New + Noteworthy: Kristina Dam Studio’s Spring 2023 Collection

Discover the latest designs that exude sculptural minimalism

We’re excited to introduced the latest pieces from Kristina Dam Studio’s spring 2023 collection! With this collection, the iconic design studio continues to explore the interaction between positive and negative spaces through sculptural and functional objects.

"We aim to design products with a sculptural approach - functional designs with character and expression that complements many interior settings,” says owner and founder Kristina Dam. “The additions to our classic series and the new sculptural designs epitomize the essence of Kristina Dam Studio; sculptural, functional, and honest materials.”

Over the last 10+ years, the Kristina Dam Studio has grown, while remaining true to the ethos of sculptural, functional, and honest materials. Now, let’s walk through the newest designs, ranging from furniture and storage solutions to design objects and artwork.

Oiled Oak Stool + Tables

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Oiled Oak Stool, Table, XL Table - Batten Home

Kristina Dam Studio’s signature Stool, Table, and XL Tables now come in a beautiful oiled oak finish. We love how each design ships flat and assembles easily without any tools needed.

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Oiled Oak Stool - Batten Home

The Oiled Oak Stool can serve as seating or a side table, while the Oiled Oak Table can also work well as a side table or smaller coffee table. Opt for the XL Oiled Oak Table if you have ample space for a coffee table, or pair alongside the standard table size for a layered look.

Mesh Candle Holder

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Mesh Candle Holder - Batten Home

Inspired by Kristina Dam’s well-loved Grid series, as well as the brutalism era of design where pure materials and unusual geometric shapes are favored, the Mesh Candle Holder is a striking sculptural design. When the candles are lit, you’ll see how the candlelight casts shadows in interesting patterns that look vary depending on your viewing angle. We love how this candle holder can stand on its own without any candles, serving as a sculptural object. Style it on a coffee table, a sideboard in a dining room, or as a centerpiece on a table.

Curved Wall Shelf + Curved Pedestal

With its sleek curves that function as storage, the Curved series has become a staple of the Kristina Dam Studio collection. The all-new Curved Wall Shelf and Curved Pedestal were natural additions to the series, offering more ways to bring functional and sculptural storage to your space.

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Curved Wall Shelf - Batten Home

The Curved Wall Shelf features six subtle curves ideal for storing and displaying books, objects, and other items. Equipped with hidden hangers, the thin powder-coated metal shelf is sculptural and minimal, offering a surface for displaying objects above, with subtle curves for hidden storage or intentionally visible displays. For hidden storage, opt for the new Curved Wall Shelf boxes, sold separately.

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Curved Pedestal - Batten Home

In contrast, the Curved Pedestal serves as a standalone sculpture without anything on it. Still, its design is subtle enough to allow  you to display your favorite sculpture of piece of art without distracting from it. This minimalist storage unit features four storing frames which can fit office essentials, art supplies, or anything else you need to store. Opt for the Curved Pedestal boxes, sold separately, for hidden storage. 

Axis Side Table

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Axis Side Table - Batten Home

Designed by Madrid and Copenhagen-based architect and designer Omayra Maymó, the Axis Side Table is sturdy and solid while its boldly expressive wheels make it easy to move as you see fit.

“Axis is a trolley whose design language is not defined by its portability or by the typical visual and physical lightness of carts, but instead is a robust piece of furniture that happens to have wheels and therefore can stand or be moved around if desired,” Omayra Maymó explains on their site. “Because actually, how often are trolleys moved around? The truth is that they normally spend most of their lives still, possibly in the same place, so why condition their design and construction so vastly, when they are mainly regular pieces of furniture, and occasionally rolling elements.”

Inspired by the classic Scandinavian trolley or bar cart, the Axis Side Table features different geometrical planes that create a strong spatial composition and eye-catching moments of asymmetry. 

“Playing with asymmetry, I have experimented across a space between permeability and concealment, resulting in an architectural and minimal composition with understated details that reveal themselves upon close inspection,” says Omayra Maymó. “Axis is a calm and carefully crafted design made entirely in solid oak; a statement piece with a timeless essence that showcases the warmth of wood through its compelling expression.”

Use it as a drinks cart in a dining area, a side table in a study or living room for storing books and displaying works of art, and let your mind be open to other options as you explore the versatility of this design.

Outline Chair

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Outline Chair - Batten Home

Designed as a counterpart to the Outline Desk, the Outline Chair shares similar qualities with its airy frame and grounding wood materials, described as “essential elegance you want to ease into.”

Crafted from oiled FSC-certified oak with subtle walnut tree details, the Outline Chair has a sculptural and Scandinavian look. On its own, the chair works beautifully in open dining areas or restaurants, or simply as a decorative object in a hallway or a quiet corner.

Serif Vases

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Serif Vases - Batten Home

We love all of Kristina Dam Studio’s existing vase designs, and the new Serif Vases are no different. Crafted with mouth-blown opal white glass, both vases are inspired by the subtle curves seen in serif forms of typography. The two sizes can be arranged together or on their own, looking beautiful with or without the addition of flowers or greenery. The Serif Vases were featured in an Archiproducts exhibition during Milan Design Week in April 2023.

Silhouette Illustrations

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Silhouette Illustrations - Batten Home

Kristina Dam Studio’s roots in graphic illustrations are honored with new limited-edition illustrations each year, and we love the 2023 illustrations. Produced at HKI in Denmark, a group which aims to help people outside the work market, the Silhouette Illustrations utilize earthy neutrals with striking abstract silhouettes. Each illustration is printed on gray cardboard with a black aluminum frame.

Relief Artwork

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Relief Artwork - Batten Home

In 2022, Kristina Dam Studio created one-of-a-kind paintings for an anniversary exhibition during 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen. The Relief Artwork features patterns and references to the large-scale paintings showcased in the exhibition. Style each piece together or on their own.

Kristina Dam Studio Spring 2023 - Relief Artwork - Batten Home

We love how the tone-in-tone colored embroidery contrasts with the canvas backdrop and powder-coated frame.  

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