Kristina Dam Studio: 10 Years of Sculptural Minimalism

The year 2022 marks a decade since graphic designer Kristina Dam founded Kristina Dam Studio with a desire to create industrial designs with an “art-based approach,” thus merging art and interior design.

The collection began with a series of illustrations which then expanded into accessories, furniture, textiles, and sculptures. Throughout the years, Kristina Dam Studio has introduced a multitude of monochromatic design with meticulous attention to detail.

Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

The meticulous attention to detail is proven through every step of the design process, from ideation to production. Kristina Dam herself is very much involved in the production process. “It is always with great respect, happiness and an unfailing curiosity that I meet with my production team,” Kristina said during a visit to Portugal to oversee production of sculptures. “The many steps every single product has to undergo before completion is fascinating, and to understand this process is always so inspiring and ignites many new ideas.”

Materials matter, too. “I like to use genuine and everlasting materials,” remarks CEO Kristina Dam. For example, furniture such as this extra large table is produced with solid oak. 

A genuine care for materials is behind why most of the collection is monochrome. The brand opposes the “throwaway culture,” which is why they do not work with trending colors but instead focus on monochromes that can withstand the test of time. “We want our pieces to be timeless and enduring, thereby extending their lifecycle,” the brand says in a blog post. They call pieces like this “keepers.”

Understanding sculptural minimalism

Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

With Kristina Dam’s signature sculptural minimalist approach to design, the intention is for each piece “to add something to the room – give it character and attitude.”

Here’s a bit more from Kristina Dam Studio on the concept of sculptural minimalism:

“We define sculptural minimalism by merging the artist's meticulous attention to detail with the architect's vision and spatial understanding.  The respect of nature's own materials is integral to every piece, our passion for the diligent craftsmanship is evident in every item and each design is more than just interior objects. They add a statement to any room.”

You can see this philosophy come to life in each and every Kristina Dam Studio design.

To celebrate 10 years of Kristina Dam Studio, we’re highlighting some newly added designs to the Batten Home collection. We consider all of them to be “keepers.”

Linestroke Bowl 

Linestroke Bowl | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

The Linestroke Bowl features an infinite line and fluid shape that adds function and character wherever you choose to place it. Crafted with a smooth yet speckled off-white earthenware, this sculptural bowl is perfect as a centerpiece on a dining table, kitchen island, or even on a coffee table. While not food-safe, you can use it to display smaller design objects, or simply enjoy its appearance without anything in it at all!

Rock Pile Sculptures

Rock Pile Sculptures | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Inspired by a state of mindfulness and an appreciation for nature’s bounty, the handmade Rock Pile Sculpture in Earth Tones features four unique stones crafted with natural materials: marble, stone, and metal. Pile them however you please, arrange to your liking in a design vignette, and enjoy the meditative process while you feel the varying textures and play with the design inspired by Kristina Dam herself.

For years, Kristina Dam has gathered stones and shells on the beach, taking certain elements home for safekeeping. With the Rock Pile Sculpture, you’re invited to have your own moment of mindfulness at home through a minimalist decoration that combines nature with interior design. The same concept is available in Grey Tones, too.

Matter Magazine Keeper

Matter Magazine Keeper | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Carved by hand with a stunning sandstone, the Matter Magazine Keeper is an artful way to store and display magazines and books. Since each piece is crafted by hand, no two pieces are alike. While one side is roughly carved with a rocky appearance, the open area and open side are both intentionally smoothed. This contrast gives it a trademark look that exudes the Kristina Dam Studio design ethos.

Serene Flowerpots

Serene Flowerpots | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Already a classic, the Serene Flowerpot series is made distinct by its signature silhouette and half-circle foot that lifts the tubular pot from the ground in an asymmetric way. 

Serene Flowerpots | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Each pot is made with a durable terracotta and finished with an earthy sand engobe. If you’re familiar with Kristina Dam, you know her penchant for arches. You can see this through the ‘disassembled’ arch used as the base of each pot.

Serene Flowerpots | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Shop all four Serene Flowerpots: 

Small Sand

Medium Sand

Large Sand

XL Sand

More To Love from Kristina Dam Studio

The following pieces are Kristina Dam bestsellers that we consider “keepers.”

Block Sculpture | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Formed by combining 4 sandstone plates that lock together, the Block Sculpture is an ode to the Bauhaus movement. It comes unassembled, inviting you to interact with the sculpture by sliding the pieces together.

Lacuna Shape | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Also made with sandstone, the Lacuna Shape sculpture provides a home for small trinkets and treasures thanks to the unfilled space. We love the contrast between the finished bowl and the rough, chipped base.

Large Opal Bowl | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

The Large Opal Bowl is both modern and retro. The foodsafe glassware is ready for serving or displaying. This stunning piece is made with double layered mouth-blown glass, resulting in a distinctive shape that is also lightweight to make serving functional.

Bauhaus Lounge Bench | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

The German Bauhaus movement of the 1920s and ‘30s redefined artistic creativity through designs that combined function and simplicity with bold and modern shapes. “The Bauhaus movement has a lot of the same values that I base my designs on –these incredibly simple shapes because of their honest lines. And what is really fascinating is that the designs from the Bauhaus era are still to this very day something you want to look at –they are timeless,” remarks Kristina Dam herself.

Shown here is the Bauhaus Lounge Bench and Lounge Chair. Made with durable steel with a weather-resistant powder coating, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. 

Modernist Sofa | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

The Modernist Sofa is both fashionable and timeless. The solid stainless steel frame is elegant and ready to withstand the realities of life. The upholstery is produced with a durable, high-density foam covered in a soft neutral wool.

Arch Table | Kristina Dam Studio sculptural minimalism - Batten Home

Kristina Dam’s affection for arches is clear with the Arch Table. Highly visual, this side table has a matte contemporary look perfect for a modern interior.

Craving more sculptural minimalist designs? Shop the complete Kristina Dam Studio collection. 

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