meets the cold smooth marble, the Sintra Table gives the impression of two worlds meeting one another. It comes in two sizes that can be styled together or on their own. 

Sintra Marble Table - FRAMA at Batten Home

The Sintra also comes in black marble (Ruivina) and white marble (Estremoz).

Sintra Dining Table - FRAMA at Batten Home

Bring the thoughtful design of Sintra to the dining room with the Sintra Dining Table. Available in black marble, white marble, or limestone finish, this table works beautifully as a dining table or meeting table in an office.


Sintra Dining Table - FRAMA at Batten Home


We love the contrast between cork and natural stone and the cylindrical base and round tabletop.

Atelier Shelves

Atelier Shelves - FRAMA at Batten Home

FRAMA’s Atelier Shelves are the embodiment of simplicity and openness. We love how the bold shape is contrasted by the warm and natural spruce wood. The shelves are designed to be mounted with ease, offering endless ways to configure to display books, objects, and other treasures.

Atelier Shelves come in a Solo option (which can serve as a small bedside table!) and a Trio option.

Atelier Couch + Chair

Atelier Couch + Chair - FRAMA at Batten Home

With a nod towards traditional box-formed seating, the Atelier Couch + Chair were designed in the tradition of early Danish modernists, providing seating that inspires conversation and moments of rest.

Crafted with high-quality spruce sourced from responsibly-managed forests, the couch and chair both come in a natural oiled finish, dark finish, or terracotta finish.

“Taking inspiration from Kaare Klint – the father of Danish Design – we wanted to create our own interpretation of box-formed seating,’ says FRAMA founder and Niels Strøyer Christophersen, “and by focusing on simple lines and the purity of natural materials, we believe that The Atelier Chair and Couch are the perfect intimate spaces for study and reflection.”

There are countless styling options with the Atelier Couch and Atelier Chair. Place them freestanding in a large room, against a wall, or group together to create a conversation corner.

Tasca Series 

Tasca Series - FRAMA at Batten Home

Designed in collaboration with Portuguese-based designer Pedro Sottomayor, FRAMA’s Tasca Series is inspired by taverns found in local villages in Portugal, referred to as tascas. This lightweight aluminum furniture series works both inside and outside, providing a comfortable spot for sitting and dining. We love the hand-brushed finish of the aluminum!

The Tasca Series includes a chair, stool, and table. View the entire Tasca series here.

Farmhouse Tables 

A tribute to the elegance and malleability of wood, FRAMA’s series of Farmhouse Tables are inspired by the architectural elements of traditional farmhouses. Each table serves as a focal point in any room with a variety of options to suit your space.

Farmhouse Tables - FRAMA at Batten Home

First, we have the Farmhouse Pond tables, featuring an organically shaped tabletop that comes in the form of a side table, coffee table, and dining table. The Farmhouse Rectangle Coffee Table offers the same structural elements with a rectangle top or a smaller square top.

Next, we have the Trestle tables: Square Trestle Table, Round Trestle Table, and Trestle Table with Planks. FRAMA also offers just the trestles, giving you the traditional architectural elements of a table with the freedom to pair it with any tabletop you like.

Discover all of the Farmhouse Table designs here.

Rivet Series

The Rivet Series features tables and storage solutions all made with laser-cut raw aluminum sheets joined together with a hand-hammering technique.

Rivet Side Table - FRAMA at Batten Home

The Rivet Side Table offers a unique perspective from all angles and works beautifully as a side table. The Rivet Cart can also serve as a side table, with wheels that make it easy to move and plenty of room to store or display objects. The Rivet Box Table is a stripped-down design that offers a spacious storage section plus a smooth surface for a lamp, books, or anything else. The Rivet Typecase is a wall-mounted shelf with multiple compartments for storage, while the Rivet Shelf comes in two convenient sizes with 3 beautiful compartments for displaying objects, storing books, or even toiletries in the bathroom.

Rivet Series - FRAMA at Batten Home

Frame Room Divider

Frame Room Divider - FRAMA at Batten Home

The Frame Room Divider is a discrete and subtle way to separate space within a room for privacy or even a spatial element. The free-standing pieces are composed of natural oak and canvas and are held together with strong magnets to form a simple aesthetic that is easy to move as needed. We love the subtle translucent nature of the natural canvas panels. You can purchase an individual panel and combine as many as you like, or go with the three-panel option.

Symmetry Couch + Chair

Symmetry Couch + Chair  - FRAMA at Batten Home

Designed in collaboration with Copenhagen-based founder of studio 0405 Nikolaj Lorentz Mentze, the Symmetry Couch + Chair offers a straightforward and functional design that is made to last. We love how the darkened ash wood is contrasted by the light linen blend cushions. Pair a few Symmetry Chairs with a Symmetry Couch in a living area, or use the Symmetry Chairs in a cozy reading corner.


F-Cabinet - FRAMA at Batten Home

Designed by Morten Emil Engel, the F-Cabinet. is a sleek and practical aluminum storage case. Inspired by utilitarian design, industrial environments, and simple mechanics, the versatility and durability of the cabinet are reflected in its wide scope of use in domestic, office, and outdoor spaces. Use it as a side furnishing, a storage piece, or a display cabinet. Both sizes are ready to be wall-mounted and can be stacked on the floor or a wall. The cabinet door can be assembled to open from the right or the left. F-Cabinet is constructed using a bespoke hand-made welding technique that embraces visible surface scratches, gaps, and markings.

9.5° Chair

9.5° Chair - FRAMA at Batten Home

Exploring the boundaries between art and design, the 9.5° Chair is a result of studying Plato’s notion of the ideal chair. This sculptural chair serves as fully functional seating, winning the 2014 award for "Furniture of the Year" and was featured as the museum chair at Knut Hamsun Museum in Norway. The 9.5° Chair is also a part of the permanent collection at Denmark's Trapholt Museum.

Subject to a creative process of experimentation, the 9.5° Chair transcends expectations, becoming more than a simple form that follows function.

64 Bench

64 Bench - FRAMA at Batten Home

Both timeless and contemporary, the 64 Bench brings a notion of permanence to any space. Its minimal form and monolithic look can be styled as a display unit, standalone sculptural object, or seating, effortlessly integrating into indoor as well as outdoor environments. Each bench is made locally in Copenhagen.

64 Plinth

64 Plinth - FRAMA at Batten Home

Just like the 64 Bench, the 64 Plinth features a minimal form and monolithic look. Style it as a side table, standalone sculptural object, seating, or a place to display art. The 64 Plinth works both indoors and outdoors.

Adam Series 

Adam Series - FRAMA at Batten Home

Toke Lauridsen’s Adam Series is representative of classic industrial design that honors solid materials and high functionality. We love how the Adam Stool provides comfort and stability, with a built-in handle on the warm oak wood seat for moving around. You’ll find the same great design in the Adam Bench, too, which is perfect for seating in a dining room, or even an entryway bench. Bring the durability and functionality of the Adam Series outdoors with the powder-coated steel Adam Bench Mono and Adam Stool Mono. It’s ideal for patios, gardens, or even outdoor showers.

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